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Which Bleach is Best for Dark Hair

Blonde beauties are extraordinary. Look at Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce for example. Have you ever wished to get blonde hair but didn’t step ahead because of confusion? Then, you’ll find today’s article extremely useful. Today, I’m gonna discuss which bleach is the best for dark hair, how you bleach your hair, and many other optional details.

Bleaching hair from dark to light is a long, messy, and arduous process. It takes a long time to get the result and you’ll need immense patience to tolerate the mess. But, it’s doable if there is certain smooth planning. If your hair is in good & healthy condition and you’ve got the right and perfect dyeing kit in hand then it makes it a lot easier to achieve the look you desire.

Getting the right bleaching kit with shampoo, developer, and toner is a must to increase and strengthen the lighting process. As bleaching, your dark locks is like dyeing your hair at home, if you keep certain things in mind and get the perfect kits, your bleaching result will match the professionals. Trust me, I’ve been there! So, let’s not waste more time and read all the details.

Can You Bleach Dark Hair to Blonde?

Certainly, you can. But there’s a catch, going from all dark to blonde is a very intensive and messy process. Plus, it can damage your hair immensely if not done properly.

So, it’s your first duty of yours to understand that if your hair is virgin, healthy, and in an acceptable position to absorb all the harsh chemicals from the bleach. If your hair is ed before, then it’s best to bleach your hair at first to bring out the most of the . But, if your hair hasn’t been dyed yet then your hair will be extremely responsive to the bleaching process.

Why Can’t You Directly  Your Hair Without Bleaching?

It’s a common question I get a lot from my readers. If you’re a light hair  then bleaching your hair isn’t tough. But obtaining bond hair from dark hair with bleach is a long process. Though bleach and dye work the same to change the hair , there is dissimilarity.

There is a pigment bond that is responsible for your dark locks. Dye just adapts a certain  in hair without breaking the bonds and just rejecting the pigments. Here, bleach breaks the pigment bond in hair and strips the pre-existed hair .

It opens the hair cuticles and prepares hair to absorb the next . That’s why after bleaching hair gets frail and less strong. However, depending n the bleaching session and formula, at the first time your hair may get an orange tone, next yellowish complexion and in the last session, you’ll get the platinum blonde look.

Types of Hair Bleach

Bleach comes in 3 forms. Cream, Powder & Oil-based. You can choose among them according to your preferences. You should use bleach with more oxidizing agents like 30-40 volumes. Don’t exceed 40 volumes for your good. Anyways, the types are given below-

1. Cream

Cream-based bleach is thicker in consistency and easier to apply. It has all agents to boost the ing process and minimize hair drying. Cream-based bleach lifts your hair  slowly, so you can stop at the certain point of shade you want.

2. Powder

It’s the most popular way to bleach hair. Moreover, powder-based bleach offers you the fastest result. All you’ve to do is mix the powder and developer into a thick paste and apply. As the powder doesn’t contain many conditioning agents, so it can be extremely dry after use.

3. Oil

Oil-based bleach can be a bit messy but extremely effective. Especially for stubborn roots and doing highlights. Oil bleach contains hair lightening agents with lightening activators and volume developers.

Which Bleach Is Best For Dark Hair?

Now, we’re at the main point. “Which is the best bleach for hair” is a universal question, so I’ve some products recommended here that I’ve used myself and saw my professional hairstylist friend using effectively. So, you can 100% rely on my recommendations. Let’s get into it-

1. Wells Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

It’s a dust-free color lighter that results in extremely satisfying blonde results in a tri-lightening complexion. You can buy the product from Amazon.

2. MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

You’ll get the whole kit in a package, isn’t it convenient? Get outstanding blonde locks with this affordable package. It comes with the powder, brush, a plastic bowl, and a bottle of developer. Get yourself a one from Amazon.

3. L’Oreal Paris Quick Blue Powder Bleach

When our topic is which hair bleach is best, we can’t skip this extraordinary product. This powder-based bleach is exclusive and gives you a satisfying blonde. It can lift your hair  to 7 levels without hurting scalps. Get a glance from Amazon.

4. Jolen Creme Bleach Original Formula

It’s a cream-based formula that is gentle on hair and suitable for all hair types. It doesn’t irritate the scalp and is suitable for both body and hair. Take a sneak peek from Amazon if you’re curious.

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener

The main attraction of this lightener is, that you’ll get these in various packages from smaller to larger. It’s a dedusted formula and gently boosts the lightning process. Take a glance from Amazon.

How to Bleach Your Dark Hair?

Now, we’ll jump into the main course. But before that, I’ll love to remind my readers that you won’t get the desired result just in one go. You’ll have to repeat the bleaching procedure multiple times to achieve the desired result.

However, now before we start let’s gather all the tools we need for bleaching. The tools list is given below-

Tools Needed For Bleaching

  1. Disposable Hand Gloves
  2. Plastic/Glass Bowl(Don’t ever use a metal bowl for bleach mixing)
  3. Hair Bleach Kit
  4. Thin Comb & Tinting Brush
  5. Shower Cap/ Transparent Plastic Bag
  6. Developer (Those who have dark hair should use a developer of 30 volumes. Whereas lighter hair color should use a developer with 20 volumes. But, don’t exceed 40 volumes to any extent.)
  7. Balancing Shampoo: Balancing shampoo helps to reorganise the pH balance of the scalp and hair after harsh bleaching.
  8. Toner: Toner is extremely important to reduce the orange tone after bleaching very common phenomenon after bleaching dark hair.
  9. Coconut Oil
  10. Vaseline to use on-ear the, forehead and neck to get rid of the dye.
  11. Stain remover.
  12. Old t-shirt.
  13. Mirror.

