The Revealed the 10 Best Setting Powder for Dark Skin – Top Pick of 2022

Best Setting Powder for Dark Skin

None loves it when their beautifully done makeup cracks or creases even worse begin to melt. It’s like a nightmare for makeup lovers. The best setting powder is a savior here that helps to hold the base makeup for a long-lasting time without a single crack. It absorbs oil from the skin to reduce the shine too. 

For darker skin shade people, it’s really hard to find the perfect shades of setting powder as there are numerous brands of versatile shades for different skin tones. In this article, we have gathered the best setting powder for dark skin tones.

For sure these products will leave your makeup flawless, matte finish, and no photo flashbacks. So, check out our best setting powder for black skin and buying guide below. Let’s hop in!

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The Rundown

Best Popular Setting Powder: Sacha BUTTERCUP Setting Powder

If you see 3-4 beauty vlogs, you must see Sacha Buttercup setting powder, this powder is that popular for its incredible flawless finishing.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Dreamblend Loose Setting Powder

This one is used by many sensitive skin users and luckily they gladly expressed their satisfaction about this one.

Best Budget: Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder

From a renowned brand, this one is affordable in the budget and also provides the best results with the mattifying look and flawless airbrush finish.

Best Value: Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Loose Powder

The powder is beige tinted, hides all blemishes of skin, prevents creating a crease or meltdown of the makeup.

Best Banana Setting Powder: Dreamblend Illuminating Banana Powder

For darker skin tones, this banana shade is the very perfect one. It’s suitable for all skin tones with skin types.

Best Drugstore Setting Powder: Maybelline New York Fit me Loose Powder

Maybelline loose powder is a drugstore product used by many beauty experts and celebrities. It gives full coverage for a longer period.

Best for All Skin Types: Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

This one is suitable for all skin types. That’s why it became a hot cake in the market. It blends with skin very well and prevents the production of oil.

Best Translucent Setting Powder for Dark Skin: Wunder2 PERFECT SELFIE Makeup Setting Powder

White translucent powder sometimes looks ashy or like a ghost on darker skin. But, this translucent setting powder is the best for baking makeup.

Best Lightweight Setting Powder: Sacha BUTTERCUP LIGHT Setting Powder

With a high-quality formulation, this powder is lightweight, blends very easily, results in smooth finishing without weighting the whole makeup.

Best Matte Pressed Powder: NYX PROFESSIONAL Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Pressed Powder

Finish your whole makeup with this one and slay around all day without even a touch-up. It’s a melt-proof pressed powder.

Review of 10 Best Setting Powder for Dark Skin

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1. Sacha BUTTERCUP Setting Powder

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Our first star of this article is Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder review. It absorbs oil from your skin and gives a finished look. Most likely airbrushed finish for a long period. The tone of this powder matches all skin tones from brown to dark.

It doesn’t look ashy at all and doesn’t create photo flashbacks. After done with foundation, concealer, blush, and contour, dusting the powder on your skin will seamlessly blend with your skin and prevent any cracks or crease lines. Moreover, the texture of this powder is very lightweight and smooth.

Key Features

  • Airbrushed Finish: Airbrushed finish means the product blends with the skin so smoothly and gives a full matte silky finish. It blends easily and blurs large pores with wrinkles.
  • Hypoallergenic: The loose powder is made of some ingredients which are 100% hypoallergenic. It doesn’t cause any nasty irritations on the skin after use.
  • Skin-Tone: From medium to a darker tone, any skin tone can use buttercup setting powder. It gives a soft yellow color & blends well with your skin. It’s the best setting powder for brown skin.
  • Flashback: Even in the high-quality camera you can look super flawless always, not looking like ghosts or roasted donuts in flashlight. One of the best no flashback setting powders.
  • Oil-Free: The ingredients in the powder prevent the oil production from the pores and hold the face matte for several hours.
  • It’s a cruelty-free product.
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones.
  • Hides the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Create some small rashes on sensitive skin.

2. Dreamblend Loose Setting Powder

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This is the best translucent powder for dark skin plus other skin tones. The weightless formula of Dreamblend products blends with all skin tones and doesn’t leave any ashy or white looks. Not only that, after you set your makeup with this baking loose powder, don’t worry for 16 hours about it melting or creasing.

It will provide you a completely smudge-free and flawless finish. This foundation powder absorbs extra oil and mattifies the skin. For users’ information, this powder is 100% dermatologist tested for safe usage.

