How to Fix a Broken Toenail With Acrylic – Follow the Steps and Save Saloon Bill

Doing manicure and pedicure is a sense of loving yourself. There are some people, who naturally have beautiful shaped and strong nails that grow without breaking. To be honest, I get jealous of that person because my nails break too often and for those who have faced this problem, this article is for you girls. 

Recently I got to know the acrylic nail thing and I researched about it. Turns out using acrylic nail is time-consuming, affordable, looks super fancy, and feels satisfied. I will describe all the nuts and bolts of how to fix a broken toenail with acrylic as well as how you can fix your broken toenail or fingernails.

Acrylic nails are a combination of powder and liquid that gets a consistency of gel. It is available in famous brands and comes in a jar. You have to use a brush to dip into the acrylic combination and shape over your natural nail. I will also share some useful and quick-toenail fixing methods at home. So, let’s dig in!

How to Fix a Broken Toenail at Home?

How to Fix a Broken Toenail at Home

Now let’s look at some easy and handy stuff to fix your toenail if you don’t want acrylic nails. Breaking nails is not only annoying, sometimes it’s painful too. The methods I am going to share with you girls are completely DIY and tested out by myself. So, you can rely on these techniques-

1. Use Nail Hardener

The very easy and no-cost budget nail fixer method is a nail hardener. Even if you don’t have a nail hardener, you can use natural colorless nail polish for this. 

Step 1: Wipe and disinfect the toenail at first. Toenail gets quite dirty so make sure it’s all clean. Don’t touch the crack area much. Now, align the crack nail flat with the rest of the nail. 

Step 2: Next, apply the clear nail polish or nail hardener on the crack area once. Then let it dry evenly.

Step 3: After the coat dries, coat again and again until the crack area feels stiff and hard enough. 

Step 4: And you are done! Apply your favorite nail polish and slay!

2. Silk Wrap

The maximum salon uses this method and it’s quite easy to do it at home too. All you need is a piece of silk. Cut the silk according to your nail shape first. Plus, you have to use nail glue here. 

Step 1: As always disinfect your toenail and clean it very carefully. Don’t hurt yourself while cleaning it.

Step 2: Part of nail glue and gel nail polish now. Apply the nail glue very gently on the crack area and wait until it fully dries and covers the crack. When it fully dries, coat a layer of gel nail polish. 

Step 3: This part should be done very carefully and quickly. When the gel nail polish is still wet, take the silk and place it on your nail. Let it fully dry then. The silk will cover and mend the crack. 

Step 4: File and polish your nail very carefully and coat your chosen nail color.

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3. Tea Bag Magic

The quickest method I have ever used. All you need is colorless nail polish or nail glue and teabag.

Step 1: Wipe and clean your cracked nail. Then, cut a tea bag paper in the shape of your cracked nail.

Step 2: Now coat a layer of natural nail polish or nail glue over your cracked nail. While the texture is still wet, place the tiny tea bag on the cracked area. Let it dry.

Step 3: Once it’s dry, you can coat it once again to make it more hardened. Apply your nail color and you are done!

4. Use Acrylic 

A fancy method that I have tried twice and trust me, it looks so good and almost gives a natural nail vibe. 

Step 1: Clean your nail very well. Then, take a nail glue and coat once on your cracked nail. Let it dry evenly. 

Step 2: Next take a brush and take a good amount of acrylic to shape your nail. Use the brush to shape it on your natural nail as you want.

Step 3: After shaping it as you want, air dry it and then file it. Choose your favorite nail color and coat twice or thrice. Let it dry and ta-daa! 

I have already discussed 4 methods and now, I am adding a video suggesting for you.

How to Fix a Cracked Acrylic Nail?

It takes a minimum of $3 to repair each cracked acrylic nail in a salon. So, why not trying to repair it at home. Here is the method of how to fix a cracked acrylic nail at home.

Step 1: If the natural nail under acrylic didn’t break, then take off the acrylic part from the cracked place. And if the natural nail broke, after taking off the acrylic part, coat a nail glue once on it.

Step 2: After taking off the acrylic, file the entire nail. Take a brush and use some acrylic to shape your nail. Blend it well with the whole crack and natural nail. 

Step 3: Let it dry. Coat your fav nail color and you are ready to go!

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How to Prevent Broken Toenail?

Besides knowing how to repair a cracked toenail, you should learn how to prevent it. Just by following some tips and being cautious, you can prevent this problem. Here get some ideas.

  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your Nair. Better stay your nail away from them.
  • Avoid shaping nails into points. 
  • Better to use silk wrap to a pedicure.
  • Using a nail hardener is also a good practice.
  • If your problem is about nail growth and strength then take a biotin supplement.

What are the Main Reasons Behind Cracked Nails?

I have already discussed how to fix broken toenails. Now, I will show some common reasons for facing this problem.

  • Bumping with something and hurting your mail is the main reason for getting broken toenail.
  • Excessive wetness is also a reason for this problem.
  • It’s not very common but nutrient deficiency may be a reason for broken nails.
  • Use of harsh chemicals into toenails can cause this issue.

Final Words

So, I think you are feeling better now as now you know “How to fix a broken toenail with acrylic?”

I have discussed 4 different methods to fix, reasons for broken toenails, and ways to prevent them. So, it’s a complete guide to follow. I hope you will find all the methods easier and fortunately, all of them will be quick and won’t cost extra money. So, on the next occasion, you don’t need to hide your legs while capturing for Instagram posting.

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