5 Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Reviews – Expert Suggestion for All Types of Hair

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Reviews

Who isn’t concerned about her hair? Everyone and almost everyone wants shiny straight here. But for that, you need a professional grade straightener. Talking about the professional-grade straightener. Why aren’t you looking for Paul Mitchell neuro smooth reviews?

John Paul Mitchell is a Brand and system that provides different salon-level items. The flat iron is one of their top-selling products. They build it with complete dedication and use advanced level technology. 

Today we’ve brought top 5 neuro smooth paul Mitchell reviews. Just keep on reading and learn in-depth about the products.

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Reviews – 5 Products

In this segment, you’ll be learning about 5 neuro smooth paul Mitchell reviews. So, keep on reading.

1. Paul Mitchell Titanium Flat Iron

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The product on the list is this one with lots of features. First of all the straightener is made of advanced digital technology. It performs really great and is equipped with a titanium plate. 

Fortunately, the titanium plate is compatible with the IsoTherm technology. It allows the straightener to heat up to 450°F just in 45 seconds. Ain’t it awesome? It is.

Using the flat iron is also very easy. You won’t have to follow any specific instructions. Just get a hold of the straightener and glide through hair. It will straighten the hair. Again, get a hold vertically and windway from face to curl. 

You can try blowout and different styles using the straightener. There are also different settings available. According to your hair type, you can set different settings. 

So, we hope you have understood how effective this straightener is. Now let’s get the features at a glance.

Key Features

  • Comes with a plate size of 1.25 inches.
  • Heats up rapidly. (450°F within 45 seconds.
  • Comes with a sleek design and the handle is designed nicely for a solid grip.
  • Different settings available.
  • Lightweight product and easy to carry
  • Affordable price.
  • It might take up to an hour for a complete blowout.

2. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Smooth Iron

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The second item is here and this one is also packed with pro features. Plus it will deliver the smoothest experience with a hairdryer. You can get the sleekest style without wasting lots of your valuable time because the straightener is quick.

The previous one was equipped with Titanium plates but this one is ceramic plates. Here it lacks a little heat-up technology. However, it is quite fast as it can reach up to 410°F in 60 seconds. 

Here is something special available. There are 5 seconds recovery time for proper adjustment. 

The straightener also has a unique feature. It is engineered with far-infrared technology. Which holds the moisture and super-charge negative ions. As a result, the static frizz comes under control and brings back the shiny look. 

An awesome feature is also there is the automatic shut-off system. After 1 hour of use, it will turn off. If you need more to use then turn it on again. Here now get the features.

Key Features

  • Fast heating system. (410°F in a minute)
  • Equipment with ceramic plates.
  • Here the heat increases evenly.
  • Main 2 different settings available for smoothing and straightening.
  • Round edge design helps in adding waves, curls, or bends.
  • Dual voltage for using it anywhere you want.
  • Easy to hold and use.
  • Instructions guide is also available.
  • Compared to the first products it heats up a bit slower.

3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ceramic Flat Iron

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The third item in the list is another popular one because the price is slightly lower compared to the previous two items. However, that doesn’t mean the product lacks something serious. You’ll find almost everything you need in a straightener.

This one is engineered with a 1-inch ceramic plate. Luckily, it is designed with beveled edges that come in help with versatile styling. 

Another great feature is the temperature control system. You can reach up to 400°F using this. And luckily there is a toggle switch..using it you can control the temperature as well. 

Oh, where to notice the temperature? No worries, there is an LCD available. No more cord problems will arise as the flat iron is equipped with a swivel cord of 9 feet. 

One thing people always fear is uneven heat production. Fortunately, you have no fear because the straightener raises heat evenly. Now have a look at some other features of this one of the best paul mitchell neuro flat iron reviews.

Key Features

  • 2 different settings for curling and straightening.
  • Extendable cord (Length 9 feet)
  • Used Infrared technology that keeps the hair shiny by locking moisture.
  • Dual voltage compatibility for use anywhere in the world.
  • Round shape design and comfortable handle.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Available instruction file.
  • A little mistake in temperature adjustment can fry your hair.

4. Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Titanium Flat Iron

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Another Paul Mitchell flat iron of titanium plate but this one is 1 inch. If you are on a medium budget then I would suggest this one.

First talk about the plate. It is designed with a 1-inch premium titanium plate. So no worries about getting uneven heating. The plate will heat perfectly and evenly. 

Using the straightener is also super easy. Just glide it through the hair and enjoy ultra-efficient stylish hair. Also, there is a safety guide and instruction available for your convenience.

Heating up and cooling is another important feature of this straightener. The straightener can reach up to 450°F just in 45 seconds. And the best thing is it can also cool down quickly. 