Key Features

  • Skin Tone: As it’s translucent, so from fair to dark all skin tone is suitable for this tint. This good setting powder is one that can be used to bake the makeup for all skin tones.
  • Flash Photography: If you so flashlight photographs or extremely light photographs, no worry about looking like ghosts. The powder blends with the skin and leaves the silky smooth finishing.
  • Benefits: The powder is oil, fragrance, phthalate, SLS & triclosan-free. Gives high-performance results and blurs any imperfections from your skin.
  • Long-Lasting: It stays put in your skin up to 16 hours, impressive, right? It’s completely smudged & transfer-free loose powder.
  • Use Direction: After all makeup is done, then with the applicator, dab the product on your face for baking. After 2 minutes, with a fluffy brush remove the excess powder to prevent a cakey look.
  • Smudge & transfer free loose powder.
  • Long lasting wear up to 16 hours.
  • Fragrance & Cruelty-free.
  • Extra usage of this powder leaves a cakey look.

3. Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder

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Just like the name, the resulting performance of this product is also aesthetic and satisfying. The powder is one of the all-rounders in our bucket. This powder is easy to apply, blends very smoothly with any warm-toned skin color. It’s one of the best setting powders for dark skin to warm tone.

It mattifies the makeup by absorbing the oil from your skin. It also gives a very satisfying flawless airbrushed finishing. In addition, it gives sheer coverage which means it blurs the large pores and wrinkles or acne marks.

Key Features

  • Vegan Product: The loose powder is made of high-quality and rich ingredients. It’s gluten-free, 100% vegan, safe to use, and also cruelty-free.
  • Easy to Apply: It comes with a luxurious velour puff. With the puff, it’s very easy to apply. The powder blends seamlessly into the skin.
  • Airbrushed Finish: The lightweight powder absorbs oil from the T-zone & gives a glowing airbrushed finish.
  • Gorgeous Effect: The applicator dust on the skin the exact amount of powder you need without weighting your whole make-up and lastly gives the gorgeous flawless matte effect.
  • Travel-Friendly: With the puff and the small case, it’s very easy to store in a small purse. You can touch it up anywhere if you notice any oiliness.

  • Blends easily with skin and gives a flawless look.
  • Easy to apply with the applicator.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free product.
  • May itch on some skin.

4. Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Loose Powder

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Another is the best matte setting powder suitable for all skin tones from dark to fair. This loose powder has many fantastic qualities. It’s environment friendly, feels super light on the skin, blends very easily on the skin, and gives a natural soft-focus look.

Just like the previous powders, it doesn’t provide sheer or high coverage. You can wear it without or with foundation. The light beige color softens the pores and wrinkles & leaves a very smooth finishing without flashbacks.

Key Features

  • Easy to Blend: As the loose beige powder is lightweight without talc. So, it’s very easy to apply and blend into any skin without creating a cakey look.
  • Soft Coverage: It blurs the imperfections in the skin and gives a soft coverage with a soft focus finish.
  • Mattifies the look: It absorbs oil from the skin and reduces the unwanted shine. It holds the matte look for a longer period.
  • Dermatology Tested: The product is tested by expert dermatologists and is completely hypoallergenic. So, even people with sensitive skin can use this powder.
  • Free From The product is free from gluten, paraben, silicone, talc, or any synthetic fragrances.
  • Lightweight powder gives soft finishing.
  • Blurs the skin imperfections.
  • No flashbacks or ashy look.
  • Not full coverage.

5. Dreamblend Illuminating Banana Powder

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Again another splendid product from Dreamblend. Some of you may ask “is banana powder good suitable for dark skin tone?” So, let us answer that this illuminating banana powder is one of the best finishing powders for dark skin or fair skin.

This yellow-tinted powder gives very natural light coverage. It satisfyingly blurs wrinkles, acne marks, fine lines, or pores. The powder has no artificial fragrances or any chemical ingredients that can harm any skin type.

Key Features

  • Long-Lasting Wear: With the finishing setting powder, the makeup will stay on your skin smudge-free for 16 hours. It won’t look dry or even greasy.
  • Matte Finish: The powder is formed with banana shade and pearl pigments which gives a warm and flawless matte look by absorbing extra oil.
  • Dermatology Tested: This brand always does allergy tests before releasing the product. They proudly claim that it’s dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.
  • Free From The loose yellow powder is free from triclosan, SLS, phthalate, fragrance, and cruelty.
  • Benefits: No photo flashbacks, ashy ghosted look because it’s suitable for all skin tones. It’s transfer resistant & quickly bendable.
  • Suitable for sensitivity to normal skin type.
  • Gives a natural flawless matte finish.
  • Looks gorgeous, radiant with natural shine.
  • Try to use the same brand foundation and other products.

6. Maybelline New York Fit me Loose Powder

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Welcome the best drugstore setting powder for dark skin from Maybelline. Maybe there isn’t any makeup lover who hasn’t used Maybelline products. This medium-deep tone is the best setting powder for dark skin. This is a lightweight, breathable, oil-free powder that gives medium coverage with a natural look.

