Tyme Curling Iron Reviews – Why I Found it the Best

As a makeup lover, I love to experiment with new and popular products on me and my friends! After seeing plenty of TYME curling iron reviews, I was interested in this product and it’s workability.

So, I bought it when my previous curler, unfortunately, passed away, and now I’ll share my TYME hair curler reviews. 

In my review, you will get to know nuts and bolts about this beautiful product as well as this famous brand and many other tips! So, let’s buckle up and start our journey!

About The Brand

TYME products are a family-owned business that prefers to look out for what customers love, their needs and their demands. TYME products are available in 32 countries worldwide and they are having a very successful business.

TYME Iron Pro is designed from the previous product TYME Iron. Pro is added in the newly launched product which is the sign of more modifications, improvements of the product.

TYME has versatile types of products like hair brushes, dryers, spray, protectors, and so on. This brand is famous for overcoming the outcomes from each product they produce.

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How Does TYME Iron Pro Look? 

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First, I want to mention that this product caught my eyes for its stylish yet adorable design. I guess many women would love the sleek and beautiful shiny external features of it. It has light pink metallic color with a shimmering glow, super smooth texture, all beautiful details just ace the visual competition. 

I want to put a single word to describe the visual of the TYME Iron Pro, “Gorgeous”. It’s like it will attract your eyes from your dressing table and scream with luxuriantness! For this magnificent design and adorable color, many buyers are attracted to purchase this product. 

However, there are some written inscriptions for the user benefit and those are written in capital words which is very easy to see and understand. Even the letters and writing is also elegant! Overall, it’s a splendid piece of visual. Now, an Iron is not all about visuals, it should also work like the Pro as the name! Let’s see how it works. 

How Does TYME Iron Pro Work? 

First, I would love to mention that TYME Iron Pro is the second innovation of the first TYME Iron. So, simply it took all the best features from the first generation, deducted the flaws from the first, and added those features which were lacking in the first generation. Therefore, you can already understand how effective and good the TYME Iron Pro will work.

Moreover, TYME Iron Pro can do both straight and curl. So, you can use this gorgeous hairstyle to do any kind of hairstyling. This product has a Titanium plate which the experts consider professional and best for styling hair. Plus, it warms up very quickly compared to any ceramic and tourmaline plates. 

Speaking of heat, it has 5 heat adjustments, so you can choose your desired heat as desired. There are 300°, 325°, 350°, 375° & 400° F. Those who have pretty thinner hair, should use 300° F and for normal hair texture, they should use 325°-350°F. For curly, thick, and more like Afro-American hair, the heat should be 375°-400°F. But, it’s suggested by professionals to use 365° F as the ideal temperature. 

How to Start With TYME Iron Pro?

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Now if you get your beautiful TYME Iron Pro in your hand, then now is time to see how this product works. From the TYME iron hair reviews

, I could understand that it’s pretty easy to use as the others straighteners and I was right!

It took just a few seconds to heat up and it took me 10-12 minutes to straighten my hair sleekly. I would love to mention here that TYME Iron Pro has double options for hairstyling. One is for straightening and another is for curling. 

So, choose your option, and voila! You will be done. What makes me frown is some TYME hair curler review. I have curled my hair with this iron and it worked pretty well, but some users complained that they had some problems using the curling option at first, then they had to see the manual, and then it worked perfectly. So, if you feel any problem before using it, check out the manual. 

How to Achieve An Ideal Straightening and Curling With TYME Iron Pro?

Time to have some tips I got from TYME reviews which are quite effective and given by the professionals. So, let’s have a look.

Tips for Straightening With TYME Iron Pro

Here you go –

  1. Make sure your hair is clean before using the iron. Once I had oil on my hair and I tried to use a straightener and I almost fried half of my hair! That was a disaster. So, have clean and dry hair. Use a heat-protected serum or spray to prevent hair damage.
  2. Section your hair while straightening. Divide your hair into smaller sections, so you can properly handle the hair and straighten it well. If you take a smaller portion, then you probably won’t need another repeated attempt.
  3. After finishing straightening your hair, secure the beautiful sleek straight lock with some natural oil, spray, or serum. Remember that, natural oil can be used only after straightening, not before it. 

Tips for Curling With TYME Iron Pro

As we know that there are many types of curls for hair. With TYME Iron Pro, you can do any kinds of curls you wish. TYME reviews also claim this. Now, time for curling tips –

Curling Tips

  1. Just like the straighten option, prepare your hair clean and dry with some heat protection products.
  2. Now divide the hair into smaller sections just like the straighten option. Clip your hair away from which strands you want to curl.
  3. Don’t hold the iron with your hair for more than 10-12 seconds. Otherwise, you will see your hair on fire! Once you see your hair is curled, use your finger to twist it as you desire.
  4. Let your curls cool down and then blend overall hair and finger comb to give a voluminous natural look! 
  5. Lastly, spray some hair spray to secure your locks for the whole day, and viola! 

Pros and Cons of tyme hair curler

Besides reading about tyme curling iron reviews, learn about their pros and cons now.

  • It has a Titanium plate with ionic technology that’s why it heats faster.
  • Both straighten and curl in one product. 
  • 5 temperature settings to choose for hair type.
  • Turn off automatically after 30 minutes.
  • You may have trouble using the curling option.
  • Iron can damage your hair if you misuse it. 

Further Reading

The Verdict 

Finally, I want to say that I am in love with this gorgeous. I love to style my hair anyhow with this splendid product. I can straighten or curl my hair without any obstacles with TYME Iron Pro. I think it can win any professional or normal user’s heart.

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