How to Cover Melasma with Simple Makeup Steps

Covering melasma is more difficult than it looks like. Unlike other spots, melasma is not easy to cover with regular makeup. Most of the spots can cover up with a foundation. But for melasma, the foundation is not enough to cover. Women who are used to medium coverage suffer most. Full coverage Foundation works well, but this is not the best way to cover melasma. 

Concealers are the best makeup to cover dark spots or melasma. But not all concealers work. Even the most famous concealers are not working to cover nicely. 

So today, I’ll explain how to cover melasma perfectly. There will be pro tips to get rid of melasma permanently. Let’s dive into the details. 

Ways to cover melasma

The good news is, there are several makeups to cover melasma according to the position. The factor we all have experienced, melasma shows up even after heavy makeup.

1.Full coverage Concealers: We consider concealers as the solution to hide all spots. Full coverage concealers are the best makeup for melasma. Full coverage concealers are not like regular concealers. Regular concealers are usually made for slight darkness of upper lips, under eyes, and upper eyes. But they may not give you the expected result in many cases,such as melasma. On the other hand, full coverage ones are very effective in hiding melasma and dark spots.
2.Full coverage Foundation: For a less dark one, a full-coverage Foundation can be the makeup for a melasma cover-up. You might not be a fan of full coverage. Because they are sometimes hard to blend and look cakey, but this works well to cover less dark melasma.

3.Regular concealers and Foundation: Measure the darkness of your melasma first. If you see it’s not more than two✘ shady than your skin tone, then you should try regular concealers or foundation.

How to use concealer to cover melasma

How to use concealer to cover melasma

I’ll share the best full coverage concealers to cover the dark spots and melasma. But first, you have to know how to prepare your skin before applying the concealer.

Clean your skin: First, take a cleanser and clean your skin nicely because this helps remove the dead cells and dust and helps the makeup stay long.

Moisturize your skin: This is an important part, don’t ignore it. You can use your regular moisturizing cream to make your skin softer.

Apply the primer: The primer helps the foundation to set on the skin. So before putting foundation, you should apply the primer.

Sunblock Cream: If you are not having an indoor photoshoot, this part is a must. Apply sunscreen with SPF 15+.

Use the Foundation: Take any Foundation you want because the concealer will hide the melasma, not the foundation. You can use full coverage or medium coverage the way you want. Blend the foundation properly.

Apply the concealer: This is the part you should focus on most—apply the concealer just on the dark spot and dark part of your face. Don’t put too much concealer on the melasma part. Then you have to use the beauty blender to give a natural look.

Point to be noted, and sometimes we only need natural-looking makeup. Putting too much makeup regularly is not possible for all, besides, this complete makeup takes so much time. In this case, you can skip using foundation and other things, use the concealer slightly, and get ready by applying some powder. Check out the following tutorial, this may help!

Easy Nude Makeup Look


Loose powder: To set the makeup, use your loose powder and blend it well. Keep the loose powder with you always because you may need it when you go outside.

Other makeup: Now, you are ready to do your other makeup to look perfect. Sometimes your perfection gets interrupted by dark circles or puffy eyes.

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How to use foundation to cover melasma

How to use foundation to cover melasma

You have to use two types of Foundation makeup for melasma cover-up, not one, both of them. First of all, you have to use a liquid full coverage foundation. Liquid foundations are easy to blend, and they are much more effective in covering melasma.

Then you have to keep another solution. Powder Foundations are becoming popular nowadays. The liquid foundation gets faded, darkens after some hours, and melasma shows up. To cover instantly, you can use the powder one.

By using both of them eventually, you can complete the best makeup that covers melasma.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions : How to Cover Melasma

Question 1: What makeup works well to cover melasma?

Ans: Concealers, especially full coverages, are best for covering.

Question 2: How to cover melasma on the upper lip?

Ans: Take the concealer and apply them on the spot. Blend it well with a fresh beauty blender.

Question 3: What is melasma, and how to cure it?

Ans: Most of the time, pregnancy, birth control pills, hormonal issues are the reasons behind melasma. Doctors treat the patients according to their problems.

Question 4: Does melasma go permanently?

Ans: Yes! Don’t think it’s going to last forever. Our skin heals on its own sometimes, and sometimes you need treatment to get rid of them.


Melasma is not something you can control or get rid of easily. Taking birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems are the reason behind the melasma. Going to the specialist doctor and taking treatment from them is the best thing you can do. But for instance, cover-up, you can follow the steps of how to cover melasma. The tips, tricks I’ve shared are very effective.

Last but not least, don’t harm your skin texture using useless skincare products that claim to remove melasma. Melasma is not a regular spot that You can cure easily. You may need hormonal therapies or treatment to get rid of them permanently. Until then, try our tips!

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