How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Overnight | Without chemical or surgery

Puffy and bag-like shaped parts appear under the eyes out of nowhere. People consider it as the dark circle because they appear at the same time. Chemical beauty products work in some cases, but they’re too costly.  And surgeries are not preferable because it’s scary, time-consuming. Scientific research and practical experiments helped me find out how to get rid of eye bags overnight.  And after examining all of them, I’ve taken out all the solutions

I’ve allocated the solutions in two parts, instant removal and long-term solution. Let’s dive into them.

Instant home remedies for under-eye bags

Instant home remedies for under-eye bags

Confusion arises first. Do home remedies work instantly ? Home remedies to get rid of bags under eyes are not very popular, people go for surgeries.  Then I researched what remedies are scientifically feasible. The result was out of my expectation. They worked! So, I’m sharing those home remedies that show the path of how to get rid of eye bags overnight.

The potato mask

Not too far, home remedies to remove bags from under your eyes are just in your kitchen. Some innocent potatoes!  All you need are two medium-sized potatoes and two pieces of fabric made with soft cotton. A significant reason for eye bags is age. According to research of John H. Wahlert and Mary Jean Holland, Potato has an anti-aging effect. And its catecholase enzyme works by reducing the eye bag and dark circle overnight. The applying method is: 

  • First, wash the potatoes well and slice them as much as possible. The more slices you make, the better the juice can come out. 
  • Take two pieces of slender cloth, and the material should be cotton. 
  • Put half of the potato slices in one piece of fabric. Do the same to another one. 
  • Tie the orifice with an elastic or any other thing. 
  • Put them on your eyes and wear your sleeping mask to make sure it doesn’t move. 

Have a proper 8 hours sleep because a night of good sleep helps reduce the eye bag.

Cold compress

Cold compress is a popular method you should try because it helps so instantly and effectively. Just take two cubes of eyes and put them in your eye bags. For better results, hold the cubes and press them slightly, don’t go hard. 

Another best and 5-minute solution is putting in cold tea bags. This one is so effective that every skin expert suggests it. All you need to do is, keep the eye bag in cold water for a while, then keep it on eyebags. Press gently and sleep using it as a mask. 

Aloe vera and cucumber

Both help tighten the skin, and especially Cucumber is helpful to reduce sodium. Regular use is one of the best solutions to get rid of both eye bags and dark circles.

Long term solution of Under Eye Bags

That might be a piece of bad news for you, but there is no lifestyle improvement alternative. Let me explain why. The leading cause of eyebags is genetic issues. 

Some people are born with them, and no matter what, they come back like a nightmare.  Other causes are aging, allergies, lack of sleep, sodium or salt intake, alcohol. There is a complete guideline below. Follow it to get the best result ever. 


There is a famous saying,  we are what we eat. Remember the famous quote german philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, We are what we eat. Our entire physiological process gets subjugated by the foods we take. Salty foods and sodium play a vital role in creating eye bags. And alcohol makes it worse. 

So, first, you have to control your intake of alcohol and salty foods. Then, you have to eat a lot of water. Many times, it is seen that weight loss plays an influential role in reducing eye bags. However, lack of sleep is another leading cause of it. So at 10 pm, you must be in bed and don’t leave it until 4 am.

Yale University School of medicine research confirmed that melatonin hormone release decreases after 2 am. So don’t stay awake late at night.


Surgical solutions are the most trusted and secure. There are several treatments like an under-eye filling, according to laser advantage, skin tightening works too.  But don’t decide to do it on your own because not everyone needs a surgical solution. You should consult a doctor physically and then decide to have surgery. The process is painful, but you will get rid of them for a long time or permanently. 

And if you have allergies, then you should take medicine for them. It also works in many cases. 


I’d call it to massage instead of exercise. You can call these exercises a kind of home remedy to remove bags from under eyes. Particular messages are so effective in reducing puffy eyes. Let me share them :     

  • Place three fingers under your eyes on your orbital port. And keep at least one finger gap between your fingers and eyes to make it effective. Now pull your lower eyelash slightly down, and roll your eyeballs up. Now blink slowly five times. Then keep your eyeball right and do the same. Now roll your eyeballs left and do the same. Please do it for 1 minute. 
  • Place three fingers under your one eye. Make sure there is a 1-inch gap between your eyelash and fingers. Now pull your lower eyelash gently. Then massage the area between eyelash and fingers with your other hand. Do it opposite to the gravity, so softly. Please do it for 1 or 2 minutes for each eye every day.

These exercises are easy but very helpful. To see a practical tutorial, you can watch this video. 

Exercises to get rid of under eye bags


I met so many beautiful ladies who use makeup but don’t know how to cover under-eye bags. Makeup, chemical surgeries are artificial. Nourish your skin from inside. Your puffy eyes with a dark circle are not the thing you were born with. Change your lifestyle, get proper sleep, do the exercises because they cherish it internally. 

And use the instant remedies 2 or 3 days a week regularly. Please don’t consider it a lifetime problem that you can not solve. Now you have details about how to get rid of under-eye bags overnight and utilize them because you are just one step behind getting rid of them.   

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