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polygel nail kit reviews

Who doesn’t love having manicures? Lovely polished nails with stylish outlines are what we crave. You must already know the most convenient method of nail enhancement is the gel and acrylic method. 

However, if you are applying the gel method, you might not find yourself too comfortable with the length. And at some point, they can be harmful to your nails also. What can we do to overcome this issue? You can comfortably switch to polygel nail kits. And, today’s content is all about the polygel nail kit reviews. 

Polygel nail kits are an alternative to gel nail kits. And they are safer and easy to use. But what exactly are polygel nail kits? Hop in with us and let’s discuss it closely and polygel nail kit reviews. 

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What is a Polygel Nail Kit?

Before starting polygel nail kit reviews and for a better view, let’s start with polygel nails. 

Polygel is a hybrid gel; it is more like a mixture of acrylic powder and transparent gel. It is really easy to use, even for beginners. 

This nail treatment has been a recent trend. And people are really loving it over acrylic and regular gel nails. Why? 

Because polygel holds almost all the traits of the acrylic nail, but it is lighter than acrylic in nature. And also, it overcomes all the drawbacks of genuine gel nails, resulting in a stronger output.

Polygel is extremely easy to use, and it needs curing under LED or UV lamp like any other nail treatment. You can use polygel to work on existing nails or create something completely different. 

Because polygel allows users to create flexible nail shapes, it has been very popular among nonprofessionals and beginners as well. 

The Rundown

Best Overall: Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

This one is the Mr. Perfect of today’s selection. It is equipped with 6 colors of nail kits and led UV lamp, decorating tools, and others. 

Best Long-lasting: Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit Pink Gel Nail Kit Nail

By using the gel kit properly and applying prime and nail dehydrator you can make it last over a month.

Best as a Complete Package: Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

The nail includes almost everything you need to decorate your nail and that’s why it is called a complete package.

Best for Professionals: Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit Enhancement Builder

Modelones Poly nail gel kit enhancer is no joke at all. It requires a minimum amount of nail enhancement experience. It can be an ideal choice for salons, parlors,s or any professional nail art. For beginners, this may become a hard job to crack.

Best for Beginners: Gershon Poly Nail Gel Kit

Even if you are new to nail arts, you can always rely on a Gershion poly nail gel kit. It is extremely easy to use and enhance even for beginners. Whether you are going on a holiday or attending any indoor occasion, this gel kit can be an awesome quick nail companion for you.

Best for any Feminine Mindset: Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit

This gel kit is best for creating a sweet feminine impression on you. It is a suitable kit for any wedding or any occasion party. It is built for different personalities and expresses any colorful mindset.

Best for Ultimate Party Look: Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit

It is as colorful as the joy on any occasion. You can use it at any party including Christmas parties. From salon to beginners DIY, this gel enhancement kit can be an excellent choice. It is easy to use and takes a few times to be presentable.

Best for Party Glow Up: Vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Kit

Get ready for the party with this beautiful glow-up Vrenmol extension. This nail kit is perfect for a quick makeover. It is very easy to use even for beginners. And dries up REALLY fast.

Best for Natural Impression: Gellen Poly Nail Gel Extension Kit

It is best for girls who seek natural glow. Not all people seek intense glow and shining on their nails. For users who are fond of lightweight nature, this is an amazing choice. 

Best for tough and rough use: Opole Poly Nail Gel Extension

It is best for regular use and won’t come out that easy. Busy ladies out there who are short of time can use this kit for quick use. It is fast, dry, easy to use, and really durable in nature.

Best for elegance: UR SUGAR Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

It is best for elegant makeovers. This beautiful nail gel extension kit is a beautiful gel type that can go with any clothes or style. You can blindly choose this kit for regular or professional use or to use during any season.  

Best for beginners: Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

When going to a parlor for nail enhancement, it can be quite expensive. However, if you spend 2 hours at most with Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit, you don’t have to go through additional expenditure. This goes the same for beginners.

Best for warmth: Modelones Poly Nails Gel Set

Ladies who are especially attracted to the color blue, Modelones poly nails gel set is a perfect choice. It is extremely easy to use, hassle-free, and less time-consuming.

