How much Heat Does A Hair Dryer Produce  – Answered by The Expert

How much Heat Does a Hair Dryer Produce

Have you ever been concerned about how much heat does a hair dryer produce?

We are curious by born and it’s natural to think in that way. Plus, getting additional information about a hairdryer is not a crime. Instead, it will be wise that you can use the product in the best way possible. 

To get the answer to the question you should consider reading this whole article. Because we’ve answered everything related to your question in this content.

Well, the answer will vary from product to product. Moreover, it will depend on whether it’s a blow dryer or hairdryer. 

It’s just a sneak peek. Now we will enter into the main segment. So keep reading.

How Much Heat Does a Hair Dryer Produce?

Let’s get straight to the answer. A hairdryer can get heat up to 80 to 200+ degrees Fahrenheit

It’s not enough for literally anyone to get satisfied. So let’s break down everything. 

Hair Dryer

Hairdryer generally don’t heat up too much. A normal dryer can get heated up to 80°F. It is good for hair and generally doesn’t cause any major damage to your hair.

However, I would recommend trying to wait for a little after getting the shower. Better let the hair air dry and lower the wetness.

Blow Dryer

When it’s a blow dryer, the dryer will heat up from 80 to 140°F (in normal cases).

It is quite enough I guess. However, about the 140°F, it is enough to bake your hair, skin, and scalp.

Now getting afraid? Don’t because the function of the hairdryer is engineered in a balancing way. It works using a combination of fan speed and heat. 

As much as the heat increases, the fan speed also increases. So, it gets balanced and your hair gets dried earlier. 

For High Wattage Dryers 

What if I say the dryer can get 200°+ Fahrenheit? You might wonder right. No, you shouldn’t if you have some additional knowledge previously.

There are hairdryers of different watts such as 1875 watts, 1600 watts, 2000 watts, etc. 

The dryers come with different functions and heat-producing capabilities. Let’s figure them out.

1600 watt hairdryer: If you have a 1600 watt dryer from a renowned brand then there are possibilities that it can get up to 200°F.

However, for sure it will produce heat at least 150°F lowest.

1875 watt hairdryer: They are kind of a giant heat producer. An 1875 watt dryer is capable of producing 200°F. 

Something that might make you wonder is it can heat up to 248°F. 

It is kind of surprising and at a time you can sider it dangerous as well. Because such heat is harmful to your hair.

2000 watt hairdryer: This one is also quite capable of producing high heat such as 200°F. 

So you must have to be careful while using them. But it’s also true that it can dry your hair a lot faster than you are thinking. 

Comparing Between Hair Dryer and Heat Gun

Hair Dryer and Heat Gun

When you could think about the heat production of a hair dryer you might think about the heat gun one day. 

So, did you know about it?

I guess no! A hair dryer produces heat between 80-200°F, the heat gun produces heat of 100-700°F or more. So now you might be thinking how many watts does a heat gun use? The answer is 1000-3500 watt or more.

Quite a lot more than the dryer, right? Yes, they are used for different purposes. And the maximum heat production rate is 3-4x of a hair dryer.

However, one question still remain can I use a hairdryer instead of the heat gun?

The interesting thing is, you can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun (Sometimes). Only if the operation requires a minimum level of temperature. 


It’s time to discuss some common FAQs related to the main topic. So let’s get them with a proper answer.

Q: Is the 400-degree temperature too hot for a dryer? 

Ans: First of all, no hair dryer should reach 400°F. It is not even legal. But if there is any license it can get up to 400°F or more. 

In such conditions, it may be called as a heat gun. A heat gun normally get heated 400-500°F at normal speed. 

Q: Can 200°F harm your hair?

Ans: Yes, it is quite possible that 200°F can harm your hair. Even your scalp can get baked by that much temperature. 

Another thing you must have to be cautious of is the skin issue. It can burn your skin like a toast if you, unfortunately, mixed up with it in a bad way.

Q: At what temperature your hair can get burned?

Ans: It depends. The temperature rating might not be the same. But generally, 451°F or 233°C is the temperature at which your hair can get burned. Or I would sarcastically address, it can get baked when it’s a blow dryer.

Well, you might think then the 150-200°F temperature can harm your hair. Not really. Because there is a fan work behind this temperature. The heat production and fan speed synchronize and work as a safety feature. 

But if the fan speed can reach accordingly the heat production it can be the worst. So be cautious.


I think you have no more confusion about the topic – how much heat does a hairdryer produce. Whether it’s a Hot tool or a Elchim dryer, it will heat up to a certain range. 

But in the case of hair dryers with high wattage, they can produce extreme heat that can even reach 250°F.

We have also discussed some additional topics related to the hot gun. And some FAQs and precautions. 

I hope you are now clear about everything related to this topic. So, see you later in another article.