Is Brush On Gel the Same as Nail Glue? Get the Exact Explanation

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Who doesn’t long for perfect nail work without having to spend so much money? Salon-quality nails are perfect. But they need regular follow-up and affordability. Brush On Gel can save you all this time and money. 

It has been noticed that most ladies prefer to get their nail jobs done at home rather than depending entirely on parlor and salons; using a quality brush on gel and other nail accessories. However, if you are a newbie to self-care, you may often face the question “Is brush on gel the same as nail glue?” Because both of them have almost the same application and almost the same formula to begin with.

Today, besides digging deep about what Brush on Gel is, we will also help you with the question mentioned above. 

What is Brush On Gel?

Brush on Gel is an easy formula to increase the strength and flexibility of silk wrapped or any natural nails. Every brush on gel is built with a no-drip formula that eliminates gaps on the layer and maintains the shape of an ideal nail bed. You can use them on clean nails as well as wrapped nails. Brush on Gels like IBD gel resins is perfect for removing air pockets.  

To get the maximum out of any brush on gel, it is highly suggested to use a brush gel activator (like kiss gel activator) afterward to enhance your gel performance and lock the shiny look.  

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What is Brush-On Gel Used for?

Now that we have known what brush on gel is. It is time to know why we should them. 

  1. Brush On Gel offers premium nail finish like professional salons or parlors within an affordable range. 
  2. Every brush on gels performs to eliminate any remaining air pockets on wrapped nail works. 
  3. They make raw nails shinier and offer a glossy finish without the need for any expensive accessories. 
  4. Brush on gels are very well known for maintaining the proper shape of any kind of nail. Just use them before going out and they won’t even take much time to repair. 
  5. It is a very easy and natural to use formula. In ten minutes, you can have parlor-like nail work at home.

What is the Best Brush On Gel Kit?

There are plenty of nail kits you will find in the market. However, in my opinion, I would suggest the Kiss Gel Nail Kit; which contains a brush on gel, brush on activator and brush cleaner. It is a very feasible and economic kit for beginners covering two full manicures.  

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How to Use Kiss Gel Nail Kit?

How to Use Kiss Gel Nail Kit It is very easy to use Kiss Gel Nail Kit. Here is a quick guide for you. 

  • Start with cleaning your nails with fresh paper towels to remove dust particles from your nails. And wipe them with acetone nail polish remover. If you feel like you need to reshape your nails, trim and lightly buff the nail beds.
  • Next, start applying a brush on gel on one nail each time. Ignore skin and cuticles. Use the brush from the brush cleaner and apply a thin layer of brush on the activator on the wet gel. 
  • Repeat the previous step twice to get a more robust and non-reflecting finish. 

As soon as you are done with 10 fingers of yours. Wait for five more minutes before having a saloon-like nail enhancement.

Is Brush on Gel the Same as Nail Glue?

Now let’s get back to the point. The most confusing question for one even for professionals sometimes is to think whether they should buy glue separately with a brush on gel kit? Or can I use gel instead of nail glue or vice versa?  

From a technical point of view, there is no major difference between brush-on gel and nail glues. They are chemically similar to a point where you can use any one of them and expect almost the same results.  

However, they are different in thickness which makes the output vary even a bit. There is no harm in using glue in place of gel or vice versa. But for best results, it is highly advised to use the same branded nail gel that has been used in the nail kit.   


Q: Can I use gel instead of nail glue? 

Ans: Yes, you can. Due to the huge similarity between the chemical compounds of nail glues and brush on gels, you can easily interchange them and use gel in place of nail glues. 

However, for best output, you should always aim for using the same gel that comes with the professional nail kits you bought for yourself. 

Q: Can you use epoxy resin as a glue?

Ans: Though they are not widely used, you can use epoxy resin as a glue.

Q: Can You Use Brush On Nail Glue for Dip Powder? 

Ans: You can try but the possibilities are they will work poorly together. Because nail glues are much thinner and contain a more liquidy form. And they are light in consistency whereas the dip powders are thicker inconsistency. Hence, resulting in slow and poor adhesion properties. 

Q: How Long Does Brush On Gel Take to Dry? 

Ans: Out of all the nail enhancement accessories, Brush on Gel is one of the easiest ones to use. They are perfect for beginners and take a little preparation and time to be applied on. You can follow our article for proper guidance. 

Once you are done applying them, it will take only five minutes for brush on gel to dry without the help of any UV light.

Final Words 

It is a very smart move to switch to DIY nail kits and adapt to work with quality nail accessories. Once you are used to regularly using a brush on gel on your nails you will know how beneficial it can be for your time, effort, and budget.

However, for beginners and technicians who are still facing the confusion “Is Brush on Gel the Same as Nail Glue”. They should follow our article. Hopefully, it will lead them to a correct answer. 

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