Elchim Hair Dryer Reviews – 5 Best of Elchim Dryer

Elchim Hair Dryer Reviews

Are you looking for the best Elchim hair dryers within your budget? Need a salon-like treatment within the very comfort of your home? Yes, you are at the right place. Our Best 5 Elchim hair dryer reviews will lead you to the right path. 

Only reviews are not enough! Hence, we have also attached a proper buying guide to help you buy the best Elchim hair dryer for yourself. It is here and it is happening now! Let’s hop in! 

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Top 5 Best Elchim Hair Dryer Reviews

Now it’s time to discuss the main review in detail. To make your decision quicker and easier we have chosen only 5 products. Now give a read to the reviews

1. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer 

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It’s all about beauty and fashion. Elchim has been in the industry for over 75 years taking premium care of your hair secretly. Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is no exception at all. 

With the privileges of ceramic plates, your hair will be left harmless even with frequent use. You will be left with the refreshing feeling of a salon makeover every time you tune your hair with 3900. And guess what? It’s never the end. 

Key Features 

  • Premium Italian Style: Elchim 3900 is a turbo hair dryer. It is built with the most dynamic Italian electric AC motor to serve you the best. 
  • Smooth Air Flow: You will get a 30% reduced drying time with the Elchim 3900. It is both lightweight, quiet, and fast. 
  • Salon Type Service: This turbo hair dryer removes static electricity and leaves a smooth finish with your hair. The results are pretty much the same with salon-like treatments. 
  • No Damage Heat: Carved with infrared technology, this hairdryer is made to protect your hair from overheating. Your hair won’t get too hot and shine like always a new hair treatment. 
  • Besides the cold air button, this hairdryer will lock the sleek design you just made for your hair. 
  • Package Includes: You will get two concentrators ( designed and precisive) to conquer the perfect look. There are 3 temp settings, 2 air speed settings, and a 9 ft cord included with the dryer.  
  • Powerful and durable.
  • Leaves a salon-like finish.
  • Fast air blows with 30% reduced drying time.
  • Ceramic plates for zero hair damage.
  • Eliminated static charges.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • It is a 1,875 Watt turbo dryer. If plugged into outlets that don’t fit in with the power, you may end up with a blown circuit. 

2. Elchim 8th Sense Hair Dryer

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Our next pick on the 5 best Elchim hair dryer reviews is the Elchim 8th Sense hair dryer. It works effectively against stubborn hair. What’s more? It is faster but quieter; doing a great job silently.

What most people love about the 8th sense is its lightweight body making it ideal for travel and transport. And not just 1 or 3, this powerful hair dryer comes with 36 heat and speed setups in total. Why won’t you love it? 

Key Feature

  • More Settings for Better Result: There are 36 different heat and speed settings you have in the Elchim 8th Sense. No matter how many styles you apply to your hair, it’s never enough. 
  • Fit for Delicate Hair: Elchim 8th Sense is fit for extremely delicate hair. You can even apply them to any baby’s hair with minimum heat settings. 
  • High Solution for Thick Hair: Even for the thickest hair, Elchim 8th Sense reduces drying time and covers your hair from overheating. 
  • Perfect Heat Control System: There is an electronic accelerator that regulates the heat level. The overall heat control mechanism is very easy and comes with several options. 
  • No Risk Involved: With Elchim 8th Sense, there is also a removable filter.  It prevents your hair from being sucked in besides working as a built-in silencer. 
  • Suitable for delicate hair.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Lightweight ( weighs only 1 pound)
  • Reduces drying time even for the thickest hair.
  • Protects hair from being sucked in.
  • Package includes two concentrators and one diffuser. 
  • Follow the 2000 Watt Power outlet or it may cause additional damage to your households.
  • Slightly Expensive

3. Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer 

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Didn’t we say at the very beginning of our article, it’s all about Elchim today? With 60 years of hair dry-making experience, the output ends here with the updated Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer. 

This powerful engine-driven classic 2001 blow dryer is made for heavy use. Professional beauty parlors and salons find this dryer from the Elchim extremely effective against heavy servicing. 

