Is It Okay to Use Body Wash As Shampoo? – What The Experts Suggest

Is it okay to use body wash as shampoo

One day you woke up and got into the shower, then you noticed that you have zero drops of your favorite shampoo and you forgot to buy a new one! Then, you began to ponder, “Is it okay to use body wash as shampoo?” Because both do the same work. Cleaning! 

But, oh boy! You are wrong. Technically, you can use body wash as a shampoo to save money or for emergencies, but you shouldn’t. You don’t want your gorgeous lock to look and feel like straws. That’s what body wash does instead of shampoo. 

The body wash isn’t designed to wash your scalp, rather it’s designed to clean your body, hand, and feet which skin is very different from the scalp. However, if you use body wash as shampoo, your hair will be frizzy, brittle, and messy. Let’s have a detailed look at “Can I Use Body Wash As Shampoo” 

Can You Use Body Wash As Shampoo?

Can You Use Shampoo As Body Wash

No, you can’t. Because body wash isn’t the same as the shampoo. Both are different in many ways and both have different works. Maybe they can have the same flower or fruit smell or texture, but the ingredients and effectiveness are completely different. 

The body wash is made with harsher chemicals than shampoo. The body wash is made to strip away natural oil and dirt from the body like hands, feet, or whole body. Body wash may dry out your skin and then you need to use moisturizer. The body wash is made for different skin types too- dry, oily, or combination skin. 

Rather than, shampoo has milder ingredients to wash delicate scalp without stripping away the natural oil and making hair rough. So, body wash shouldn’t be used as shampoo if you want to keep your hair and don’t want to get bald at a young age!

Differences Between Body Wash & Shampoo

Differences Between Body Wash vs Shampoo-min

Let’s get a better idea about the differences between body wash and shampoo.

  1. Ingredients

As mentioned before body wash has harsher chemicals than shampoo. The shampoo contains different hair proteins, detangling agents, and silicon to make hair shiny which are not available in any body wash. Rather, body wash contains glycerin, which isn’t an ingredient of any shampoo. 

  1. pH Level Balance

The shampoo has the pH level to provide hydration to the scalp whereas body wash has the pH level to strip away the natural oil from hair and leave behind rough dry hair. The shampoo has a pH level of 4-5, whereas body wash has a pH level of 5-6.5. This imbalance of pH on your scalp may cause hair fall, dandruff, and irritation on the scalp.

  1. Cleansing Level

Most people use body wash as shampoo thinking both do cleaning, so what’s the big deal? But, there is a very big deal. The cleansing strength of body wash is milder than shampoo. The shampoo is a deep cleanser because our scalp traps sweat, dirt, many other substances which need to clean very well to keep a healthy scalp. 

Where body wash just needs to strip away the dirt from the body, so for the cleansing level body wash is no match for shampoo.

  1. Process of Cleaning

The shampoo is made to provide hydration in the scalp not to strip away the natural oil from hair, but body wash is designed to strip away the natural oil. So, both process of cleaning is very different. Regular use of body wash in hair will make hair frizzy and dull.

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What If You Use Body Wash As Shampoo?

If by any chance or accidentally you use body wash as shampoo, then you should take some care of your hair to keep the scalp healthy. Here are those tips-

  1. After washing the body wash from hair with a lot of water, apply conditioner on the hair evenly and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Later, wash it off with water.
  2. If you run out of conditioner, then after washing your hair, apply argan or coconut oil on your hair to restore hydration and shine.
  3. Apply any hair serum to restore the shine on hair and comb your hair to detangle it. Avoid any straightener or curler that bad day. 

Alternative of Shampoo

Well, no shampoo in the bathroom and you also don’t have time to buy it, then we have some temporary alternative options to suggest in this situation-

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

At first, it’s mentionable that, apple cider vinegar will leave a very strong smell on your hair after washing with it, but it cleans the hair very well.

Now, all you have to do is, take 1 tablespoon of vinegar and mix it with 1 liter of water, then wash your hair with the water and massage the scalp for getting the mixture evenly. After keeping the mixture on hair for 1-2 minutes, wash it off with plain water. 

This mixture will deep cleanse your scalp, make hair shiny and bouncy. To avoid the strong smell, spray a little bit of perfume on your hair. 

  1. Dry Shampoo

Take a dry shampoo if you have and spread the powder into your scalp. It cleanses the hair and scalp instantly and gives a shiny and fresh look. 

  1. Reetha (Indian Soapberry)

Personally, I love using Reetha instead of shampoo because it’s the most natural ingredient and it makes hair silky, smooth, bouncy, shiny, and improves the health of the hair. If you have Reetha powder or the fruit at home, then just boil the fruit or powder in water and boil it until the water reduces to half. Then, use the water just as shampoo. Trust me, it’s the most effective way if you run out of shampoo.

Can You Use Shampoo As Body Wash?

Yes, you can. But, as there is no glycerin in shampoo, dry skin people may feel drier in their skin. Use a good amount of moisturizer if you used shampoo as a body wash. Avoid using shampoo as body wash regularly. Washing the body with shampoo will feel like washing the body with a dishwasher or detergents.


Q: What can I do if I don’t have shampoo?

Ans: Here is the list you can use if you suddenly run out of shampoo-

  1. Aloe Vera 
  2. Lemon Juice
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar 
  4. Baking Soda 
  5. Dry Shampoo

Q: How shampoo & body wash is different? 

Ans: The body wash is made to clean the dirt of feet, body, and hand and is filled with harsher chemicals than shampoo. Whereas, shampoo has milder ingredients to wash the delicate scalp.

Q: Can face wash be used as shampoo?

Ans: Yes, face wash is safe to use as shampoo, but the problem is, it won’t work well on the scalp and if you have oily hair, trust me, using face wash as shampoo won’t make any difference. 

Q: How did people use to clean their hair before shampoo?

Ans: People in ancient time used to use mud, honey, different fruit juice, vinegar, and oils to wash their hair, which were merely options for them. 

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Final Words

The final answer of “Is it okay to use body wash as shampoo?” is “No, it’s not”. You can’t use body wash as a shampoo as explained above. It’s harmful to your hair and scalp to use body wash. You’ll face hair fall and strip out all the natural oils leaving frizzy, dull, dry, and damaged hair. The body wash is specifically made for the body and shampoo is for hair. So, it’s better to maintain the instructions for your own good.

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