Don’t Miss This List of Cheap Hollywood Vanity Mirrors [10 Best of 2022]

Cheap Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” All of us have heard this famous line about mirrors. To make you an absolutely flawless beauty there is no unmatched option like cheap Hollywood vanity mirrors. Hollywood vanity mirror is one of the luxurious and classy mirrors that shows each pore of your skin.

Hollywood vanity mirrors are gigantic crystal clear mirrors with the best quality lighting system. It helps you to get the flawless beauty tasks or doing makeup. Not only it’s effective but also this mirror looks super elegant in any room. So, there comes a simple question, “what are the best Hollywood vanity mirror and some cheap Hollywood vanity mirrors?”

As there will be a couple of options for you, we’ll borrow some of your time to let you choose from the products and get to know more about the cheapest Hollywood mirror. So, let’s buckle up!

Our Top Pick

Well, aside from the cheap Hollywood vanity mirror, we have reviewed some of the best-selling mirrors of different types. If you’ve time then take a short tour through the articles.

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  2. Best Makeup Mirror for Bad Eyesight

The Rundown

Best for Overall: FENCHILIN Vanity Mirrors with Lights

As it comes with all the most-wanted features with a gorgeous classy outlook plus the price tag isn’t too terrifying. Therefore, it’s a quite large Hollywood vanity mirror.

Best for Lightening Feature: LUXFURNI Vanity Mirror

With 4 color temperature options, the 18 LED dimmable lights have the strongest life to go for 80,000 hours without repairing!

Best for Long-lasting Battery Service: iCREAT Hollywood Vanity Mirror

You can use the HD Led light bulbs for 50,000 hours without replacing them. The glossy metal frame with the crystal clear mirror can be your regular buddy of yours!

Best for 10x Detachable Mirror: COOLJEEN Light Hollywood Beauty Vanity Mirror

It’s a bonus that this splendid product comes with the 10x focused compact and smaller-sized mirror. It’s also quite affordable in price.

Best for Quality: Waneway Vanity Mirror with Lights

Among all the cheap Hollywood mirrors, this one takes place on the top list for all the extraordinary features with long service and customer satisfaction.

Best for Compact Place:  Kottova Vanity Mirror with Lights

For those who live in a smaller place or like minimalistic decorations, for them, this vanity mirror is a blessing. For its smaller size with all essential features, it wins in the battle.

Best for Technology: WAYKING Vanity Mirror with Lights

It has a USB charging port for convenient phone charging. With the touchscreen system, you can easily adjust the light brightness.

Best for Budget: Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror

On the average budget, this handsome mirror can be your regular buddy. It’s one of the cheap Hollywood vanity mirrors, so it is worth buying.

Best for Overall: iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Overall this vanity mirror is splendid with all the excellent features. Like, the customized light tone settings, no assembly is needed, 360° angle with a USB port at the backside.

Best for Tabletop Vanity Mirror: BSLE Hollywood Vanity Mirror

It’s smaller in size, sturdy and stable in one place, with no worry of it falling and shattering into pieces. Plus, it has all the other incredible features.

Top 10 Cheap Hollywood Vanity Mirror Reviews in 2022

Now it’s time to explain the products in detail. So, let’s move into the review part.

1. FENCHILIN Vanity Mirrors with Lights

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Winning in the fierce competition, this gorgeous takes first place on our list. Not only the outlook, the exquisite features of this vanity mirror are mind-blowing. This is a free-standing mirror and the base can be screwed or detached at any time you want.

You can also mount it to the wall with the double-hanging holes at the back. It has unique light settings of 15 LED dimmable lights with 3 settings like- Daylight, Cool White, Warm yellow. With the size of 22.8″x 18.1″, you can also get the reflection of your upper body.

However, the frame material of this vanity is made of Tinplate which is durable, sturdy but not heavyweight. So, you can easily set it up on the table by free-standing. Another fantastic feature is the smart touch control on the mirror. There is an on/off switch on the mirror plus the color temperature buttons are all in the mirror.