13 Best polygel nail kit reviews and buying guide

Soon, we will dig into the polygel nail kit reviews but before that a suggestion is here for you about another articleHow to fix broken toenail with acrylics

1. Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

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If you’ve been looking for the best at home gel nail kit then Modelones Is here with an excellent option for you. After researching a lot they have improved the quality and produced this best quality 6 colors nail kit. (Light pink, pure white, soft pink, clear, deep nude, light apricot nude)

The gel nail kit features a powerful 48W led UV lamp where 24 pieces of lead lamp beads are available. There are also available 3 times settings; 30s, 60s, and 90s. Moreover, for saving power there is also an auto sensor included. Whenever you put away your hand or foot, it will turn off automatically. 

In the kit, there are 2 kinds of dual forms available; curved and straight. Aside from that, it contains glitter diamond gems, and dust powders. In the case of decorating the poly nails, they must come in great use. 

One more thing people worry about is the procedure of using. The kit is easy to use having instructions on paper. Who have questions about this longevity, it lasts for 2 weeks or longer with appropriate nail prep. 

You will love to know that the gel kit is stronger than hard gels and contains no harmful chemicals. Also, it is 7-free and monomer-free. So, for good coverage, pigment, and long-lasting finished effect, this polygel nail kit will be the best option for you.

  • No struggle to use.
  • Safe for nails.
  • Long-lasting gel.
  • Included decorating elements.
  • Lightweight.

    2. Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit Pink Gel Nail Kit Nail

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    Get the salon-like nail at home with Makartt Poly Nail Pink Gel Kit. If you are new at using gel kits then this one will be an ideal choice for you as it is extremely easy to use. You’ll get a manual as well. Besides, there is an LED nail lamp included. It takes only 2-3 mins to dry your nails. 

    Gladly informing you that the nail kit will last for a month or more. We suggest applying prime and nail dehydrators for more longevity. Another thing we like is the integrated slip solution. It prevents the gel from sticking to any nail gel tool like the brush. 

    There are 12 kinds of nail diamonds included with the product. Along with it, 4 popular colors of nail glitters are also available. Don’t worry about any side effects because the nail gel kit is completely safe for nails.

    At last, we want to mention what you’re going to get in the package. There are 6 (15 ml) extension gel, one 50 ml slip solution, one 8 ml base coat, top coat, nail lamp, 4 glitter, and others. 

    • Durable, lightweight, and long-lasting nail extension.
    • Ideal for beginners and professionals.
    • Complete Package.
    • Affordable price.
    • The lamp doesn’t include any auto sensor.

    3. Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

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    On the third spot, another high-quality nail gel kit is manufactured by Beetles. The nail kit comes with3 colors of nail extensions each of 30g; pink, clear, and white. Fortunately, the gel is stronger than hard gels containing no airborne dust, monomer, or other chemicals. 

    You must be impressed with what you’ll get from the package. There are 3 (30g) poly extension gel, 5 size gems, 6 size rhinestones, 48W nail lamp, slip solution, nail straightener gel, and others. 

    The gel is appropriate for both professionals and beginners. It will cost only 3 minutes to build fabulous nail extensions. Using the 48W LED lamp you can dry up your nail in 1-3 minutes. And if you can apply it properly, it’ll last up to one month. 

    The polygel nail kit is formulated with 9 toxin-free ingredients that help in maintaining a healthy, beautiful nail. However, avoid messing it especially with your eyes and if you are suffering from any serious allergic disease then consult with any medico before using it.

    • Easy and quick extension.
    • Light solution.
    • 6 colors of glitter available.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Avoid it if you experience any itching and redness develop.

    4. Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit Enhancement Builder

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    Modelos make colors for all. Their Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit Enhancement Builder is a special acrylic extension that changes color with temperature. 

    You can have six 15ml colors of gel with a trial slip solution and other nail accessories. It also comes with some decorative materials like glitter dust and glitter diamonds. This is a sufficient package for the budget.

    Use a moist brush to apply the extension gels and Viola! Even average nail technicians can use this kit very easily. This gel extension kit will last for 2 weeks. To prolong adhesion, you should apply a nail dehydrator and primer. 

    It reveals a clean color in warm temperatures and rose pink in cold weather. You can use warm and cold water for a better experience. To remove any sticky layer after use, you can apply a slip solution or any other nail cleanser.

    • Unique.
    • Value for money.
    • Suitable for professional use.
    • Offers dual forms.
    • Changes color with temperature. 
    • Not for beginners.
    • Sticky. 

