How to Draw Eyebrows When you Have None – 3 Quick Steps to Follow

You must have met lots of people who don’t have eyebrows. Unfortunately, I am one of them and the reader may be the same for you. Whatever, you have eyebrows or not you must want your appearance as Mrs perfect. To do so you need eyebrows. But how? Simple, you can draw eyebrows just like real eyebrows. Now you may be asking “How to draw eyebrows when you have none?”

Recently we are receiving some questions like this and as an experienced person, I have come up with a big idea. Today I am going to discuss “How to draw on eyebrows with no hair?” So, let’s break down.

What are the Reasons for Having No Eyebrows?

Having No Eyebrows

Well, there are few reasons for this problem. It can be because of excessive caring, lack of caring, chemicals, reactions, skin problems, or others. Here I am showing some of them.

  • It happens when you excessively pluck the eyebrow hair.
  • Lack of normal hair growth genetic and deficiency of nutrition can lead you to face this problem
  • Some hormonal conditions such as hypothyroidism can be a reason as well. 
  • The reaction of some medicines such as Eczema can be another reason.
  • Use of the wrong facial cream or facewash is sometimes a response to this.

How to Draw on Eyebrows Naturally?

How to Draw on Eyebrows Naturally

Before starting drawing your eyebrows, you need to buy a good quality eyebrow pencil, a spooly, and an eyebrow gel. You should purchase branded products as it has to stay on your skin for a long time. Plus, don’t forget to check if they are smear, sweat, and waterproof

Some people have severe allergies to some beauty products. If you are one of them, then check the ingredients and warnings of the products. With these simple products, you can draw the most natural-looking eyebrows. Before going to draw and you purchase the eyebrow pencils or gel, let me remind you of a couple of tips.

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Shade

Just like choosing Foundation or Concealer shades, eyebrow shade also needs to be picked very carefully. Eyebrow colors are almost similar to hair color. So, choose a shade close to your hair color or a little lighter than your hair color. Like, if you have black hair, then get a deep brown eyebrow pencil or gel.

Every renowned brand has numerous shades of eyebrow pencils, so don’t worry if you have to pick a peculiar color. But if you are a blonde beauty, then you have to pick a shade darker than your hair color. By that, you can get the most natural prominent eyebrows. 

Step 2: Choose Your Eyebrow Shape

Having fewer eyebrows or no eyebrows is also a blessing. You can shape your brow as you wish. There are different shapes like a straight line, arch lines, or thick eyebrows. You should choose the shape you want according to your face shape. It should look appropriate with your face shape. 

Most of the people who use makeup, they prefer different eyebrow style in different occasions. Like, daily, they use one style and for any special occasion, they use other different styles. But keep one thing in mind, study your natural eyebrow. Before drawing your eyebrow, keep it in line with your natural real eyebrows. 

For example, if you have a bigger forehead, then you should choose a shape that will look upward and make your forehead look smaller. On the other hand, for a smaller forehead, choose a shape that will make your forehead look bigger. 

Now, let me elaborate on the easy and simple process of this beautiful work- 

Before you go through the main method, you have to prepare your eyebrow area skin with the eyebrow. For preparing you have two options. 

Step 3: Drawing Eyebrows

1. Waxing/Shaving

Now, don’t be surprised to hear that I said wax or shave your brows. Well, our whole face is filled with very thin tiny hairs. Sometimes for those hairs, our makeup doesn’t sit properly on our face and looks weird. So, even if you have no eyebrows or fewer eyebrows, you should wax or shave the side of the brows. 

I recommend using a razor because it’s quick and doesn’t cause any pain. If you are comfortable with waxing, then you are most welcome to do that. But be careful as eyebrow skin is very sensitive. So, wax or shave the unwanted hair aside from the brows. 

You may say, why can’t I tweeze or pluck those hairs? Of course, you can. But, that will take more time and you’ll feel pain. I don’t want my beautiful readers to feel pain and do their work quickly. 

2. Brush Your Brows

Take your spooly. You can buy separate spooly in the shop or some eyebrow pencil comes with a spooly at the end. So, take the spooly and brush your eyebrow in the upward direction. 

3. Mark The Line

Finding the point of starting and ending eyebrows can be a hassle for some people. A very simple trick for this is, look straight at the mirror. Now, where your nose ends beside your eyes, mark a line from there. Now, keep your eye straight to the mirror, when the line comes over your pupil, make an arch and finish the length at the edge of your eyes. After you find the mark of ending and starting point, your work is 50% done.

I draw the lower line of the brow at first. Then I brush my brows again in the downward direction. At last, I make my upper eyebrow. 

4. Fill The Brow

Now if you already drew your eyebrows, now take your eyebrow filler pencil or gel. If you use a pencil, remember that your pencil needs to be very sharp and precious as you will draw the brows very naturally. 

Now, start filling the brows with your gel or pencil. Use a very generous amount of product as much product will look cakey and will look terrible. 

A very important thing to remind you all that, don’t fill too much at the nose side of the eyebrow. Just give some feathery touch to the front direction. Now, grab your spooly and blend the product well with your skin. Drag your spooly to all angles for getting a perfect filling. 

5. Draw Eyebrow Hair

As our focus is how to draw natural eyebrows, so now you have to draw hair lines to give it a natural look. The blended area was the base of these hairlines. Now, take a bigger size eyebrow pencil and draw the hair in upward directions. Use very lighter strokes on the filling as if you once used many products, you can’t wipe it.

6. Set Your Brows

Once you think all is set, then take a waterproof eyebrow gel to set the brows. If you don’t have eyebrows gel, you can use soap or hairspray. For soap, on a damp soap, scrape your spooly so it gets some soap on. Then, brush the spooly on the brow upward direction. Once you brush it, use the spooly body to press the brow hair and It’ll be all set. 

For hairspray, spray it on a Q-tip or spooly and then brush it properly over the already drew eyebrows. 

7. Finishing Touch

This one step is completely optional. If you notice you have some extra brow lines or strokes that came out from the real brow line, then use your concealer to make the brow line highlight and blend it well with the skin. And you are done and you know how to draw eyebrows when you have none.

For better experience or visual checking, you can check out this video on

Final Verdict

The article is all about the topic “How to create eyebrows when you have none?” You will find lots of articles with only images but this one is real & effective content with A to Z guide. 

I have described the whole process in 3 steps. Among them be careful on final step as that is the most important part.

I hope you have understood how to draw on eyebrows without having any makeup artist. That’s all for today but before leaving I would request you read  2 other Contents – Can You wear Makeup with a stye & How to get rid of eye bags overnight without chemicals?

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