The mirror comes with a 12V 2A adapter for the safety of the users. Last but not the least, it has a USB charge port, so you can quickly finish charging it while doing all the makeup.

  • It stands freely on the base.
  • The USB port helps to charge the phone in an emergency.
  • The size is ideal for the whole face & upper body lookout.
  • It has dimmable light settings with 3 temperature options.
  • It has a UL certified adapter for the safety of users.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker.
  • One-side lighted mirror.

2. LUXFURNI Vanity Mirror

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Our next member is another cheap Hollywood vanity mirror with lights from the LUXFURNI. This mirror has a 20.6″ x 25.4″ measurement which makes it ideal for doing makeup and having the upper body outlook.

The frame is Engineered wood constructed and the mirror is white. It’s not too lightweight, but can be set up on the dressing table. You can also mount it to the wall to save space. This rectangular-shaped mirror has 18 HD LED dimmable lights.

You can set the light temperature into 4 different options. Warm light is 3800k to daylight 6500k. You can stimulate the light temperature for different occasions. It has a brilliant smart touch control system with a max of 2090 Lumens.

To save energy the lights turn off automatically after 15 minutes. It has probably the best light battery life which will go irreplaceable for 80,000 hours. As a bonus, the mirror comes with a smaller 3x compact makeup mirror.

  • It comes with USB sockets or a power bank.
  • Infused with smart touch to control the light & temperature.
  • Has the strongest battery life.
  • 15-minutes auto-off feature to save energy.
  • Can be heavy for some people.
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth.

3. iCREAT Hollywood Vanity Mirror

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Here comes another rectangular-shaped vanity mirror with some amazing features. This vanity mirror can be mounted on both the tabletop and wall. Like the previous one, it also has an enlarged body of 24″ x 31.4″.

This cheap Hollywood vanity mirror has touchscreen control by which you can change the color temperature, enhance or dim the brightness and switch on/off the lights. The frame is metal which is super sturdy yet lightweight.

It has 18 LED dimmable white bulbs with 3 light temperature options. Warm light, Daylight & Warm White. With the memory function, the mirror can restore the mode before turning it off.

The mirror has a USB port for convenient and emergency charging. The soft light bulbs can last long for 50,000 hours without replacing them.

  • Even after longtime use, it doesn’t heat up.
  • Just plug-in and it’s set, no extra assembly is needed.
  • Super long-lasting battery service.
  • Convenient and safe charging port.
  • Super sturdy construction with lightweight.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth system.
  • Who wants a smaller mirror, may not choose it.

4. COOLJEEN Light Hollywood Beauty Vanity Mirror

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Do you want your vanity mirror not only lightening up your face but also advanced in technology? Then, this vanity from COOLJEEN can be your solution. This mirror possesses all types of “must-have” features.

This rectangular-shaped mirror’s frame is constructed with a Tinplate which is durable plus lightweight. You can screw it on the dressing table or mount it on the wall to save space. The body of the mirror is 23.62″ x 31.49″, large enough to have a look at the upper body.

18 HD LED dimmable white lights to adorn this mirror with 3 temperature options- Warm light, Neutral light & Cool light. It has touchscreen technology, so you can adjust the brightness as necessary just by tapping on it.

This cheap Hollywood vanity mirror has 2 Bluetooth speakers. You can answer your phone calls or listen to music while getting dolled up now. It has a USB charging port of 12V/1A which is safe for the users.

  • Memory function remembers the brightness before turning off.
  • Comes with a detachable 10x mirror for a focused look.
  • Infused with Bluetooth facility.
  • Convenient USB charger port.
  • 50,000 hours battery life without replacing.
  • Those who want smaller mirrors, may not like it.

5. Waneway Vanity Mirror with Lights

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Filled with all essential features, get introduced to this gorgeous elegant beauty. This mirror has a viewing surface of 23.62″ x 31.5″ which is quite similar to a 40″ television size. The mirror frame is built with wood and alloy steel.

The thin wooden frame is painted in white for an elegant look. You can mount it to the wall or set it on the table with the required screws. It has removable stands that can be detached for wall-mount.

