How To Tone Down Hair Color That Is Too Light

Home remedies of tone down hair colour

“Why is the colour of my hair so light!” – The universal complaint of people with blonde hair. That’s not the fault of your hair colour. It would be best if you toned it down. But the confusing question is how to tone down hair colour that is too light?

Hair dye mistakes are the reason behind too light hair. But You can correct your mistakes. Both natural and chemical products are effective. I’ve explained the best suggestions and tips and tricks today. Check them out and choose the best way of toning down.

Can I tone down at home?

After getting a hair colour, you may not be satisfied with the colour. Because sometimes it turns out wrong. Then you look for how to tone down hair dye at home.

Yes, you can tone down your hair at home

But there are several issues you should point out. 

  • First of all, natural remedies are not as effective as a Salon treatment. 
  • Secondly, the hair may get damaged by following so-called natural remedies. 

But instead of taking any chemical solution, you can use some home remedies because the chemical highlighter applying is so complicated. You have to consider so many factors. I’ve explained the step by step tutorial, but follow them if you are confident enough to do it at home. But a better solution is reaching out to a professional. 

Home remedies of tone down hair colour

tone down hair colour

So, the main factor is applying acetic items. The scientific explanation of how to tone down hair colour that is too bright refers to acid products. You may know your scalp pH is 4.5-5.5, and acid products work well for it. So let’s see which items can be used for toning down hair: 


So commonly used, and so practical as well. Apple cider vinegar with mother is a game-changer. You may try this out for mild toning down ( not that effective to tone down two shade)

Olive Oil

Olive oil consists of shorter-chain fatty acid. This chemical formulation is adequate to get a perfect scalp and smoother hair. And sometimes this helps fix too light colours. This is not so effective for all, but try this out to get slightly toned. 

Baking Soda

Not for everyone! Some people have such oily hair. They don’t need to decrease the pH. Instead, they need to increase the pH. So, for them, baking soda is a good solution. Girls, never apply it when you have a dry scalp. 

Chemical solution

It would help if you did professional toning not only for getting the best result but also for your hair health. Colour corrector use is a complicated task for newbies. I suggest not to do it alone without a hair expert. However, for confident ones, Here’s the step by step tutorial: 

How to tone down hair colour that is too light 

how to tone down hair colour that is too light copy

Step 1: Choose a colour corrector

Most of the colour correctors are made for professional use. However, you can use Joico Color Intensity Eraser or Framar Kolor Killer Wipes. These are good and easy to use for beginners. Which shade is perfect for you is confusing. You should take suggestions from an expert according to the current condition of your hair. However, take at least two shade darker correctors. 

Step 2: Make your hair ready.

You should clean your hair before doing it. And comb them nicely. The famous question is, should I put a hair colour corrector on wet hair or dry hair? To learn more about these, check out the article Can you put hair dye in wet hair by one of our DYE experts. 

Step 3: Mix the product.

Take a mixing bowl. Read the instruction of mixing written in the product. Don’t forget to maintain the correct portion.

Step 4:Apply on hair

Applying colour corrector is similar to applying dye. First, take a small part of your hair, and use the corrector. Do it part by the amount and carefully. Doing it on your own is a challenging job. You can take the help of someone or go to a saloon. However, you can follow the following tutorial and watch practically how to fix highlights that are too light

Colour Correction tutorial

So, the process is complete, and now I’ve some disclaimer for you about it. I know you may be too annoyed thinking of bleached hair too light, how to fix it. But your hair health is a significant issue too. Now, read the disclaimer properly.

Disclaimer: NEVER DO THIS!

Never Do This

Here I’ve some common ideas shared on the internet. Look, fixing your hair colour is essential. But is it worth damaging your hair for it? No way! 

Don’t wash too frequently.

There is a popular suggestion on the internet. That is- “Use shampoo daily to remove colour”. But do you know using shampoo too frequent can make your hair damaged? The shampoo contains sodium Laureth sulfate, which cleans but also makes hair dry. So, don’t listen to this harmful idea! 

Don’t Iron too frequently.

This is the worst thing you can do with your hair. Heating is an enemy for your hair; even heat damages your hair Permanently! Your hair consists of cysteine amino acid, and heat damages it so drastically. So, this idea shared on many websites is too bad for you. 

Don’t colour again too early.

This solution comes to our head fast. But this is a complete mistake. You need to know how frequently you should use any hair colour or toner. The minimum time should be four weeks in case of a chemical solution. For details, check out How often should you tone your hair


Now you know how to tone down hair colour that is too light. But apply the colour corrector very carefully as a newbie. Natural remedies are the best for beginners. And for a perfect result, always go to a saloon and get the colour you want. 

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