Why are Old Mirrors So Heavy?-Learn the Exact Reason

Why are Old Mirrors So Heavy

Very often we found an old mirror in our storage, most probably used by our Grandmother. And no doubt they are very heavy. Why are old mirrors so heavy? You must get this question at least once in your life, right? There’s logic and science behind it.

Most of the time old mirrors have heavy materials that cause so much weight. Although being heavier and old, most of the old mirrors have great value. So, we cherish them from our hearts. Well, today, we’ll learn about some important factors regarding the old mirrors. So, stay connected till the end.

Why are Old Mirrors So Heavy?

A mirror is like another world that shows us exactly how we look as we don’t see ourselves possibly. So, from the earlier time when mirrors are created for the very first time, people value them quite a lot.

However, like everything around us, mirrors also have a revolution and the new mirrors are quite different from before. The question about the weight of the old mirrors mainly lies in another question, ‘what was old mirrors made of?’.

Because of the basic difference between the mirrors of old and recent times, the difference between their weight appears. However, the following facts can be the cause behind the fact about why the old mirrors are so heavy.

Material of the Reflective Area

The glass of the mirror has a back part with a layer of metallic elements. The galvanized area is mainly the cause of the reflection. Most of the mirrors nowadays are made of the aluminum layer behind the glass wall.

However, almost all the old mirrors have a silver coating in the layer. That’s made the difference in weight. Generally, silver is around four-time heavier than aluminum. So, those mirrors were heavier as well.

Glass type

Just like the material of the reflective area, the glasses of the mirror have also changed a lot. The modern time glasses are thin and lighter as well. So, the thickness and weight of the glass also cause the old mirrors to get heavier.


It is another reason that makes the old mirrors heavier. We all know that the latest mirrors have simple, minimalist, and thin frames. Mostly it has a wooden border frame or similar. But most of the antique old mirrors have highly decorated frames either made of iron or wood. So, it must be heavier.

Size of the Mirror

Lastly, it’s the size of the mirror. How much does a mirror weigh quite depends on its size? You must see that most mirrors from the 19th or earlier centuries are full-length mirrors. As usual, they are longer in size and heavier as well. On another side, the latest mirror is smaller in size. So, it is the fact that makes the difference in weight.

So, these are the most common factors that make the old mirrors so heavier. Hopefully, now, the question, ‘Why are old mirrors so heavy?’ won’t bother you anymore. Well, we have something more about the old mirrors to share. Don’t miss it.

Are Old Mirrors Worth Anything?

Yes, definitely. Old mirrors are worth a lot of money in the antique market if they are good enough to sell. Don’t know if you are aware of the fact that there are records of an old mirror sold at a million dollars in an auction. So, you should just think it away still if you don’t need it.

In different exhibition centers and museums, we find lots of antique mirrors. So, they have a great value and so, it is worth a lot. Especially, when the mirror has belonged to someone iconic or historical, it will get millions of even more dollars.

What to Do with Old Mirrors?

As you have learned that old mirrors can be sold at a high price, you can sell them if you don’t need them. If it is not very special, you can simply sell them on the second-hand market. But if it has some sort of specialty, you should talk to the museum or antique shop to get a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you have the best magnifying mirror for tweezing in an antique frame, you will make more. Also, the cheap Hollywood vanity mirror in the old-time can now bring you a fortune. So, don’t just throw it away and find the right place to sell it.

If you keep aside the fact about money, we must ask you to take care of it for another reason. Cherishing the memories of the person who belonged to it is the reason we are talking about. Maybe she was your ancestor. So, you can keep it at your home for decoration. We are sure it will give your home a completely new look.


Q: Are old mirrors better than modern mirrors?

Ans: If you ask about the reflection quality, for sure the answer is no. Well, the new technology has made things better and clearer. So, the modern and latest makeup mirrors are better in terms of providing clear reflection. But ic it is about design and appearance, most people probably support the old one for the antique design and value.

Q: Where can I find antique old mirrors?

Ans: You can find antique old mirrors in any antique shop. There are expensive mirrors that are available in different exhibition centers. You can also check out the second-hand market to find antique and old mirrors.

Q: Do the old mirrors have mercury?

Ans: Yes, some of the old mirrors have mercury instead of the silver layer. Basically, around the 1840s, mirrors made of mercury were popular. But after a certain period of time, people started making it with silver.

Closing Thoughts

So, you must have the answer to the question, ‘why are old mirrors so heavy?’. Also, you have already learned some exciting facts about the old mirrors. As we know, old mirrors have a lot of value in the antique market, we should take care of them. More importantly, we should cherish them to keep the memories of our ancestors.

Well, here we take the leave for today. Feel free to ask anything about the fact and spread your opinion in the comment section. Thank you for your time.