Now let’s get into the process-

  • First of first, apply warm coconut oil to your hair and scalp for a deep conditioning process. Don’t rinse the oil with shampoo before bleaching. It’s effective to oil your hair for 14 hours and leaves it overnight.
  • Apply vaseline to the forehead, neck, and ear area.
  • Gather all the necessary tools besides your hands and take enough time and patience in hand before starting.
  • Get the right and perfect bleach I’ve suggested above and perform a test patch on your hair strands before 48 hours of applying. See, if it’s effective or irritates your scalp.
  • Divide your hair into 2/4 sections. 2 sections for small-length hair and 4 for longer hair. Secure the sections with tight clips.
  • Wear your gloves, take a plastic bowl and mix the powder with the developer(if cream-based bleach, skip this). Now, with a brush apply the mixture to the hair about 1cm away from the scalp.
  • Apply the bleach from roots to scalp. Work very quickly otherwise the hair will get uneven. Flip all the hair and apply the bleach evenly. If you’ve foil paper, wrap each section and by this, the bleaching process will be faster.
  • Now, take a shower cap or plastic bag and wrap it tightly around your head for 50-60 minutes. Don’t leave the bleach on your hair for more than 60 minutes. It’s better to check within the lightning process in 10 minutes.
  • Once you see that your hair is yellow-tinted. wash your hair with a balanced shampoo and conditioner. Here’re some balanced shampoos suggested-


  • Let your hair rest for 2-3 weeks before using bleach again or toning your hair. Use a better toner to remove the orange/yellow hue from hair and get the perfect platinum blonde hair. I’ve gathered some best toners I’ve used before-
  • Use toner in your hair within 10 minutes and let it sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes for better results. Wash your hair as usual and condition it. And you’re done!

Aftercare Tips-How To Bleach Your Dark Hair?

Bleaching doesn’t end just with the process, rather the after-care is more like the main ritual. Aftercare is the way you can manage your hair to look fresh, healthy, frizz-free, and silky. Here goes the process-

  • Trim your hair after 7 days of bleaching to seal up the ends.
  • Use purple balancing shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the orange hues occasionally.
  • Use a deep conditioning hair mask or oil like coconut, olive, or argan oil.
  • Wash your hair less(twice/thrice in a week)
  • Apply a heat protectant before using styling tools.
  • Serum application regularly is a must.
  • Use tons of hair hydrating masks.
  • Wait at least 6-8 weeks before bleaching your hair again.

Do’s & Don’t For Bleaching Dark Hair

Do’s and don’ts are exclusive parts of bleaching hair that you can’t skip. Let’s see the points-


  • Know your hair type, tone, and texture. If your hair is virgin and chemically undamaged, then feel free to bleach your hair. But, if your’s is fine & thin hair, bleached harshly before and permed, then you better not bleach your locks.
  • Research about what kind of blonde you want. Blonde comes in versatile shades like light, golden, beige, brown, ash, grey, and even the strawberry shade. So, know your tone and get the right kit.
  • Take care of your precious locks before and after bleaching, it’s a must if you don’t want to get bald.
  • Lastly, take a break from bleaching for 4-5 weeks after one session. Let the hair and scalp heal in the meantime


  • Don’t ever skip the instructions part of your bleaching kit as different bleaching kits require different methods.
  • Always set the timer and wash hair instantly the timer is over.
  • Don’t leave the harsh line in between dark hair and bleached hair. Blend it properly.
  • Always do a patch test before using it on the full head.

Pros & Cons Of Bleaching Dark Hair

As everything has pros and cons, the same goes for bleaching your hair-

  • Bleaching is the fastest and easiest way to lighten your hair.
  • It’s faster and better than DIY s available on the market.
  • To make the transition to new bolds like red, blue, purple, or orange, bleach brings out the most benefit.
  • Damages hair, making it dry and frail.
  • It requires quite patience and lots of retouching.


Q: Which volume developer to use with bleach?

Ans: Using a 20-30 volume developer is best if you’re bleaching your hair at home. 40 is the highest volume that can irritate your scalp and make your hair frailer. It’s better if you want 40 volumes to talk with professionals.

Q: How many times do you’ve to bleach your hair?

Ans: If you’ve dark locks you’ll have to go through 3/4 times in the bleaching process to gain the desired blonde look. Where lighter hair colors are in benefits to achieving a lighter color within the single or double sessions.

Q: How long does it take to bleach dark hair?

Ans: It depends on the color and thickness of your hair. But, most of the time dark hair takes 20-30 minutes to change to a lighter color and for lighter hair color the process starts within 15 minutes.

Wrap Up

That’s all for today. Bleaching is harsh for hair and stylists don’t recommend it often. With bleaching, the harsh chemicals open the hair cuticles and dissolve the melanin into dark hair. So, the more time you’ll leave the bleach on your hair, the more you’ll zero the hair color.

So, you can understand the utter damage you’ll face if you don’t do the after-pampering of post-bleaching. I’ve given you a list of my recommendations of which bleach is best for dark hair or which developer to use to lighten the hair.

Hence, you know all processes plus cautious. Now, it’s up to you. If you trust yourself enough and have coloring experience, you can and beautiful blonde locks. So, best of luck, beautiful!

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