How Often to Wash 4c Hair? – Explained And Answered

How Often to Wash 4c Hair

4c hair is tightly curled and coily type hair. People with 4c type hair experience more breakage of hair than the other types. The reason why they face damaged hair is because of a lot of confusion about this hair type. One of that confusion is, “How often to wash 4c hair?”

As 4c hair tends to get shrank a lot, the hair care routine for the 4c hair type is pretty different. You shouldn’t wash your hair daily if it’s 4c type because it’ll lead to dryness. As a result, breakage will happen later. 

Today I’ll discuss how often you should wash 4c hair and how to wash 4c hair. Besides, there will be many optional tips. So, I suggest you better hurry and keep reading for those tips and hair care routines to get beautiful & gorgeous 4c healthy hair. 

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How Often to Wash Natural 4c Hair?

How Often to Wash Natural 4c Hair

Among all 1A to 4c types of natural hair, this type is considered to be the most fragile and hard-to-manage hair. For the dry, shrinkage, and fragile nature of this hair, it’s suggested by hair experts to wash 4c hair as little as possible. 

4c hair can differentiate into soft, thick, thin, or coarse types. So what can you do if not wash 4c hair frequently? You can co-wash every week and shampoo twice a month.

Co-washing your hair is easy, just go with the conditioner, and leave hair fresh, neat, and smelling good. 

Co-Washing: Keeping your scalp and hair moist is one of the key-point of having healthy luscious locks. Curly and coily type hair needs more moisture than other hair types. However, shampooing 4c hair often isn’t good for the scalp rather damaging. So, co-washing is the star here.

Co-washing is just washing your hair with ONLY conditioner. You can co-wash your hair in between the shampoo washes routine to keep your hair & scalp clean and fresh. 

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Why 4c Hair Should Wash Less?

Why 4c Hair Should Wash

4c hair has a tightly coiled shape like Z-shaped. For the heavy shrinkage and dry nature, this hair type is known for its breakage and brittleness than straight hair. Straight hair gets oily fast because oil/sebum travels through the hair fastly, that’s why straight hair needs to be washed constantly. 

Whereas, sebum can’t travel through 4c hair because of the coily nature. That’s why the 4c hair gets weaker for the lack of natural oil. That’s why 4c hair should be washed as little as possible. To protect the 4c hair from further damage, men and women use protective styles like twists, braids, or buns.

So, the answer of “how often to wash low porosity 4c hair?” is, wash it once or twice in a month and co-wash in between. How you can wash your 4c hair is described in the next segment.

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How to Wash 4c Hair (Step by Step)

How to Wash 4c Hair

Many of us think that 4c hair is just a hassle, ugly and painful, but trust me with the correct method of care 4c hair can also be luscious locks. Here are the steps you should follow to wash your 4c hair properly.

Step 1: Pre-Pro

After shampooing we feel our hair gets dry and frizzy sometimes. Again for other issues we get greasy hair overnight.

Pre-poo is a method that prevents stripping oil totally from hair. Pre-poo is done with oil or conditioner, or mixing both and applying it before shampoo. It nourishes your hair plus prevents stripping moisture.

While applying the oil or conditioner, you can detangle your hair with fingers to avoid more damage while shampooing. 


  • Divide your hair into sections for easy- manageability and less damage. Dampen your hair and detangle the sections with your fingers. Be patient. 
  • Apply oil or conditioner on each section of the damp hair. 
  • Now braid or twist each section. Don’t braid tightly. Let it be loose.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or with a hot-damp towel for 1 hour or keep the shower cap overnight for better results.  
  • Next, wash your hair thoroughly with enough water. 

Step 2: Finger Detangle

Using oil or conditioner, finger detangling is a must for 4c hair. Finger detangling makes sure that you don’t break your hair by tugging it forcefully while shampooing.

Finger detangling should be done in wet hair because wet hair has more elasticity and they are easy to manipulate without damage. You can use water, hair serum, oil, conditioner, or moisturizer to do this finger detangling. 


  • Dampen your hair lightly with water, not dripping wet. Try to use lukewarm water here because it’ll open the hair cuticles and oil/conditioner will reach deep into the hair.
  • Now divide the hair into smaller sections. When you divide, clip out the rest of the hair out of the way. Then, apply oil or conditioner. 
  • When you apply the oil or conditioner, slowly begin to detangle. Be gentle, don’t harshly tug the hair knots. It’s better to detangle from end to root. If you feel any knots in this, gently lose the knots and comb them until it’s fully clear. 

Step 3: Use Sulfate-free Shampoo

Try to use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo with mild cleansing ingredients. It’ll strip all dirt but prevent stripling the necessary moisture. These shampoos are a must for 4c type or any curly type hair.

Step 4: Conditioner Is Must

Curly hair needs much more moisture than other hair types, so conditioning is a must. 


  • After washing, section your hair again and apply conditioner. 
  • Don’t use the conditioner on the roots or scalp. Detangle through your hair while using the conditioner and focus on the end of your hair. 
  • After applying the conditioner, twist it over your head with a clip or use a shower cap for 20-30 minutes. At this time, do your shower and shaving. After 30 minutes, wash your hair squeaky-clean with lukewarm water.

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When It’s Time to Wash 4c Hair?

Wash 4c Hair

As 4c hair shouldn’t wash often, there are some noticeable signs when it’s your time to wash your hair. Those signs are-

  1. When you feel your scalp is itching unnecessarily and you don’t have dandruff issues or any other scalp issues, then take the signal to wash your hair.
  2. If you tend to sweat a lot, you can just co-wash your hair, using a hair scrubber is fine too. 
  3. When there is product build-up in your scalp. If you feel your scalp oily, then understand it for clogged follicles. Time to wash your hair then!

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Parting Words

Time to sum up. Keeping hair clean and moisturized is the key rule for any type of healthy hair. You should develop a washing routine for your 4c hair according to your lifestyle. However, here is the answer to “How often to wash 4c hair?”

Wash your 4c hair once or twice a month and co-wash in-between times. That’s the key to today’s discussion. Thank you for reading until now!