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Hello, beautiful people! Tanning is a popular process to make yourself look appealing and hottest. About the tanning process, there are different confusions and myths. One of the confusion is, “how long should you wait to shower after tanning?”

Today I will try to solve all the confusion you have on this topic. Shower after sun tanning has many misconceptions. So, to know all the details you have to read the whole article thoroughly.

Actually, it’s a must to have a shower after tanning, but for how long should I wait to shower after tanning, you have to understand some basic facts. Here I’ll discuss how long to wait to shower after tanning with some other related topics. So, hang on with me! 

Can You Shower After You Tan?

Can You Shower After You Tan

Yes, obviously you can. I have seen many people whine and ask how long should I wait to shower after I tan. Some also wonder if they should take a shower or not. Well, you won’t love the feeling of sticky, sweaty, and smelly after having a tan. So, the shower is a must. 

Why shower is a must after tanning, can be your question. Because, when you tan, for direct sunlight or tanning products, your beautiful skin gets dehydrated which is a very harmful thing. With showering, you can revive your skin like before and feel refreshed. 

Tanning has 2 different methods. According to those methods now I’ll discuss showering as its effects on your tanning session. 

Shower After UV Tanning

With UV tanning sessions, it’s the most natural way to have a tan. We all know that Melanin is the reason for getting tan on the skin. When you are under direct sunlight, the melanocytes of your skin get disturbed and begin to produce melanin which makes tan.

It’s a very natural way to change your skin pigment from the root of your cells. So, if you shower after UV tanning, it won’t wash away. Rather, it’s pretty important to shower after UV tanning as you need to get rid of the sunscreen chemicals and sweat. 

After UV tanning, your skin will change its pigment after 5-48 hours. Why does this need so much time? Because your skin needs time to recover from sunburn. 

Shower After Spray/Indoor Tanning

Well, it’s a bit different than the UV session. Those who don’t want permanent tan on their skin, only for a couple of days or for a photo shoot, use this indoor or spray tanning method. Most of the models use this method to look fabulous in their photoshoots. 

By using bronzer or tanning booster products, the melanin under your skin doesn’t get disturbed. The product gets absorbed in your skin and creates the sunkissed beautiful tan. Maximum, tanning booster products have a bronzer in them that contains DHA. The DHA sits on the skin and begins to oxidize by air. By oxidizing, the skin appears darker than before. 

So, if you just use the product and take shower immediately, then it won’t be absorbed in your skin properly, rather the product will wash out from your skin. Hence, better rest the product on your skin for a specific time before having a good shower.

How Long Should You Wait to Shower After Tanning Bed? 

Shower After Tanning Bed

As with tanning beds, it’s a natural way to get tan with UV rays. And the natural pigment can’t get washed with water when you shower. But, you better wait for 2-3 hours before getting drenched. And always remember, after UV tanning, the shower is a must to regain your healthy skin. 

Note: Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, then it may get a problem if you shower immediately after a tanning session. It may cause an allergic reaction if you immediately wash up. So, let your skin cool off then take shower. Therefore, how long to wait to shower after tanning the bed? Better 3 hours maximum. 

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How Long Should You Wait to Shower After Indoor Tanning?

As indoor tanning includes tanning booster products to get faux tan. If you wash up after getting the tanning products, it’ll get washed like sweat from your body. So, it is better to wait for 24 hours to get the product absorbed on your skin fully and properly. I recommend getting a shower before starting indoor tanning, then you won’t feel too uncomfortable. 

If you wash up after spray on indoor tanning after 2-3 hours like UV tanning, then you will look like a Royal Bengal Tiger! So, how long to wait to take a shower after tanning? Wait patiently for 24 hours to get the perfect beautiful sleek result. 

How to Take Shower After Tanning?

After how long do I wait to shower after tanning question, here are some tips for the first shower after tanning. These tips of showering are applicable for both types of tanning. Here go some tips-

Lukewarm Water

After tanning hot and cold water both are harmful. Hot water will stress your skin more and cold water may create redness or allergies. So, lukewarm water is ideal and will soothe your burned skin.

Not Bath, Only Shower

Confused? Bath means staying underwater much longer and shower means a quick wash up. If you sit in your tub for a long time and take a luxurious bath, it’ll take out the natural oil from your skin or the tanning products from your skin. 

No Rubbing Towel

If you rub your towel on your skin after showering, the tanning products can get removed. For UV rays, as the skin gets dehydrated if you rub the towel, then the skin will get dehydrated again. So, pat dries the skin and leaves some water on the skin.

Don’t Shave Immediately

It’s for spray or indoor tan. You can’t shave after getting an indoor tan for 24-48 hours. So, better get shaved before getting indoor tanned.

No Harsh Soap

Use just fragrant soap in your body to wash up. Better avoid the places where you get tanned. Harsh soap can remove the natural oil and tanning products from your skin. 

Moisture Is Must

After showering, using lotion or moisturizer on your skin is a must. It’ll leave your skin lively and healthy. So, don’t forget to get moisturized otherwise your skin will get dehydrated. 

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Brown Water While Showering?

When you use bronzer or tanning booster products for indoor tanning, then you have to shower after 24 hours. So, when you’ll shower you may notice brown water is sliding from your body. Don’t get nervous or gross-out. 

It’s just some residual portion of the bronzer of your skin. It’s not like your skin will get darker or the product is washing away. This residual won’t affect or damage your skin. So, don’t worry if you see brown water.

The Verdict

Always remember, your skin tone is already beautiful. So, for trending or fashion, you don’t need to change yourself permanently. I hope you are clear about “how long should you wait to shower after tanning”. At the bottom line, let’s have some quick answers. How long should I wait to shower after tanning bed – (2-3 hours). How long do you wait to shower after tanning (Indoor) – (24 hours).

Use sunscreen every time you go outside after you get your tanning. Don’t forget to get hydrated inside and outside. Talk to your dermatologist if you notice any problems after tanning. That’s all for today. Have a look at our other 2 articles –

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