As it’s a breathable powder formula, it doesn’t clog the pores for preventing oil production. It naturally absorbs oil from the skin, resulting in the minimum glow which feels natural yet matte. In simple words, loose powder is excellent, one of the best powders for dark skin.

Key Features

  • Mineral Based Formula: Mineral-based powders are breathable and formulated to control shine and results in smooth silky textured skin.
  • Shade Range: If you don’t like this shade or it’s not suitable for you, you can find another 3-4 shades for darker skin tones. There are also numerous shades for warm to fair skin.
  • Matte Finish: With high-quality rich ingredients the powder controls shine and gives a matte finish with a minimum natural glow.
  • Skin Type: The powder suits and blends well into normal, oily to combination skin types. On dry skin, the powder may feel drier.
  • Benefits: It will provide you flawless, gorgeous, shiny, smooth, and matte finishing look without any allergic reaction.
  • Non-comedogenic products & reduce extra shine.
  • Tested by expert dermatologists for allergy.
  • Free from any disturbing fragrances.
  • Doesn’t come with an applicator.

7. Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

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Look at the gorgeous-looking powder case, this Hourglass Veil Loose powder ensures to provide you the most flawless, matte, and smooth finishing. In the black radiance soft-focus finishing powder review, we found this product is praised so much by the customers.

The powder is formulated to give a soft-focus look by blurring the imperfections and by masking the blemishes. The translucent powder is one of the best setting powders for dark skin with an invisible and natural matte finish.

Key Features

  • Weightless Powder: This translucent powder is free from talc, so it’s quite lightweight, finely milled, and made to minimize the imperfections in the skin.
  • Soft-focus Look: The powder is formulated with light-reflecting particles which contain ultra-fine diamond & Sapphire powder. It helps to create a soft-focus look.
  • Long Lasting Perfection: The loose finishing powder can be used for all-day perfection. It doesn’t melt or smudge your skin for a long time.
  • Free From This is a proud product free from cruelty, fragrance, synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates, and talc.
  • No Flashback: As the translucent powder is formulated with diamond powder, it diffuses the light and doesn’t make any flashback situation. One of the best translucent powders without flashback.
  • No photo flashback or ashy look.
  • Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Prevents crease line and cakey appearance.
  • The powder case is very small, so customers need to buy it often.

8. Wunder2 PERFECT SELFIE Makeup Setting Powder

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Seeing the name you can already understand how perfect and amazing the result this original translucent powder gives. Wunder2 PERFECT SELFIE is one of the best translucent powders for brown skin. It provides a natural glow and flawless skin.

This is a vegan product with no animal-tested claim. In an HD photoshoot, this powder will transform your skin into a flawless canvas, so it can be considered the best setting powder with no flashback. It sets the makeup and gives light coverage even if you don’t wear makeup. Let’s learn few more feature of this best setting powder for dark skin

Key Features

  • Skin Type: Sadly this beautiful powder is only suitable for normal skin types. Sensitive or dry skin type people won’t feel comfortable using this product.
  • Matte Finish: The particles in the powder absorb the oil from the skin throughout the day and keep your makeup fresh as ever.
  • Benefits: The powder is sheer coverage, one with long-lasting duration. Moreover, it’s waterproof, smudge, and transfer-free. A perfect choice for a pool party event!
  • Vegan: This powder is certified as being vegan and cruelty-free for safe use. Have a pixel-perfect look with the translucent powder.
  • It’s free from oil, alcohol, cruelty, paraben, gluten, allergen, and silicon.
  • Matte finishes with a natural look not too sculptured.
  • Original translucent, so suitable for any skin tone.
  • Free from gluten or alcohol.
  • Doesn’t have an applicator.

9. Sacha BUTTERCUP LIGHT Setting Powder

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Not only for dark skin girls but also brown girls, here comes Sacha BUTTERCUP LIGHT Setting Powder suitable for both. Let us inform you, this loose powder was chosen and used in the Miss USA, Miss Panama & Miss Universe contests. Reliable now?

However, this splendid powder is the best setting powder for dark skin, also the best setting powder for brown skin. The powder prevents photo flashback, gives a beautiful matte flawless look, airbrushed finish, and hides the blemishes.

Key Features

  • Airbrushed Finish: With the yellow tinted powder, you can maintain the matte airbrushed finish for hours without smudging or melting makeup.
  • Easy to Blend: With talc and mica formula, this powder seems to blend with the skin very fast. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it still gives you perfect coverage.
  • Skin Type: It’s suitable for all skin types, from normal, oily, combination, dry. But people with sensitive skin should try a patch test before using it.
  • Long-Lasting: The formula of this powder is finely milled, so it seamlessly blends into the skin without creating any white ghost look.
  • Flashback Safe: Somehow the powder manages to diffuse the light and prevents flashbacks.
  • Non-comedogenic powder.
  • Prevents flashbacks and ashy looks.
  • Free from paraben and fragrance.
  • On sensitive skin, some breakouts might be seen. Patch test first.