This rectangular-shaped mirror has touchscreen technology to adjust the brightness of lights. Speaking of lights, it comes with 14 HD LED lights which can lumen 6,500k bright.

The bulbs emit soft inviting glowing light without disturbing eyes. It has 1 USB charger port with a power bank and a safe adapter. It doesn’t require any batteries or chargers.

  • The light batteries can go 50,000 hours without replacing.
  • It takes just 5-15 minutes to assemble the mirror.
  • It comes with necessary hardware, screws, and instructions.
  • Extra 1 LED bulb for backup.
  • Slim figure with a luxurious look.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth system.
  • No energy save feature.

6. Kottova Vanity Mirror with Lights

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Feel like a superstar while doing makeup with this excellent vanity mirror from Kostova. This is a rectangular mirror body with 17.9″ x 22.8″. It’s a bit smaller than the other members on our list.

Updated with touchscreen technology, you can adjust the light brightness. It has 15 HD dimmable LED lights with 3 tone settings-cool white, warm white, and natural light. You can set the tone with the touchscreen too.

The frame is built with Aluminum alloy with ivory white, which makes it the best on the market. The frame is glossy and sturdy in one place. Plus, it gives crystal clear reflections of yours.

You can mount it on the wall or dress table. At the side of the frame, there is a USB charging port for convenient phone charging.

  • The bulbs emit very soft and glowy lights.
  • The light batteries can last for 50,000 hours.
  • Ensures to give you the cleanest reflection.
  • Sturdy construction with top-quality metal.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth facility.
  • A bit smaller in size.

7. WAYKING Vanity Mirror with Lights

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Meet with the game changer of our list and one of the high-end makeup mirrors. This rectangular mirror is 31.4″ x 23.6″ in size which is enough to check up on your upper body. You can mount it on a table as well as the wall.

It’s made with sturdy metal that keeps the mirror very stable on the table. The glossy metal seamless frame looks super elegant in any bedroom or dressing room. It has 18 LED lights with 3 light temperature settings.

Cool light(6500k), warm white(4000k), and warm light(2700k). You can adjust the light brightness as necessary by tapping on the mirror screen. An excellent touchscreen system makes it easy to use.

It has a USB charging port for convenient or emergency charging. The bulbs emit natural soft lights that can recreate the natural daylight.

  • Infused with touchscreen technology.
  • Very easy to assemble & use.
  • The bulbs are super long-lasting.
  • Top quality sturdy metal frame.
  • May feel a bit heavy.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth system.

8. Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror

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With incredible features and a beautiful glossy outlook, our next guest is Nitin. It’s a square-shaped mirror with 7″ x 23.6″ measurements.

The mirror’s frame is made of high-quality Aluminum which is sturdy enough to be stable in one place. You can mount it to the wall or on a table. There is no need to assemble it, as it comes fully assembled.

It has 14x3W LED lights with soft lumens that can be changed into two tones-warm(5,000k) and daylight(6,200k). With the touchscreen system, you can adjust the tones as well as the brightness as necessary.

The crystal clear glass will give you the real, natural, and bright reflection of yours when you do makeup. It has USB charging cables for suitability.

  • Memory function remembers the light settings before turning it off.
  • Ensures squeaky clean & bright reflection.
  • Adjustable brightness with touchscreen technology.
  • No assembly is needed.
  • Perfect for smaller & compact places.
  • Not ideal for large mirror lovers.
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth system.

9. iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror

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This modern-designed vanity mirror has everything you’ll need. Whether day or night, apply your makeup properly with the right shade now. This vanity mirror is only 16″ x 12″ in size and can be settled only on the table.

On the mirror, there is a detachable 10x mirror for focused makeup or plucking. However, this mirror is filled with all kinds of advanced technology like Bluetooth facility and voice control.

The mirror comes fully assembled in the package. It has 12 HD Led lights that illuminate soft light tones for various makeup purposes. With the touchscreen system, you can adjust the brightness as well as the light tone.

