Can You Put Hair Dye in Wet Hair? Facts You Must Know

Who doesn’t want to color their hair by following current trends?

But in today’s busy life, it is sometimes difficult to manage time to go to the salon. In this regard, coloring hair at home could be an easy way for you, especially in this global pandemic condition. You may hear about applying hair dye to dry hair.

But what comes to mind, when you have wet hair, and you want to dye it. Or can you put hair dye in wet hair? The answer is, Yes, you can, even if your hair is wet. Although dry hair dyeing is usually done in salons, there are many different tips, tricks, and benefits of dyeing wet hair.

Whether you apply the dye on dry hair or wet hair actually depends on the type of formula of the shade you are using. However, here we’ll try to reveal the secrets about putting dye in wet hair. 

Stay tuned. 

Can you put hair dye in wet hair?

So, when it comes to the point “can you dye wet hair?” it is wise to follow the expert’s recommendations. 

According to many experts, it’s better to put hair dry in wet hair. Wet hair is more absorbent than dry hair. Therefore you can easily dye your hair strands.

And if you are concerned about hair damage, just drop it. Wet dyeing also protects your hair from being damaged.

The most popular way to put hair dye in wet hair

put hair dye in wet hair

Nowadays, wet balayage has become the most popular hair dyeing process. It is a French hair painting technique that gives your brighten old hair ends a subtle color change.

You must be thinking about the difference between dry balayage and wet balayage.

Well! Although there is not so much difference in the application method, the real difference is seen in the results. Wet balayage gives you a more natural-looking result than dry balayage.

The best benefit of wet balayage application is that it is a quick and smooth way of hair color transformation. Therefore, this technique is perfect for those who want a full or partial blonding session in their hair.

You can watch this tutorial regarding balayage on wet hair

Warning | can you dye hair while wet

While coloring your wet hair, you need to be a little careful. As it is said that, when your hair is wet, it stays at the most delicate point. Consequently, putting hair dye on wet hair may cause hair breakage.

You can watch this video to know more

When you put dye in wet hair?

When you want a modest change in your hair strands, you should go with wet hair. If you want a drastic change, the case will be different. 

Suppose your wish to get a dashing bond or black look, but you are a sweet brunette girl, then you have to dye your hair dry. But if you like a faint shade look, then your wet hair is perfect for dyeing.

Best dyes for wet hair- can you dye your hair while wet?

Best dyes for wet hair

As we have said before, your hair needs to be dry or wet depends on the pigment you have chosen. Usually, three types of dyes are used for hair dyeing

These are including:

  • Permanent
  • Semi-permanent and 
  • Demi-permanent. 

Among them, Semi-permanent dyes are best for wet hair application.

But what about other dyes?

Relax! We will talk about this later.

Semi-permanent dyes:

Semi-permanent dyes do not hold hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These two chemicals have a powerful effect on your hair. They help the pigment to go deeper into your hair. 

However, semi-permanent dyes don’t need to enter into the hair shaft to enhance the hair color. Their work is just to coat over your cuticle & slightly alter the tone of your hair strands. 

Permanent dyes

Now come to the permanent dyes. Sadly, the chemical composition of permanent stains does not support working on wet hair.

You must be wondering why!

Let me tell you.

Permanent hair dyes are composed of a certain amount of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. 

As we know, for the required shade, color pigments need to penetrate the hair shaft. These chemicals help to raise the hair cuticles in this process. And they can do this work only on dry hair.

Conveniences of dyeing wet hair

Dyes applying on wet hair have a few advantages. Such as-


Applying paints on wet hair will ensure the even distribution of shades & give you a fantastic subtle look. Because the moisture of the hair helps to do this job perfectly. 

On the other hand, while coloring dry hair, even dyeing seeks extra devotion to get perfect full coverage.


When your hair is wet, the porosity of your hair is higher. That means the cuticles of the hair are opened up to soak the pigments properly. The more the dyes can penetrate your hair shafts, the more your hair strands will be shaded.


You can easily color your hair with less dye when your hair is wet & get a stunning look.


Truth to be told, doing hair color at home is such a messy job. But it will become more challenging when you apply paint to dry hair in the typical bowl & brush technique. 

You can simply dye your wet hair with a squirt top bottle. Besides, you also don’t need any helping hand.

How to put dye in wet hair?

After knowing the aids of wet hair dyeing, you must be thinking about the procedure of coloring hair when it’s wet.

Don’t worry, guys!

I will tell you the simple steps to put color in wet hair.

  • First, you have to wash out your hair with water. Lukewarm water will be best for it.
  • Then you have to press your hair with a towel and remove excess water gently.
  • Make sure your hair is damp, not too wet.
  • Now select the hair strands you want to tint and apply your chosen shade of semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes. 
  • After that, you ought to cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 20 minutes. By this time, the dye will sit on your hair surface properly. 
  • At last, you have to wash your hair with a color-protecting shampoo. Then you can enjoy your beautifully colored hair.

But one thing you should pay attention to is that these dyes will be faded with every wash. Also, these colors may stain your clothes, so putting on an old cloth will be a savior for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): can you dye wet hair?

Question: Can you dye wet hair after bleaching? 

Ans: The reply is never. Coloring your hair immediately after bleaching may cause harm to your hair. Bleaching makes your hair dry and fragile. So you must wait at least 15-20 days after bleaching to color your hair.

Question: Clean hair or dirty hair; which will be better for wet dyeing?

Ans: Actually, in this case, dirty hair is healthier. These dyes carry different types of solid chemicals. And natural oil of your hair works for protecting your hair from severe damages.

Question: Why does my hair dye only last one week?

Ans: The lasting period of hair color depends on the kind of your selected dyes. If you are using fantasy or semi-permanent dye, then it’s obvious that your hair dye will last only a week. 

Because these types of shades don’t contain ammonia and peroxide, Whither ammonia and peroxide works to properly penetrate the pigments into the hair shafts.

Question: What should you not do with wet hair?

Ans: Let’s take a look at the top 5 things you should not do with your wet hair. They are-

  • Don’t try to detangle your hair with a regular brush.
  • It is better to use a microfiber towel instead of the normal one. 
  • Do not dare to use any heating tools.
  • Never tie your wet hair.
  • Don’t go for sleeping while your hair is wet. 

Question: Does wetting your hair every day damage it?

Ans: If you are wetting your hair every day with fresh normal water, then it is safe for your hair. But have to keep in mind that there is a difference between wetting and washing hair. 

Wetting means just soak up your hair with water. On the other hand, washing means using any hair products to clean your hair.

Moreover, wetting your hair while swimming may harm your hair. As chlorine is used in swimming pools, this water will affect your hair. 

Question: Is it bad for your hair to be wet all day? 

Ans: According to Dr. Tim Moore,  our hair started swelling while it’s wet. That means hair cuticles may break by the pressure of water. It may also create split ends in your hair.

Question: Can putting your hair up damage it?

Ans: Brushing and putting your wet hair will damage your hair permanently. Never ever do this. It clamps the hair and starts hair fall.

Final verdict:

Hopefully, we’ve been able to clear your confusion about this antique question, Can you put hair dye in wet hair? This is the best way for those who like to change their hair color frequently. 

Now that you know all about wet hair dyeing, what are you waiting for? Just decide which color you want in your hair and get to work. Then enjoy your new trendy look.

In which shade you like to color your hair? Please share with us in the comment section.

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