Don’t worry about getting hair damage. The heat increasing function works very smoothly and it heats up evenly. So the straightener is completely safe and secure. 

We also liked the round edge design. It helps to add curls, waves, and flips. That’s not all the features. There are a few more left. So let’s have a look at them.

Key Features

  • You can set automatic shut off time (Up to 120 minutes)
  • Special settings for curling and straightening.
  • Instructions file is included.
  • Adjustable heating system.
  • Compatible with dual voltage functions.
  • Perfect handle with good grip.
  • Super sleek design.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is advised to use a heat protectant before using this flat iron.

5. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron Standard & Mini Set

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Last item on today’s list and it’s a combo pack. It’s a pack of a mini and standard iron. You can use any of them according to your needs. 

If you want healthier, shinier, and silky hair then you can go for this combo. It is also equipped with dual voltage functions. That means wherever in the world you go you can use the hair straightener. 

One of the straighteners is equipped with a 1.25 inch cushioned ceramic plate; it heats up very quickly. According to the manufacturer, it can raise to 410°F in just 60 seconds. But here the recovery time is 5 seconds that’s a great safety feature.

Another one is equipped with a 3/4″ plate. The Heating up system is the same for both of the straighteners. Traveling with the mini one is easier. 

Key Features

  • Available LCD that shows the temperature.
  • Temperature controlling system available.
  • Heats up rapidly (in just 60 seconds).
  • Dial voltage functionality.
  • Ideal for short and curly hair.
  • 2 in 1 item at an affordable price.
  • Both of them are easy to control.
  • Might not serve you the best.

Buying Guide on Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Reviews

We’ve already described the products with their proper details. Aside from reading the Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron review, there are some additional facts that one must check before buying ant product. 

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So let’s move on to the guide part. 

The Plate Type

First of all, you should consider the plate of the iron. It can be of different widths such as 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 3/4 inch, etc. 

We prefer choosing any over 1 inch. Less than one inch isn’t bad if you can operate properly.

Next, you can also look for the material of the plate. Generally, the plates are engineered with ceramic or titanium. I think titanium is a better choice. But make sure the titanium is of premium quality.  

Rapid Heat-up System

Another major thing to consider is the time to heat up. We would never suggest any flat iron that heats up slowly. 

You better go for a straightener that can heat up to a certain level temperature just in 45-90 seconds. 

Well, another thing to keep in mind is the even heat system. If it heats up unevenly, it can damage the hair.

Adjustable Temperature

Generally a Paul Mitchell Neuro Style flat iron can heat up to 350-450°F. But the fact is you can control it. The temperature?

For styling your hair in various types you must have to choose one in which you can control the temperature. Generally, there will be a toggle switch. Using the switch you can control the temperature.

Dual Voltage Setting

Who knows where you’ll be using the iron after a few years. So, it is always wise to choose one that is compatible with dual voltage functions. So wherever in the world you go, you can use it.

Cord Length

Well, most people know about this feature. But whether it’s a hairdryer or straightener it’s an important feature to consider. Especially, when you go for a trip the cord length will matter.

So, we would suggest purchasing any item that comes with a cord of at least 6+ feet in length.

Style Compatibility

Not every operation you can execute uses one hair straightener. Some are designed for short hair, some for curl, and some for bringing a shiny look. 

So before getting one you must have to check out which one is necessary for you. According to your need, select the straightener.

FAQs on Paul Mitchell Neuro Reviews

Q: Which one is the healthiest flat iron for your hair?

Ans: A flat iron can be healthier and more harmful for your hair. To find the difference you have to consider the plate of the iron. Ceramic and titanium plates are a better choice for the hair.

Premium-grade titanium is the best option for you. You can consider “Paul Mitchell Neuro Style Titanium Flat Iron” this item.

Q: Is Paul Mitchell Neuro flat iron worth it?

Ans: Surely they are good value for your money. Most of their products are made of high-quality plates and their handles are made with a user-friendly design. Plus the product is durable. Using them is also easier.

We have already mentioned 5 beat items of the brand. Give a read to the products and surely you will understand the value of the items.

Q: Is a 1-inch flat iron good?

You may find 1-inch flat iron one of the most common. An inch flat iron is great for dealing with tight curls and short hair. But if your hair is long and thick then we would suggest going for a 1.25/1.5 inch flat iron.

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The main purpose of the article is to suggest you 5 best Paul Mitchell Neuro Style flat iron. We have explained 5 Paul Mitchell neuro smooth reviews.

After experiencing over 8 items we found the 5 items the best. We’ve already discussed every feature with proper advantages and disadvantages. 

So now it’s your turn to choose an appropriate one for you. Hopefully, this article will serve you well and help you find your dream flat iron. Before leaving we’re suggesting another relevant content – Tyme Curling Iron Review