Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Limited Edition Gift Set – Fuchsia/Nickel

dyson supersonic hair dryer limited edition gift set - fuchsia/nickel

First of all Dyson, is the name of a renowned and aesthetic brand that has been producing hair tools for a while. Recently a hair dryer from Dyson became super hyped, claiming that it’s one of the fastest drying machines. So, today we’ll talk about Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Limited Edition Gift Set – fuchsia/nickel and why it’s so much hyped. 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Limited Edition is also famous for its extremely expensive cost. Plus, it claims to dry hair faster by 70%, increase smoothness by 75%, make hair shinier up to 100% and make hair frizz-free by 60%. This dryer claims to do all of these while not doing any hair damage. Therefore, we should know details about this wonderful hair dryer and see if the claims are justified. 

As you’ll know, I’ve always provided my lovely readers with honest reviews after testing the product completely. So, to know all the details and create your judgment, please continue reading the details! 

Why is the Dyson Hair Dryer Limited Edition the Best? 

Any kind of hair type- thick, thin, curly, coarse or fine is suitable for the Dyson hair dryer. This dynamic hair dryer provides you with the volume and texture you desire. Unlike other ordinary dryers, it’s very easy to handle the dryer and store it. Plus, it comes with some handy attachments.

The dryer does an extremely great job in quick yet gentle drying without damaging hair. In addition, the heat control of this Dyson Hair dryer is wonderful because it ensures the heat is enough to style your hair yet not much to damage your locks. A notable mention is that the Dyson hair dryer has a smaller, lighter and digital motor located at the handle of the dryer. 

Dyson Special Edition Supersonic Hair Dryer Attachments 70

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This dryer has some styling tools attached. These tools are handy and very easy to use for different hairstyles. The attachments are-

1. Styling Concentrator

If you have stick-straight hair like mine, then this option will be your favorite. The wide and thin design of the concentrator creates a high-velocity blade of air which is perfect for styling. 

2. Smoothing Nozzle

Through the nozzle, smooth and controlled airflow helps to create smooth and natural finishing of your hair.

3. Diffuser

The diffuser helps to spread the air around the hair and supports the natural drying process. It also helps to reduce frizz and defines volumes and waves in the hair. I think you will get this feature with a quality Super Solano Hair Dryer.

Features Of Dyson Hair Dryer Copper Edition 

You might not find Dyson as popular as Hot Tools Dryers but still, they are famous because of their highly featured hair dryer. Let’s learn about the features now.

  • Motor: Dyson Hair Dryer Limited Edition is equipped with Dyson Digital Motor V9 combined with Air Multiplier technology. The motor is small and lightweight yet produces high-velocity blades of air that dries hair super fast with precise style.
  • Lightweight: Unlike the other dryers, in Dyson, the motor is located at the handle of the dryer, not on the head. That’s why it’s extremely easy to handle and balance while drying hair for a long time. 
  • Heat Damage: Dyson styles hair and makes it shinier without damaging a single strand of hair. Believe it or not, it has intelligent heat control which controls the air temperature over 40 times in a second to prevent any heat damage. 
  • Heat Setting and Speed: There are 3 precise speed settings with 4 heat settings. It delivers fast and precise drying sessions with peace! 
  • Negative Ions: The production of negative ions through this dryer helps to reduce the static in hair. 

How to Use a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer In Fuchsia? 

You can use a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer just like other ordinary dryers you use. With or without attachments it’s all the same. Still here are the tips for using Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer-

  1. Keep the dryer at least one inch away from your scalp.
  2. If you’ve thick and coarse hair, then go for the highest heat level and a thin and fine hair cooler setting will be alright. 
  3. If you use a concentrator, then you should focus the nozzle into one section to dry it out completely. Then, hop into another section. 
  4. To minimize the embarrassing flyaways, keep the nozzles just one inch away from your scalp. That way the air will flow in the same direction as your hair.
  5. If you use the dryer with a wide-tooth comb, it’ll be best for thick and coarse hair. 

Pros & Cons of Dyson Special Edition Hair Dryer 

Here comes both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see the final result-

  • Dyson hair dryer limited edition makes hair stunningly shiny, smooth and frizzles.
  • The dryer is inaudible for the latest motor technology.
  • Extremely lightweight yet energetic motor.
  • This dryer comes with all the necessary attachments suitable for all types of hair.
  • The cord is non-tangled, so it’s easy to store.
  • It has an intelligent heat sensor to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • The price tag screams for money!
  • Some people may find the motor velocity too high.

Dyson Airwrap Complete VS Dyson Supersonic 

You already know the legendary Dyson Limited edition hair dryer, here’s another big deal. When people heard that they can style hair while drying, they went nuts. That’s what Dyson Airwrap Complete does. It comes with three kits. One for thin and fine hair, another one for coarse and the last is for both types of hair. 

It has a blow dryer and brush attachment with which you can dry your hair as well as curl your hair at the same time. With the Conada effect, the brush and dryer dry hair quickly in a smoother manner without any damage. Just like the Dyson Supersonic, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to handle or store.  

If you compare these two products, both are in different categories. Dyson Supersonic is designed and focused on drying hair and normal styling. Whereas, Dyson Airwrap Complete does both drying and styling, curling hair at the same time without frizz or damaging hair.

Is Dyson Supersonic Cooper Hair Dryer Gift Edition Worth Buying? 

Absolutely, yes! You can’t be unsatisfied with this extraordinary dryer and nothing can go wrong with it. Undoubtedly it dries your hair faster and without any damage, it makes your hair shinier, smoother and less frizzy. 

If you’ve thicker hair Dyson will accompany you, for thinner hair again Dyson will be with you. Suitable and ideal for all hair types, keeping the natural texture, increasing volume, helping you to get the desired look and reducing the nasty frizz and flyaways this dryer is amazing. Plus, it comes with handy accessories, and a handy design with cool settings, this dryer makes hair styling pretty easier and quick. 

Final Words 

In simple words, if you’re struggling with styling your hair then you should for sure try using this masterpiece. I know, it’s expensive, but trust me, it is worth your penny. It dries your hair faster than ever without sacrificing the luscious volumes.

There’s no problem with overheating and the handy accessories help you to style in different ways. So, overall if you want to buy it for yourself or gift it to anybody, the Dyson supersonic hair dryer limited edition gift set is 100% recommended! 

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