How Often Can You Tone Your Hair Without Damaging

You can find the same suggestion for everyone about how often you can tone your hair, generalizing of course. But one size doesn’t fit all. 

You may have to wait 2/3/4/8 weeks to tone again, depending on the type of toner you used. The type of your hair color is also a great factor. 

So, before you decide how long you should wait before toning again, you should consider many things. It would be best to wait at least two weeks, and it doesn’t matter how light toner you used before. So, you can consider it as a minimum time limit.

How often can you tone your hair?

As I mentioned, what type of toner you use on your hair is the deciding factor of how often you should tone your hair. So here I’ll mention some popular products everyone is using to tone. And after using them, how long you have to. 

2 or 3 weeks: Not always you can use this method. This is risky. Because most of the chemicals available are not mild so, in two cases, you can tone again in just 15 days. 

  • If you used Mild natural herb toner 
  • If your hair color is semi or demi 

Let me make it clear that natural harb toner is rare. Even you cannot get it ready most of the time. The natural toner consists of good and healthy elements like vinegar, indigo powder, etc. They are not harmful to your hair. So, after using natural toner, you can tone again in only 15 days. 

You must know, semi and demi hair color lasts up to 15 washes. You can tone your yellow hair in just 20 days as your hair color is semi or demi. Toning works so well in demi hair color. 

4 to 8 weeks: Almost 1 or 2 months is a good gap between two toning rounds. This is an expert suggestion for everyone, but more appropriate for a folk. Notice the following criteria. Matching with them will enable you to have another toning after a month.    

  • When you have used a chemical toner. 
  • When your hair color is permanent. 

Chemical toners are not too good for hair. They claim that it is harmless. But it isn’t. The result of using after a certain time is okay and not harmful. But sometimes you try to use it too frequently and it can cause serious damage to your hair. So don’t apply the chemical toner before four weeks. Remember, yellow or orange hair will not harm you, but too much toner can harm your hair. 

Some hair colors are permanent but don’t get me wrong, and they won’t last forever. They may last more than 20 washes. Permanent hair color has comparatively less result of becoming yellow or orange. Moreover, they contain so many chemicals. So, try to use the toner after 4 to 8 weeks. 

Why is too frequent toning bad for you?

Like any other chemical, toners have adverse effects. There is a reminder for you, don’t apply toner at the time of having any allergic problem. Toner is usually not that bad. It works similarly as a conditioner. First, let me share why your hair becomes yellow or orange; after you use a hair color, the natural pH level of your hair increases. Eventually the pH level goes up above 7, then your hair starts becoming yellow. 

Here toner can help you out. Toner is mostly made of acid(there are other elements too). The acid brings back the pH level below 7. The natural pH of your hair is 4.5 to 5, and toner brings back to this pH again. So your hair looks better. 

The definite answer of “how often I can tone my hair” is – you should not overuse the acidic toner because it makes the pH lower than 4.5. 

You can check out the following article about it: Effect of pH on hair

Best way to maintain blonde hair

Taking care of the hair is the best thing you can do to eliminate all hair problems. Tie up your hair because it protects your hair from damaging or fading too fast. Sometimes you are worried about your yellow hair too much, you can use a hair extension. Check out our article on How To Put In Clip In Hair Extension. 

Remember, perfectly toned hair takes more time to be faded again than imperfect toned ones. So, you should follow the tactics of toning perfectly. To see how to tone hair perfectly, you can follow this tutorial: 

How to tone hair perfectly

FAQ: frequently asked questions: How Often Can You Tone Your Hair

Q: Why is hair toning necessary? 

Ans: Because it fixes the pH level of your hair, and as a result, you can get rid of yellow or orange hair. 

Q: How often should I tone my hair? 

Ans: As I mentioned in the article, you should wait for 2 to 3 weeks in natural toner, 4 to 8 weeks in case of chemical toner. 

Q: Is toner damaging to the hair? 

Ans: In a word, No, It Isn’t unless you use them too frequently. Moreover, you may have an allergic problem which leads to hair damage.

Final words

Hair toner is one of the best products to get back glossy, glamorous hair. With time, your blonde hair becomes yellow, the beauty of hair color goes away. I’ve met so many girls who toned hair too often to keep the gloss alive. Because no saloon told them how often can you tone your hair and what are the results of doing it too much. 

And as a result, they faced extreme hair damage. The reason behind using toner too much is, bleached hair becomes less beautiful too fast. Yes, yellow hair doesn’t look perfect and looks dry. But don’t go for too frequent toner applying. Because keeping your hair healthy is more important than fleeting beauty. 


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