Key Feature 

  • Pro Service: Classic 2001 Blow Dryer is a budget-friendly blow dryer from the Elchim. But the price really doesn’t affect the quality and performance. 
  • The reduced front part encourages its sleek performance while improving air circulation. 
  • 7 Switch Combination: There are 7 different switch combinations for better control of speed and temperature. 
  • Safety Plug: There’s a safety plug attached to this blow dryer ensuring extra safety for the user. 
  • Powerful Engine: This dryer has a strong AC motor, allowing you to have a heavy-duty service in the parlor or for personal use. 
  • Less Energy Consumption: There is an active heating element attached to this blow dryer. It results in very low energy consumption and takes a little time to dry your hair. 

4. Dress Code Elchim Hair Dryer Reviews 

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Need a budget-friendly quality hair dryer? The Dress code hair dryer by the Elchim is just the right one for you. It is an affordable heavy-duty hair dryer suited for all professional jobs. 

What are you thinking? Should you buy it or not? Once you go through the key features you will know what you got in your bag. 

Key Features 

  • Ergonomic Design: It is designed in such a way that the weight doesn’t affect your arm muscles or wrist. For half an hour or an hour, you won’t even get tired. 
  • Shiny and Smooth Output: This dryer delivers infrared heat which dries your hair smoothly and naturally. Even the cuddliest hair will get the best treatments. 
  • Powerful AC motor: The powerful AC motor makes sure you get the fastest drying time while spending less power each time you turn it on.
  • Elegant Beauty Look: The brushing nozzle adds additional benefits to deliver you a beautiful appearance. 
  • Extremely lightweight 11.8 ounces only.
  • Delivers elegant looks and fashionable appearance.
  • Fast dry time.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • Works fine unless used extremely rough. 

5. VIP Ionic Elchim Hair Dryer Reviews

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With service of over 60+ years, Elchim has been on the top priority list of many intermediates and beginners. Their VIP Ionic hairdryer is no exception as well.

People who are looking for a budget-friendly catch to get ready before the party must get their hands on this dryer. It is suitable for instantly getting the drying job done. 

Key Features 

  • Two Speed Settings: There are two different speed settings here. You can switch between them instantly based on your needs. 
  • Negative ion Generation: Elchim VIP Ionic hair dryer produces twice the negative ion of any conventional hairdryer. It delivers smooth hair drying with minimum hair damage. 
  • Double Insulated Concentrator: This hair dryer features a double insulated concentrator which is included with the package. 
  • Affordable but not cheap: Guess the price? It costs only $69.95. However, this low price never compromises the budget at all. You will get high efficiency with better outcomes. 
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 36.56 ounces. Easy to carry anywhere and hold for a long time without feeling a stretch. 
  • Affordable for anyone.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Easy to travel with.
  • Efficient service with more options for styling.
  • Delivers higher negative ions for smoother hair. 
  • 1500-1800 watt hair dryer not suitable for a heavy professional job.

Buying Guide

Best Elchim Hair Dryer

What are the things that you must notice first before buying an Elchim hair dryer? Actually it’s not only about Elchim. Whether it’s a Hot Tools hair dryer or Elchim Dryer you have to consider a few facts.

So, is it durability, more functionalities, or anything else? Let us help you out with that. 


As you can see, elchim hair dryers are available ranging from $100 to above $250. 

It doesn’t always mean more price means more advantages. But the fact cannot be ignored as well. 

Depending on which type of hair dryer you need (professional or for intermediate level) you should fix the pricing. 

Italian Motor: Almost all the Elchim hair dryers are built with a powerful Italian motor. They provide additional power to keep the dryer at full efficiency and peak performance. Make sure, your Elchim hair dryer also has an Italian motor as well. 

Ceramic Plates: In case you are looking for tourmaline or titanium plates, elchim hair dryers are not for you. Because elchim hair dryers come in only ceramic plates. 

They give the best ceramic hair dryers with minimum hair dryers. So if you have made up your mind to buy a ceramic hair dryer, only then come to buy Elchim hair dryers only. 