10. NYX PROFESSIONAL Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Pressed Powder

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With a longer duration and high coverage assurance, NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP gives the smooth and sleek finishing after makeup. The powder is very suitable for warm to dark skin tone people. It’s one of the best pressed powder for dark skin.

This all-day pressed powder is mattifying, gives a splendid finish, is comfortable and lightweight. It gives the natural look with no flashback facility. It absorbs oil from the skin and keeps the makeup matte all day.

Key Features

  • Mattifying Pressed Powder: It has oil-absorbing rice powder that absorbs the oil for the whole day and holds the matte flawless look.
  • Longer Duration: Without smudging, getting cakey, or touch-up, the powder keeps your makeup fresh for the whole day.
  • High Coverage: This sheer powder blends with skin very well and builds a very sheer coverage hiding all the blemishes from the skin.
  • Light Makeup Suitable: If you don’t wear makeup, after using moisturizer just apply this powder and it’ll look like light soft makeup look.
  • Skin Type: Fortunately, the powder is suitable for all skin types from normal to combination to dry or sensitive.
  • Gives airbrushed mattifying look.
  • Free from cruelty and alcohol.
  • Suitable for all skin tones and skin types.
  • Contains silica and talc.

Buying Guide on the best setting powder for dark skin in 2021

Time to purchase the beauty product setting powder. So, before buying or choosing the setting powder, let’s catch up on some crucial features which you must look into-

  1. Lightweight

The powder should be lightweight that won’t make your whole makeup heavier. Avoid the buildup of makeup because it may look super cakey later. Blend the powder properly on darker skin, so no white cast can be formed.

  1. Mattifying Finish

The powder must assure a matte finish with a flawless look. The finish should be like an airbrushed finish and gives a smooth sleek texture.

  1. Harmless Chemical Free

Choose any makeup products that are cruelty-free and didn’t test on any innocent animals. Then, it should be free from paraben, silicone, alcohol, SLS, and any other artificial fragrances.

  1. Dermatology Tested

The powder you are going to choose, check that if it’s tested by dermatologists. If you are a sensitive skin person, you must be more careful about this thing. Check that if it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t have any fragrance.

  1. Oil-Control

Your setting powder should have some ingredients which should be able to control the oil production from the deep large pores. Better if the setting powder doesn’t clog the pores but still absorbs the oil for the matte look.

  1. Disguise Blemishes

A setting powder will not only mattify the look or control oil production, it should rejuvenate the skin cells and create a smooth base where no wrinkle lines won’t be noticed. Plus, any blemishes should be covered with it.

  1. Travel-Friendly

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FAQ 0n the best setting powder for dark skin

Q: Which is the best setting powder for dark skin?

Ans: Here is the list for best setting powder for dark skin tone-

  1. bareMinerals Veil Talc Free Setting Powder
  2. Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder
  3. Dreamblend Illuminating Banana Setting Powder
  4. Maybelline New York Fit Me Loose Setting Powder
  5. Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

Q: Is translucent setting powder suitable for darker skin tones?

Ans: Yes, it is. Original white translucent setting powder is suitable for fair to medium warm tone skin. Then, translucent medium deep is suitable for medium tan to darker skin stone people.

Q: How long do I have to leave setting powder to set?

Ans: Most powder takes 4-5 minutes to set down properly on the skin. Apply the translucent powder on your chin, T-zone properly, then do your eye-makeup or lips, then after 4-5 minutes brush off the extra powder and viola!

Q: Should my setting powder be darker or lighter than skin?

Ans: Everyone should consider the right shade of setting powder. If your powder is lighter then it will bring the ghost appearance and if it is too dark then it will make the foundation look streaked. So better get one that matches your foundation shade.

Q: How to apply setting powder properly?

Ans: After you finish your whole makeup look within the foundation, concealer, contour, blush, and also a highlighter. Then, take the product on your applicator and swirl it on your skin. Don’t forget the neck area. After 3-4 minutes, with a fluffy brush, buff off the extra powder, and you are ready to go!

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Final Verdict

It’s quite difficult to find a good setting powder for dark skin. But as you have already seen on the above reviews one is excellent and the best setting powder for dark skin. Now you won’t look ashy anymore or you will have a flashback problem. If you find our article helpful we are glad about that. Feel free to ask anything or comment down below. Have a happy season!