How to Color Eyebrows for Cosplay – The Best 2 Methods Explained

Hello, beautiful readers! Who doesn’t love cosplay? If you are a cosplay lover, then today I am going to grab your attention here! In cosplay, the artists play different anime or movie character’s roles. It looks pretty interesting, beautiful, and vibrant. For cosplay, people use wigs to have their desired hair. But for eyebrows? 

One thing to always keep in mind, your eyebrows are similar colors to your hair. So, if you have lavender hair color with black eyebrows, it will look mismatched and weird.

Then if your question is how to color eyebrows for cosplay, you need to color or paint your eyebrows. Don’t get nervous because it’s a very simple task to decorate your eyebrows as the color you want. To get the details, let’s go to the details of the article.

How to Color in Your Eyebrows Perfectly?

How to Color in Your Eyebrows Perfectly

I will describe 2 different ways to do your desired colored eyebrows. I have seen numerous cosplay makeup and tried a couple of times at home. So, which methods I think best, I’m gonna put those methods here today. Let’s get started.

Method 1: With Eye-shadow Pallet

Eye-shadow Pallet

This method is the most effective and long-lasting, so I’m gonna elaborate on this one first. For this method, you have to grab some cosmetics. Those are –

  • White Eyeliner Pencil
  • Spooly
  • Eye-shadow Pallet
  • Lipstick (The color eyebrow you want)
  • Little Angled Makeup Brush 
  • Concealer

Here are the steps for how to paint your eyebrows –

Step 1: Prepare Eyebrows

If you have uneven or unruly eyebrows, then pluck, shave or wax your eyebrows into shape. Then draw your eyebrows as you want. Now you can ask how to do my eyebrows. Worry not, because I already have an article about How to Draw on Eyebrows, so you can check the steps from there. 

Step 2: Brush Your Eyebrows

After preparing your brows properly, now brush them with a spooly and comb them in a place. Spooly is available in any beauty store or comes with many eyebrow pencils. You can also use a clean mascara spooly. 

Step 3: Magic With White Eyeliner Pencil 

It works like magic but won’t look magical absolutely! Take your white eyeliner pencil, I use a White Eyeliner pencil from NYX which is extremely good. Anyways, now take your white eyeliner pencil and draw those over your eyebrows. 

Draw very lightly, don’t press too much as it will create a bad result. Using this white eyeliner pencil will mute the dark color of your eyebrows. So, later the color you want to do for your brows, that will be super prominent. 

Note: If you are a blonde beauty if have lighter shade eyebrows. So, you can skip this step if you want. Because, on your lighter eyebrows, any color will look prominent. 

Step 4: Use Eye-shadow Pallet 

Now let’s think we will do magenta-colored eyebrows today. My first method is a combination of eye-shadow and lipstick. You can buy eye-shadows from different fantastic brands. So, now take a little makeup brush and dab on the magenta eye-shadow. 

After taking a generous amount of product, then slightly pat on the eyebrow. Don’t take too much product at once. Keep patience and dab on your eyebrows well. Don’t use much eye-shadow on the front side of your eyebrows. We will come there later.

Step 5: Spooly Work

After you put enough product on the eyebrows, now time for brushing and blending the product well with the skin. Now, take a spooly and blend the eye-shadow with skin evenly to create a soft look. 

Drag the spooly to the front direction of eyebrows to give a softer and lighter touch. So, it will look super natural and beautiful. Don’t drag the spooly harshly on the eyebrows. Be gentle always while doing makeup.

Step 6: Lipstick Time

You may wonder why I need lipstick now? My eyebrows already look colored now. We are talking about how to color in your eyebrows naturally, so to create the natural hairy eyebrow look, we need lipstick. 

The eye-shadow did the base part and the lipstick will make the eyebrow hair look natural, prominent, and voluminous. Now, take a magenta-colored lipstick and scrape your spooly over the lipstick. After you get enough product on the spooly, then slightly drag the spooly to the upside directions of the brows. 

Once you see that all the hairs of your brow got colored by the lipstick, then comb the eyebrows in the upward direction. 

Step 7: Locking The Look

We have done 70% work now. For this part, take the same eye-shadow pallet with the same makeup brush. Get enough product on the brush and pat over the brow. DON’T DRAG, ONLY PAT. It will lock the lipstick color on the hair and give long-lasting finishing. 

Step 8: Conceal The Nasty Marks

To highlight your eyebrows more and to hide the little marks beside the eyebrows, use a concealer. Use the concealer with a brush at the very side of your eyebrow. Lastly, blend it properly with your skin. And ta-daa! You are done!

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Method 2: With Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner Pencil

This method is, “How to color in your eyebrows with a pencil” for questions like this. So, for this method, we need almost similar makeup things like the previous method aside from eye-shadow and lipstick. The products are-

  • Spooly
  • White Eyeliner Pencil
  • Colored Eyeliner Pencil(The color you want)
  • Concealer
  • Hairspray 

For steps, you have to follow the first 3 steps from the previous method of the eye-shadow pallet. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyebrows 

Step 2: Brush The Brows 

Step 3: Do White Eyeliner Pencil Magic.

Here I’ll start with later steps.

Step 4: Use Eyeliner Pencil

In the market, you will find numerous colors of eyeliner pencils now. From glitter to matte, any kind of color is available. So, take the color of the pencil you want. Then draw light strokes on the already white eyebrows. 

As always, don’t press the pencil harshly with your brows. And a very important reminder is, your pencil must be sharp and precise while drawing eyebrows. 

Step 5: Brush With Spooly

To make the strokes look completely natural, now blend the marks with spooly. Brush lightly on the brows and create a natural soft look.

Step 6: Eye-shadow

This step is optional. You can gladly skip this step if you want. If you want, just take a little brush and pat over the eyebrows with the same eyeliner pencil-colored shadow. It will give a long-lasting look. 

Step 7: Lock The Look

Now spray your hairspray on a spooly or Q-tip, then pat the spooly or Q-tip over your brows. It will securely lock your eyebrow paint and give an extremely stunning look. 

Lastly, as always, use your favorite concealer to hide any disturbing marks and highlight the brows! 

You can also follow this YouTube video if you want.


I hope you have got the idea of how to color eyebrows for cosplay now. Cosplay is fun if you can do your makeup flawlessly. There are also some methods of doing cosplay eyebrows, but trust me, these 2 methods are the best and you will look stunning. So, grab your pallet or pencil, do your makeup and slay with your cosplay look! All the best!

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