Power Wattage

Elchim hair dryers are best at 2000+ wattage. If you have thicker hair you should aim for 2000+ wattage hair dryers. These elchim hair dryers are perfect for heavy professional salon jobs and curly hair. 

When it comes to 1800+ watt elchim hair dryers, they are perfect for regular hair drying. Thin hairs are best suited for 1800+ Elchim hair dryers. But before getting into a final decision you should know how hot will a 1875 hair dryer get.


It’s important especially if you are a travel lover. Elchim hair dryers are fit for your backpack. But whether it will fit in your tiny purse or not, is a doubt. 

Most Elchim hair dryers are lightweight. They weigh around 36-200 ounces; lightweight enough to run the show for you. However, in length and width, they may never seem quite portable enough for travel. You may have to change to a large carry bag to take Elchim hair dryers with you during a trip. 


Many Elchim hair dryers have a safety option for keeping your hair safe from rolling into the dryer. 

This feature is very essential to avoid sudden accidents like hair burning or getting stuck into the machine. Hence, when you are buying an Elchim hair dryer make sure this feature exists to have a safe experience with your dryer. 

You may have to spend some extra budget to have this feature. However, it’s always wise to remain on the safe side rather than saving some extra penny. 

Cable/ Cords

Elchim hairdryers are corded. If you are looking for a super portable cordless hairdryer, I doubt if elchim is the right one for you. 

Elchim hairdryers are corded and run by the continuous AC power supply. We are writing this down here just to let you know before you make your final purchase. 

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Q: How many watts is Elchim 3900 Healthy ionic dryer? 

Ans: Elchim 3900 healthy ionic dryer is a powerful dryer. It has a power rating of 2400 wattage. It is powerful enough to blow under the wrong circumstances. 

Fortunately,  Elchim hair dryers are made of ceramic. Hence, nobody needs to raise the heat up to that level which will consume 2400 watts. That’s why it always remains on the safe level. 

IQ: s Elchim a good flat iron? 

Ans: Unlike Elchim hair dryers, Elchim flat irons are made of both titanium and ceramic. They are extremely powerful and make your hair look good with minimum hair damage. 

Elchim flat irons have a smooth effect on curly hair as well. 

Q: What is a good wattage for a hairdryer? 

Ans: Hair Dryers are available from 1800+ to 2000+ wattage. Dryers with a 2000+ rating are usually perfect for heavy-duty services like salons or parlors. Even curly and thick hairs often require a higher power rating than smooth hair. 

However, if you have silky and thin hair, it is best to go for 1800+ watt-rated hair dryers. A lower power rating always keeps the heat damage to a minimum level indifferent of which materials are used. 

Q: What is the least damaging hairdryer? 

Ans: There are many hairdryers available made of different materials. However, ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers are considered to be the safest for human hair. 

Unlike metals, ceramic and tourmaline distribute heat evenly to every part of your hair. This leaves with minimum scopes for leaving any hotspot to your hair. 

Fortunately, Elchim hairdryers are ceramic-made. Hence, keeping the hair damage to a minimum. 

q: How much does the Elchim 3900 weigh?

Ans: Elchim 3900 hair dryers (3900 light) weigh 15.50 oz (0.43kg). Follow our article on Elchim hair dryer reviews to know more about Elchim 3900. 

Q: Do hair dryers cause hair loss? 

Ans: The truth is as long as you don’t burn your scalp or heat the skin too much, there won’t be any hair loss. 

If you regularly dry your hair without any moisturizer, this may leave your hair dry and easy to break. However, it won’t prevent the natural growth of your hair. And, you can always have regular hair treatment for your hair in order to prevent this brittle feeling. 

Final Words 

Having your final pick on Elchim hair dryers can often be confusing. As they have plenty of options and varieties to choose from, you may feel lost within your choices. 

The wise thing for you is to focus on your budget and requirements (hair type, service period), etc. And figure out which one suits the best for your criteria. This is why we have provided the 5 best Elchim hair dryer reviews from highest to minimum budget to help you choose from.