You can have an angled look with this mirror as it can rotate 360°. Plus, it promises to give distorted-free reflections.

  • Infused with advanced technology.
  • No need to assemble.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Comes with Bluetooth & speaker facility.
  • Ensures shiny and bright reflection.
  • 360° rotation feature.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Can’t be mounted on the wall.

10. BSLE Hollywood Vanity Mirror

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The last member of our list, but that doesn’t interpret that it has any lackings. Rather it’s quite similar to the previous product. This mirror reflects the light better and offers brighter images.

To start with, the body of the mirror is 23″x 18″ and square in shape. It’s a table-mounted mirror with a swivel stand. The frame with stands is built with top-quality Aluminum.

The mirror has 12 dimmable LED lights that can be changed into 3 modes- cool white, natural and yellow. With the memory function, you don’t need to re-set the brightness over & over.

The mirror can swivel into 360° which means at any angle. Plus, it comes with a detachable 10x focused mirror.

  • It has a 12V plug-in power adapter.
  • Comes with a 10x focused makeup mirror.
  • Customized color tones with touchscreen.
  • Memory function remembers the brightness.
  • Can rotate at any angle.
  • Not for big mirror lovers.
  • Doesn’t have speaker or voice control.

Buying Guide for the Cheap Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Best Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

Keep in mind the following features while choosing or purchasing a vanity mirror as there are numerous brands in the market. The features are given below-

  1. Material of the Frame

The frame of a mirror keeps it stable and sturdy. So, its material is a must check. Manufacturers use wood, metal, or plastic to make the frame. Among these, metal is the most famous and the most stable one. Aluminum is a popular metal that is used for the corrosion resistance feature.

Wood can also be a good option, but it can be a bit heavy for some people. Lastly, plastic won’t be durable like wood or metal. So, the choice is yours now.

  1. Size

Just like other mirrors, vanity mirrors also have versatile sizes. You have to choose them according to your reflective area. If you want a full face with an upper-body reflection, then better get a bigger size mirror. Otherwise, for only face focus, a smaller size vanity mirror will do.

  1. Lighting

Unlike any other mirror, a vanity mirror must have lighting bulbs to illuminate the reflective surface. The light bulbs help you to point out every detail in your face and create a flawless makeup look.

  1. Color Temperature

Color temperature helps users to create the perfect makeup look under the most natural light. There are color temperatures like warm, warm white, yellow, natural, and cold tones. The user can adjust the modes of temperature as their occasions and time of makeup.

  1. Dimmable Feature

The LED bulbs always emit very soft and non-disturbing light. Hence, dimming the lights or increasing the light brightness is necessary to suit your requirements. For the user’s eyes’ comfort, this feature is a must.


Q: What is a good vanity mirror?

Ans: Here are some good vanity mirrors listed-

  1. LUXFURNI Vanity Mirror
  2. iCREAT Hollywood Vanity Mirror
  3. Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror
  4. Home Hollywood Vanity Mirror
  5. FENCHILIN Vanity Mirrors with Lights

Q: Are our Hollywood mirrors worth it?

Ans: Hollywood vanity mirrors are worth it. You can get energy saved and get better access and efficient results with these mirrors. These vanity mirrors look super elegant as well as served for a long time.

Q: Do LED mirrors provide enough light?

Ans: Yes, LED lights of the vanity mirror provide enough light to finish the makeup flawlessly. The lights offer ample brightness to illuminate the reflective surface as well as the user’s face.

Q: Should a vanity mirror be wider than the vanity?

Ans: Well, it’ll look pretty odd if you place a wider and larger mirror on a smaller vanity or sink. The vanity mirror’s size should be similar or smaller than the vanity or sink. Otherwise, it’ll look weird or out of place.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap! All the products we have listed above possess very healthy reviews from the users and tasters. We hope you’ll find a cheap Hollywood vanity mirror for your taste. Makeup artists, as well as experts, love to use Sapphire glass mirrors as those are the cleanest and purest mirrors in the world! That’s all for today. Have fun while choosing!