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Can Hair Botox Cause Hair Loss

When we hear about Botox, at first in our eyes we can imagine injections and chemicals to repair skin. Generally, Botox is used to treat the wrinkles and fine lines of skin with an injection with Botulinum toxin that penetrates your skin. 

But, don’t worry, for hair botox you won’t need to penetrate your scalp. It’s a kind of deep conditioning mask. Hair botox is called botox because it brings back the elasticity, health of your damaged hair. Hair botox is considered completely safe to use.

Still many of our beautiful readers are concerned that hair botox also contains chemical substances so it must have some side effects. That’s when the concern comes, “Can hair botox cause hair loss?” Today I’ll discuss hair botox and many related questions with it. Buckle up and let’s begin!

What Is Hair Botox?

Botox is specifically for skin treatment. It contains Botulinum toxin in an injection that is used to treat wrinkled skin and fine lines. But, hair botox doesn’t contain any Botulinum toxin or any injection poking your scalp. 

Hair botox is a treatment that is done to the outer part of your hair. In this process, you won’t have many chemical substances in your hair like formaldehyde. Let’s say, hair botox contains fewer chemicals than keratin treatment or smoothening.

Hair botox is some kind of mask that provides deep conditioning into your hair roots and helps to repair the damages to the hair. When our hair breaks or is damaged, it’s like there are wrinkles in our hair. This hair botox fills those damages and makes it look healthy like before!

Can Hair Botox Cause Hair Loss?

Hair professionals say that it’s better to use hair botox twice or thrice a year. Because excessive usage of hair botox makes hair thinner and ruins hair follicles.

However, if you maintain the rules of hair botox and take care of your hair after the treatment, there shouldn’t be any hair loss, says the hair experts. 

Doctors say that hair botox may help thin your hair. So, if you face heavy or abnormal hair loss, then see your doctor if there are any hormonal or medical problems. 

Who Can Use Hair Botox?

Who Can Use Hair Botox

Hair botox is a topical treatment that is given by hairstylists to some specific genre problems. For example-

  1. If anyone has a split ends problem, hair botox is suitable for them. It nourishes the deep roots of the hair and repairs the problem. 
  2. Those who have damaged hair for over styling or using heat on hair regularly, have fried hair. Hair botox is the best remedy for those fried locks.
  3. Some of us have very unruly, un-shaped hair that we face way too many problems to handle. To shape that unruly hair, hair botox is a magical solution. 
  4. Many of us have frizzy, dull, damaged hair. Hair botox can make those dull, frizzy hair into smooth, silky, and sleek hair.
  5. Many people want to make their curly hair straight without any heating process. Some specific hair botox can help you here. 

In short, for any hair or any problems, there is hair botox available for each purpose. 

How Does Hair Botox Work? 

How Does Hair Botox Work

When this question comes up, “Can hair botox cause hair loss?”First, we have to understand how hair botox works.  In hair botox, there are vitamins, natural oils, caviar oil, different peptides, antioxidants, and collagen complexes. 

These rich ingredients work like deep conditioning and coat the hair with protective layers. The mask repairs the hair structure and fills the wrinkles in the hair. Hair botox gives hair more volume, makes it super flexible, healthy, and smooth. This is how hair botox works. 

Professionals say that there is no relation between heavy hair fall and hair botox. Your hair may fall for any other reasons, but hair botox couldn’t be the reason. 

Method of Hair Botox 

As I mentioned before, hair botox is a kind of deep conditioning mask. It’s applied to the outer part of the hair directly. It can be done at home by yourself or you can go to the salon for help. 

You have to prepare a clean scalp before applying the hair botox product. Use shampoo and conditioner to make your scalp clean and open the hair cuticles. Then, apply the hair botox product on the hair and leave for almost 30-90 minutes. 

Then rinse the product and dry your hair. After drying, you will see the result immediately. Then you can use a flat iron or any styling product to style as you want.

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How Effective is Hair Botox?

How Effective is Hair Botox

Hair botox is considered to be safe to use and it seems how popular it is, users claim to get satisfying results after using hair botox. 

I have seen one of my friends do hair botox. She had super frizzy hair and I was shocked seeing how her hair looked super silky, sleek, and bouncy after using hair botox. She went to the salon to do her botox.

So, I think before using hair botox, you should ask any salon professionals about the product or get their help. Hair botox is still effective for up to 2-4 months, but it needs care. Try to use a sulfate-free shampoo, so the result will last longer.

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Q: Can Botox injections cause hair loss?

Ans: Botox injections don’t cause hair loss, but they can cause temporary greasy hair or dull hair. But, after the injection absorbs into the skin, there won’t be any problems.

Q: Why do I have hair on my forehead?

Ans: Sometimes we notice there is some unwanted hair in between our eyebrows, on our forehead, under our chin, or cheeks. This hair growth isn’t normal like our androgen hormones, but it isn’t any serious problem. This hair growth happens for thyroid problems.

Q: Can you grow hair on your forehead?

Ans: If you have thin hair on your forehead line, then you should worry. It’s a sign of getting bald. You can use onion juice, coconut oil, or olive oil for faster hair growth on the forehead line.

For a pack, use fenugreek seeds & a yogurt mask. Grind some soaked fenugreek seeds and mix them with yogurt. Cover the forehead line with the mask and wash it off later. 

Q: Can botox for migraines cause hair loss?

Ans: No, there is no linkage between hair loss and migraine hair botox. Physicians stated that if you see abnormal hair loss, then check-up from the doctor nutritional or hormonal test tests. 

Wrap Up 

I hope you have gotten your detailed answer to “Can hair botox cause hair loss?”. Hair botox is safe to use and has a powerful result and we can’t deny that. Hair botox is ideal for frizzy, damaged, dull, and unruly hair. 

But, hair botox treatment is quite expensive and in some cases, some users didn’t get their desired result. Plus, after hair botox, you must take extra care of your hair to preserve the look. However, hair botox doesn’t have many cons or disadvantages, so it is worth a try! Have a good day, all!

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