Setting Powder vs Setting Spray-Find out the Suitable One for You

Setting Powder vs Setting Spray

Everyone wants that their makeup will last for the whole day without any sweat and smudging. For this, some use setting powder, and some use a setting spray. And there some sit in confusion and wonder, “setting powder vs setting spray” which one? 

As both of the products are made for keeping your makeup in place, there are some very significant differences between these two. So, no more wandering around. Because today I’ll elaborate on how setting powder works and how the setting spray works.

So, you will be able to understand for your skin which one will be suitable to keep your makeup intact for the whole day. 

What Is Setting Powder?

Setting powder is a kind of loose, jet-milled powder that comes in versatile shades according to skin tone. It tends to give full coverage and matte finishing to the whole makeup look and keep the makeup smudge-proof for a longer period and longer with a simple touch-up.

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What Skin is Suitable for Setting Powder? 

When it’s a discussion about setting spray vs powder, one of the key differences between these two is, on which skin type these two are suitable. If you have oily or combination skin, setting powder should be your choice. On oily or combination skin, the prominent pores produce oil from time to time. To absorb the oil and keep the matte natural look, the powder is a magical weapon. 

Not only that but the setting powder is also used to lock the foundation and concealer or any other creamy products in place. Setting powder creates an airbrushed look and hides all the wrinkles under the powder layer. It also brightens the area where it’s applied and creates a softer look. 

Different Shades of Setting Powder 

Just like I mentioned before, there are tons of shades in setting powder according to skin tones of all over the world. The basic colorless translucent shade is for all skin tones. You will also find many full coverage drugstore powders in different shades, so choose the shade that’s similar to your skin tone otherwise it may look like a ghost!

Finishing Powder vs Setting Powder

When I started to look into makeup more seriously, I also got confused. What’s the difference between setting powder and finishing powder? Well, now I’m going to share the difference after my long year’s experience! 

Setting powder is for keeping your makeup sweat proof, intact for a long time, locking your creamy products in place. So, it works like a final touch of your whole makeup.

And, their finishing powder is used as a translucent powder that blurs the prominent pores, matte the finishing look, and brightens the area. More like, finishing powder is for enhancing the brightness of makeup, and setting powder are for keeping the whole makeup in place.

If you are confused about translucent powder vs setting powder, then let me tell you translucent powder and finishing powder are almost similar. So, I hope all your powdery confusions are clear now. Let’s move on! 

How to Use Setting Powder?

How to Use Setting Powder

After you have done with your all creamy products, now time for applying the setting powder. Here’s how you should do it properly-

Step 1: Choose the Right Brush

Using the powder on your skin 50% depends on what brush you are using. Pick a fluffy and soft brush to create the desired look. If you target your whole face, then take a big flat brush.

Step 2: Apply The Powder

Now, swirl the brush into the powder to get enough product. Then, apply it to your face, focus on the T-zone. Don’t forget to brush over the neck area.

Step 3: Final Touch

As it’s powder, if it’s overdone, it looks super cakey and disoriented. So, after the powder is full set, brush off the excess powder from your skin with the brush and ta-daa!

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What Is Setting Spray?

Setting spray is a kind of mist that is applied to keep the whole makeup in place including the setting powder. There are two different finishing in setting spray- matte and dewy. It’s spritz on the skin directly or spritzes the product on a brush or beauty sponge and brushes it over the whole skin. 

What Skin Is Suitable for Setting Spray? 

The setting spray works best for dry skin. As it gives a dewy finish by trapping the moisture into the skin. In setting spray, there is present oil and alcohol. The oil leaves skin softer and moisturized.

In the winter, when skin gets drier or those who always have dry skin should prefer using a setting spray instead of setting powder as it leaves a natural finish without adding an extra layer of coverage. 

There is some setting spray which is mattifying spray and in those Aloe, rose water, witch-hazel is present. This type of mattifying setting spray is very much suitable for oily to combination skin. These ingredients keep the unwanted shimmer in control and provide a silky smooth matte finish. 

One thing I would love to add, as setting spray contains alcohol, so it’s not for regular usage. If you have dry skin and you want to use the best setting spray regularly, then choose one alcohol-free. Plus, you can spritz the spray on your whole body, not only on the face.

How to Use Setting Spray?

Time to learn how to use the setting spray-

Step 1: Hold It In Proper Distance

First, hold the spray bottle at least 9-10 inches away from your face. So, the mist can spread on your face properly. Close your mouth and eyes.

Step 2: Spritz On Face

Now, spritz on the whole face evenly. Cover center of face, forehead, and cheekbones. Use it on your neck too if you want.

Step 3: Dry Properly

Let the mist dry evely after the spray is done. Don’t touch your face while it’s drying. You can use a beauty sponge to dab the mist on your face properly if you want and Voila!

The Verdict 

I hope all your confusion about setting powder vs setting spray is gone. Detect your skin type first before choosing between these setting powder vs setting spray. Just like me, you can use both setting powder and setting spray to set your makeup. It’s up to you now. Have a happy makeup time!