Can You Wear Makeup with A Stye? – Get The Most Logical Answer with Proper Explanation and Solution

Can You Wear Makeup with A Stye

To make one look more beautiful, people use makeup. Both men and women use makeup nowadays. Eyes are the crucial part of makeup as they express your whole look. So, when you suddenly have a stye on your eyes, it annoys and irritates the most. Let’s learn at first what is stye.

A stye can be considered as an infectious lump formed over or inside of your eyelids. It can form on your lower or upper eyelid. But it isn’t contagious for other people. They can be sensitive, itchy, and painful.

These angry red lumps on eyelids are super sensitive and if they aren’t treated well, it may hamper your eyes. Now if you are a passionate makeup lover like me and your question is, can you wear makeup with a stye? Then for the answer, you have to read the whole article. So, let’s dig into the details.

Can you Wear Eye Makeup with a Stye?

Let’s get straight to the point. Simple answer is, No! You can’t wear makeup when you have a stye present. It will damage your eyes and I can’t risk my lovely readers’ eye for that. Let me discuss the whole situation in detail-

Causes of Syte

A stye looks like a little red bump that screams with irritation on or under your eyelids. Bacteria is the main culprit of forming sytes. Inside or outside of eyelids, there are some follicles and oil glands.

The oil gland helps to grow and keep the eyelashes healthy. For some reason, those oil glands’ pores can be barricaded by some dead skin cells, residue makeup, dust, or bacterias. These clogged pores lead to irritation and inflammation on your eyelids and those sytes are formed.

Moreover, if you rub your eyes often with dirty hands, that can be a reason for producing stye too. Using too much old makeup or expired makeup is another crucial reason for sytes. Plus, those who have blepharitis, can also face this stye problem.

Makeup Vs Stye

If you are a regular eye makeup junkie like me, then I can understand your annoyance of having a stye. Or, if you having stye when you have upcoming parties or club nights, then it’s true nightmare. Well, in these cases, wearing a little bit of eye makeup is OK, but avoid the affected area.

Prestigious dermatologists stated that, if your makeup products don’t touch the stye, then it’s fine to wear eye makeup. Hence, they gave the trump card to use makeup while having stye, but they have given some extra cautious in this situation. I am elaborating their cautious here-

  1. Before makeup, wash your stye area with an eye-dropper or a baby shampoo. For drying your eyes, DON’T RUB, only pat on the stye to dry it.
  2. Choose non-comedogenic makeup products, they will prevent clogging oil on the eyelashes.
  3. Use clean makeup brushes, dirty makeup brushes can infect the already affected area and make the situation worse.
  4. Avoid glittery eye shadow until your stye gets healed.
  5. Lastly, don’t let others use your brushes and makeup stuff. It may create other skin problems too.

Let the Stye Heal

For the utmost best result, it would be the best if you don’t use eye-makeup for a while. Even if you don’t use eye makeup, you can create your look by avoiding eyes. If you give your eyes a rest, it will heal faster and you will be able to use all of your favorite eye-shadows again.

How Long after a Stye can I Wear Makeup?

How Long after a Stye can I Wear Makeup

A very common and reasonable question for the sad makeup junkies who can’t use their favorite eye-shadow pallet for the nasty stye.

Styels take 1-2 weeks to heal on their own. They don’t need any special medical treatment.

However, to heal the stye more quickly, you can follow the warm compress technique. Soak a completely clean cotton fabric in lukewarm water, then wring the cloth and press the cloth on your affected eyes. Do it two-three times a day. It will keep away the bacterias and heal fast.

When the redness and the tiny bump will go away, there will be no itchiness or watery feeling on your eyes, which means your eyes are completely healed! Then you can do eye-makeup freely.

How to Wear Eye Makeup?

Eye Makeup


Doing makeup is considered to be art. Everyone has their style to create their eye-makeup look. For example, I love a dark smokey eye-makeup look, but my sister loves a soft pastel look. But here I am going to give you very basic baby steps of eye makeup. Let’s have a look-

Step 1: Clean your face

Wash your face properly with your facewash and scrubber. Clean your eyelids and eye sides well so no makeup or dead skin will be clogged.

Step 2: Starter is Primer

Primer makes your skin smooth, closes the pores. So, makeup sits on your skin smoothly and blends beautifully. If you don’t have an eye primer, you can use alove-vera as a primer too.

Step 3: Use Concealer

Once the primer dries, use concealer to create the base of eye shadow. You can choose any famous brand’s concealer close to your skin tone.

Step 4: Right Brushes

Only 2 essential brushes are necessary for creating any look. One flat brush to apply the eye shadow on the eyelid and another blending brush to blend the eye shadow on the whole eyelid.

Step 5: Choose Shades

As I said, my favorite look is a dark smokey look, so most of my eye shadow pallet is a dark shadow pallet. You have to choose what shade you love and if that suits you or not. If you don’t have an eye shadow pallet, then you can also use your contour, blush, or highlighter as your temporary eye shadow.

Step 6: Blend your Eye-Shadow

At first, take a lighter shade and use the flat brush to glide it on the inner corner of the eyes. Then take the blender brush and blend it thoroughly to the crease line and the eyelid area.

You can choose another darker or warm shade to mix the eye-shadows and create your look. Blend all the products smoothly.

Step 7: Scotch-tape Trick

It’s a common problem for makeup junkies that their eyeshadows get smudged to the outline of their eyes. So, you can take scotch tape, set it at an angle to your brows’ edge to eyes’ edge. Then do all of your eye makeup and lastly peel out the tape. You will see the magic then.

Step 8: Bottom Lash-line

After finishing the upper eyelid area, mix the shades you used and fill the bottom lash-line. On the inner corner of your eyes, use a bit of a highlighter to make your eyes appealing.

Step 9: Mascara and Curler are Must

Curl your eyelashes for a more prominent look. Then, coat your eyelashes with mascara. Spread powder on your eyelashes first, then coat them with mascara. It will look more voluminous.

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Step 10: Eyeliner and False Eyelashes

For me, eyeliner is a must. I can’t go out without eyeliner. If you are like me, then spread your eyeliner wings, or you can also use pen eyeliner at your lower lashline.

At last for the sultry look, put on your false eyelashes and slay with your gorgeous look!

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Why do my Eyes Water When I Wear Makeup?

Eyes Water When I Wear Makeup

It’s a horror when you are dolled up, but then your eyes get watery while putting on eyeliner, and boom! Your tear fall and your mascara smudge. And you look like a mess. It’s a common problem. I faced this problem too. It’s nothing serious.

The lacrimal gland of our eyes is the reason for tears. When we do makeup, our nerve gets stimulated, then eye’s get watery. If you face this often, use an eyedropper. There may be another reason, if you have an allergic problem, then your eyes may swell up. However, this problem is nothing serious, so don’t worry!

Final Verdict

I hope you have got a clear answer with a description of “Can you wear makeup with a stye?” from my article. If you are a beginner, learn how to wear makeup slowly. While doing eye makeup, some artists notice they have eye bags under their eyes, which horrifies them.

But worry not because I also have the solution to this problem. Check my other article “How to Get Rid of Eye Bags Overnight Without Surgery”. Thank you for reading my article. Be happy and grow up as a real beauty!

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