How to Cover your Eyebrows – Follow any of 2 Methods

Eyebrows hold the power of changing and expressing the entire makeup look. So, to get the perfect look sometimes drag queens or cosplayers need to emit their eyebrows to create a new one. I think eyebrows and lips are like a canvas, you can shape them as you want.

Today we will discuss some tips, processes in baby steps about how to cover your eyebrows for your desired glamorous look. Covering up your eyebrows is easy but a little bit tricky. So, let’s not waste more time and jump into our makeup time! 

How to Cover Up Eyebrows?

How to Cover Up Eyebrows

Now I am going to discuss 2 different methods of covering or erasing your eyebrows. One is, by using a glue stick and another one is without a glue stick. Both are popular and safe to use.

If you want my recommendations, I would love to suggest going with the glue stick. Because it works well, stays on the skin for a long time, looks like you are a browless alien and this method is used by renowned cosplay artists and drag queens. 

And the without glue method is also good, but people don’t tend to use it. For my lovelies, I’ll describe two methods and leave the choice to yours. Let’s get it.

Method 1: How to Hide Eyebrows With Glue Stick

How to Hide Eyebrows With Glue Stick

Let’s start with the most popular and reliable method. For this method, we need to gather up some makeup tools. Those tools are-

  • Glue Stick (ELMER’S Washable School Glue)
  • Color Corrector/Liquid Lipstick (Orange Color)
  • Spooly
  • High Coverage Concealer similar to your skin tone. 
  • Pressed Powder
  • Beauty Blender
  • Small Makeup Brush
  • Plastic Butter Knife 

Now, we’ll walk in baby steps into the process-

Step 1: Wash Your Eyebrows

First, you need to wash your eyebrows very well. Inside the roots of eyebrow hair, there is oil. That oil won’t let the glue sit properly if you don’t clean them. So, before sitting in makeup, scrub your eyebrows well to wash them properly. After washing, dry the brows very well with a towel or anything. 

Step 2: Start Glue Work

As your brows are clean and dry, now start to glue down your brows with the glue stick. Now, speaking of glue sticks, you can use any kind of non-toxic glue, but all the artists use ELMER’S Washable School Glue, as it gets transparent after use. 

Now, a common question I have noticed is, “how to glue down eyebrows”. Rub the glue stick on your brows in a circular motion. Don’t just use it in one direction. Blend the glue in a way that each eyebrow hair gets the taste of glue. 

Note: While applying glue, don’t scrunch your forehead or don’t make any expression on your face. Keep a poker face. Otherwise, the skin will get wrinkled.

Step 3: Brush Brow Hair

After giving the eyebrow hair a good taste of glue, now brush the brows with a spooly into an upward direction. Clearly remember that every hair must be in the same direction, no messy combing. 

Step 4: Grab the Butterknife

Take a spatula or a plastic butter knife to flatten the eyebrow hair with the skin. Press them very firmly with your skin so it’ll look like they are part of your skin. It must be hard if you have thick eyebrows, but keep patience, dear. Then let the eyebrow fully dry. 

Step 5: Lay Another Layer of Glue

After the first layer of glue fully dries, wait for 10-15 minutes. Then, keep adding a layer of glue until you are satisfied or your brows look flat with skin. Look at your face to the side of the mirror, if you see any single hair sticking out, then you have to continue applying glue, brushing it, and using a knife to flatten it. Wait for the glue to fully dry before coating one. 

Step 6: Use Color Corrector

If you have dark eyebrows, then it’s a must-step. But if you are a blonde beauty, you can skip the step. Now, grab your orange color corrector. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, a red or orange-colored liquid lipstick will also work. Or, if you don’t have a corrector or lipstick, use an orange-colored eye-shadow. Now use the product on the dry sticky eyebrows and make sure to cover the area properly. 

Step 7: Erase Your Brows

Now, the concealer will do the magic. You have to choose a high coverage concealer with a similar skin tone. Now, dab a layer of concealer with a brush. Then blend the area properly with a light touch in the skin. Don’t rub too much on the eyebrows. 

Step 8: Lock The Look With Powder

After the concealer fully blends, use a damp beauty blender or makeup brush and take a pressed powder. Pat the brow surrounding area lightly with the powder. It’ll secure the concealer and give a smooth look. And you are done and now you know how to put makeup on eyebrows and cover it.

Method 2: How to Cover Your Eyebrows Without Glue

How to Cover Your Eyebrows Without Glue

The steps are almost similar. The Only difference is the one tool. Let’s check the tools –

  • Vaseline 
  • Spirit Gum
  • Concealer
  • Pressed Powder
  • Spooly

Just like the previous method’s step 1, prepare your eyebrows. 

Step 2: Put A Layer of Vaseline

Vaseline will protect your eyebrow hair to get affected by the harsh chemicals of spirit gum.

Step 3: Lay Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum is sold in different cosplay shops and made for use on the face. Just like glue sticks, use the spirit gum on the eyebrow hair that each hair follicle touches the product. 

Step 4: Brush The Brows

Now brush the brows like the previous method and lay flat the brow hair with the skin. 

Step 5: Coat Once Aging

If needed you can coat spirit gum 3-4 times to create a flawless and smooth base. Don’t forget to dry each coat before putting on another one. 

From here rest of the steps are the same as the previous method. And you will be done with a flawless eyebrow less human!

You can reshape your eyebrow and paint your eyebrow as you want then. You can check my other two articles of How to draw eyebrows and How to Paint on Eyebrows. 

If you want you can also check this video on YouTube 

How to Erase The Glue From Eyebrows?

After you slay with your makeup look, now time to wipe down all and get your natural brows back. For this beauty, experts suggest using an oil-based cleanser. Non-toxic glue is washable and very easy to come out from the skin with the oil-based cleanser. It won’t pull out any of your eyebrow hair.

And if you used spirit gum, then experts suggest using Spirit Gum Remover. It’ll make the cleaning process easier. After you wash down everything, make sure you pamper your brows the most and that baby took so many harsh chemicals on it. Use brow serums to keep your brows healthy and pretty.

The Verdict

Makeup is an art. If you know the way of this art, you’ll rock. I hope I did a little help with your “how to cover eyebrows with makeup” question. I gave two methods for how to cover your eyebrows, feel free and safe to use the methods. Give yourself the best look and slay!