Does Sunscreen Prevent Tan? – Get the Most Logical Answer

Who doesn’t love their skin? Tanning on your skin can create some problems, so using sunscreen is mandatory to get tan-free beautiful skin. Do you know why Korean and Chinese people have the most beautiful skin in the world? Their key secret is, they use sunscreen outside and even when they are at home. 

Sunscreen is a kind of lotion that prevents the harmful rays of the sun from getting into your beautiful skin. The UVA & UVB rays can damage your immune system as well as harm your DNA. Sometimes, it may develop skin cancer. 

Today, I am going to talk about a very common question, “does sunscreen help tan?” For the answer to this question, I need to discuss some points elaborately. So, let’s get started.

How Does Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreen comes in lotion, cream, oil, or gel form. It has some active ingredients that can block the UVA and UVB rays. These active ingredients do the work of protection from the sun. There are two types of sunscreens.

One is- UV reflectors or Physical-based sunscreen. This one reflects the rays and kicks the UV rays from your skin. This type of sunscreen is made of titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These are known as blocking agents from those damageable UV rays.

Another one is- UV absorbers or Chemical-based sunscreen. These type of sunscreens absorb the UV rays into the sunscreen layer and transform it into low heat. That’s why sometimes, people feel warm on their skin after using sunscreen. Carbon atoms like oxybenzone and octisalate are the main ingredients of these types of sunscreens.

But dermatologists recommend wearing Broad-spectrum sunscreen. Chemical and physical-based sunscreens can have lack of absorbing or reflecting both UV rays. Hence, Broad-spectrum sunscreen can prevent the damage of both UVA & UVB rays, so I will also suggest using this type of sunscreen that helps you tan.

Importance of Sunscreen

When I was younger, my mother used to nag me so much for using sunscreen and I used to get so annoyed. Are you in the same position? Our parents aren’t wrong, rather they saved us from premature aging or getting wrinkles and so on!

If you expose your skin to the sun without any sunscreen, UV rays get into your skin cell and begin to do damages. Damages like tanning, skin discolorations, aging quickly, and sunburn. A single sunscreen can be helpful in these problems.

UVA ray is the culprit of premature aging and UVB ray cause sunburn. Let’s talk about tanning. Now you can ask, does sunscreen help you tan. Well, tanning is a sign that your skin is trying to create a shield against harmful UV rays. So, if you want beautiful and youthful skin, it’s mandatory to use sunscreen on your face, chest, neck, and hand when you are going outside.

Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning?

Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning

Can you get tan with sunscreen on? You have to understand that sunscreen is a kind of filter that prevents UV rays from going through your skin. So, it can’t completely stop tanning on your skin. Not 100% sun rays can be blocked by sunscreen. 

Let me elaborate. Sunscreen is just a product that can reduce the amount of your tanning and prevents any kind of skin damages from UV rays. My sunscreen lotion is SPF 15 and it says that it blocks 90% of sun rays from going through your skin. Amazing, right?

So, does sunscreen help tan? Yes, but there is still a little chance to get tanned even after wearing sunscreen. But, No! Don’t skip sunscreens seeing this answer. Because the sunburn and sun damage form in the skin without sunscreen that may lead to skin cancer. So, will you take the risk to skip sunscreen? I guess, No! 

How to Apply Sunscreen?

How to Apply Sunscreen

Besides learning “Does sunscreen stop you from tanning?” You need to learn the proper way to apply sunscreen. Applying sunscreen has some methods that should be maintained. Otherwise, the product won’t absorb into your skin or work properly. Here are 5 steps that show how to apply sunscreen-

Step 1: Apply a thick layer

Squeeze a thick layer of sunscreen on your hand palm or wrist. To cover your face and chest, you have to take at least 1 ounce. Let’s just say, the amount should be the size of your thumb. 

Step 2: Don’t apply Directly on Skin

Now, blend the layer of sunscreen on your wrist or palm well, then use your fingertips to dot over your face, neck, and chest. Then, blend it properly until the product absorbs. 

Step 3: Lock Sunscreen with Moisturizer

After your sunscreen blends with your skin and no product is seen on your face. Then use the moisturizer. Moisturizer is also an important part to keep your skin hydrated for a long time and make you look lively.

Step 4: Retouch after 1.5 hours

A sunscreen may get unstable after a certain period. So, if you are at work or classroom, retouch your sunscreen at break time. 

Step 5: First Sunscreen then Makeup

It’s a very common question that can I wear makeup with sunscreen? Yes, you can! Use sunscreen with moisture and then wear makeup as always. It will be more effective if your makeup items have SPF protection. 

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The Ideal SPF

First, let’s learn what does SPF mean? SPF number means the time that can burn your skin if you don’t wear sunscreen. Like, SPF 15 means, your skin is protected 15x and it will take 15 times longer to get burned or tanned.

So, the higher the number, the higher the impact on your skin. Maximum people use SPF 30 because it gives the most coverage to all. SPF 50 & 100 is for those who work outside under the direct sun, in concert, hiking, or playing games.

Final Thought

The article is all about the topic “Does sunscreen help tan?” Now you have a better understanding of how sunscreen prevents skin inflammations that are the main cause of tanning.

Sunscreen is not only helpful for tanning but also prevents harmful UV rays that are the main cause of skin aging, burning or cancer. 

It’s time to say goodbye but before that I am going to explain some little tips for you. Use sunscreen every 2 hours during the daytime. Apply sunscreen every time after swimming and sweating. Avoid using tanning beds because there are some reports made about them. However, for more explanation, you can explore the YouTube video given below

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