How Hot Does a 1875 Watt Hair Dryer Get – Learn Before You Use


We all use a hairdryer to blow dry our hair or even styling our luscious locks in different ways. Hairdryer makes our hair bouncy, silky, and sleek at an instant, but the drawback is the heat. Any kind of heating that can be harmful to your hair that can be once a month, year, or daily. 

Hair Dryer heat may make your hair rough, dry, and frizzy which you won’t like. So, knowing and keeping the hair dryer temperature range in limit is a must. To avoid the heat damage, today I came up with the topic “how hot does a 1875 watt hair dryer get?” Let’s get to know how much heat we all should expose our locks.

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Why Should You Choose an 1875 Watt Hair Dryer?

Some of you may think why watt should be our concern and buy a random wattage dryer. But, let me correct and clear you the hairdryer watt concept. Higher watt has the highest heat which is harmful to your hair.

If you have normal hair, then try a 1300-1900 watt dryer, if you have thin hair then choose from 1200-1500 watt and for thick, curly hair, 1600-2000 watt is suitable. Most hairstylists prefer to use 1800-1875 watts for customers’ favor. 

How Hot Does A Dryer Get On High Heat? 

A hair dryer is designed to get heated from 125°F to 135°F. 125°F is the most gentle, lowest, and normal heat which most people use. 130°F is considered medium heated and 135°F is high and extreme heat which shouldn’t be used in hair directly. 

Ideal Temperature for 1875 Watt Hair Dryer 

The Thumb rule for any wattage hairdryer is to set the dryer heat at the lowest temperature to check if it dries your hair evenly. I always keep my dryer temperature in between 80°F – 100°F and experts suggest keeping the heat into 80°F – 140°F.

If you anyhow exceed the 140°F, then you will bake your hair completely, might set your hair on fire as well and your scalp will be baked then. Keratin in your hair will melt and your hair will look frizzy and lifeless. 

Most of the experts suggest keeping the temperature in medium-high settings and take time to dry the hair. The faster your dryer fan speed, the faster your hair will dry and your hair will be damaged.

So, keep the dryer a minimum distance from your hair, then dry in medium-high settings at first to get the extra water to vanish, when the hair will be dried midway, then leave it to dry in normal air. It’s the best way and doesn’t damage hair prominently. 

Does Hair Dryer Damage Hair?

Unfortunately yes, a hairdryer damages hair with the heat. Not only hairdryer, but any tools that produce heat on hair is also harmful to our locks. It doesn’t matter how hot does a dryer gets, any temperature heat from the hair dryer makes hair lifeless, dry, frizzy, and weakens the hair structure. As a result, you may see split ends and abnormal hair fall. 

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How to Reduce Damage From A Hair Dryer?

If you can’t avoid the heat from a hairdryer, then you should check some points that can reduce the nasty damage from the heat of the dryer-

  1. Don’t Dry Dripping Hair

If you just got out of the shower and your hair is dripping, then don’t use the dryer on that hair. Because wetter hair is more fragile than normal damp hair, so it will be like frying your hair. So, wrap your hair into a towel and let the extra moisture absorb. 

  1. Use Heat Protector

Heat-protector spray or serum is magic for using heating tools. They reduce the vulnerable damages into hair and slow down the damages. They just create a layer for not hitting the heat directly on hair.

  1. Dry Your Hair in Section

Don’t try to use the heat all over your hair, it’ll just mess up the whole process. Rather, divide the hair into small sections and dry each section from a fair distance of the scalp.

  1. Clean The Dryer

To protect your hair dryer from overheating, clean and clear out the clogged pores from the dryer from time to time. Use any brush or sponge to rub in a circular motion to pull out hair from the dryer.

What is a Hair Dryer Cool Setting?

End of “how hot is a hair dryer” topic and now time for the mysterious cool setting button at the end of a hairdryer. Many of you ignore the setting, but hey! It’s there for a very significant reason.

After you dry your hair with the heat, the cool setting option can help you to cool down the hair as well as keep the hair stylish and in place for a longer time. It prevents hair from over-drying. So, after you notice your hair is 85% dry, shoot the cool setting and dry the rest of your hair. 

Wrapping Up

I am going to wrap up today’s discussion of “how hot does a 1875 watt hair dryer get” now! I hope now you got to know many pros and cons, nuts and bolts of drying your hair with a hairdryer. So, dry your hair with a dryer carefully and slay with your looks! If you have any related questions, please let me know.

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