    5. Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit

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    Gershion is a professional brand best known for manicure and pedicure products. They have recently introduced Gershion Poly Nail Gel kit, an easy choice for almost every nail lover.  

    This beginners kit includes six different colored extension gels with additional nail enhancement accessories.  

    This gel kit is very easy to use even for beginners. And you can create beautiful nail decorations within three minutes. It takes only 1-2 minutes under a led lamp for drying up.  

    It is made of natural resin which eliminates the risk of toxicity. And when it comes to durability, it can last up to 1 month if used correctly (filing, buffering, and cleaning). 

    This gel kit can be a perfect example for your beloved ones. It is appropriate for parties, outdoor hangouts and any other colorful festivals. 

    • Budget-friendly.
    • Natural resin made.
    • Highly transparent and glossy in nature.
    • Feels like feathers; almost weightless.
    • Odorless.
    • Best for beginners. 
    • Some may have allergic reactions.

    6. Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit

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    Get a salon-worthy nail treatment at home with Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit. This polygel nail kit includes 6 kinds of colors including baby pink to nude with a color-changing gel with temperature. Moreover, this kit is associated with a led lamp. 

    Like other polygel extension kits, you have to apply a base coat and topcoat for a better experience. Basecoat will offer a smooth surface where the top coat will seal the finished work. 

    It dries very fast and can last more than one month or so with proper prep work. You can get a handful of compliments in any wedding or party with this beautiful enhancement kit. 

    What’s more! This is a ready package offering premium nail enhancing accessories in one purchase; you don’t have to spend additional money a bit.  

    • Suits for money.
    • Easy to use.
    • Anyone can use it; beginner-friendly.
    • Available dual forms.
    • Quick use and long-lasting.
    • 2-year warranty.
    • Some users have a poor experience with this kit due to broken led lamps and other delivery issues. 

    7. Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit

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    Who doesn’t want to play with a rainbow on their nails? Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit offers you such a colorful nail rainbow set. 

    This kit includes 15g of poly nail gels and other essential nail enhancement accessories. It comes with 24 dedicated nail shapes of 12 sizes. 

    This gel kit is made of non-lethal elements. Hence, it offers a harmless and odorless experience with every brush you strike. The gels are also color and shiny-resistant and you will have a glossy finish at the end. 

    It is very durable and lasts longer than 2-3 weeks with proper prep work. The nail works won’t peel off easily unless extreme outer force is applied. And you will hardly face any chips and smudges.  

    • Perfect for DIY projects and professional uses.
    • No sticky feeling.
    • Non-toxic and odorless.
    • Prevents reflection.
    • Can be applied by women of any age. 
    • Some users may find it challenging to use. 

    8. Vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Kit

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    Stand out from the crowd and wear glamour with Vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Kit. Vrenmol poly nail gel kit is a friendly nail companion. You can create exquisite nail art with this gel without any side effects. 

    This poly nail gel kit has a minimum odor formula that prevents any acute feeling. There are 9 toxin-free ingredients used in this gel to keep your nails healthy and shining always. 

    When it comes to usability, Vrenmol Poly Nail Extension Gel dries very fast. With proper care and prep, you can last this nail extension for over a month. Curing time is the 60s for LED lamps and 90s for UV lamps. 

    For nail technicians and others, Vrenmol Nail Poly Gel is an ideal choice. Be it for a party, a date, or any festive occasion, you are fit to go with this nail extension gel. 

    • Durable.
    • Toxic-free.
    • Easy to use.
    • Shines all day.
    • Budget-friendly gift pack. 
    • If used carelessly, users may find it hard to dry the gel.

    9. Gellen Poly Nail Gel Extension Kit

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    Are you seeking something totally organic? Gellen poly nail gel extension kit is the perfect one for you. It is made with 100% organic formula; that won’t because of any harm to your nails. 

    It is easier to use, durable in nature, and more flexible to use than other nail extensions. Also, you will find it comparatively light than other acrylic or UV gel. Due to its light nature, this gel looks totally natural on your nails. 

    When it comes to durability, the Gellen Poly Nail Gel Extension Kit can last for two weeks or more; with three proper steps of prep. Those are: filing, buffering, and cleaning. It can dry in 30-the 60s under an LED lamp and in 2 mins under a UV lamp. 

    This kit comes with manual instructions; which should be followed in proper order for best use. The package also comes with some additional accessories like a wipes spatula which is sure to come in handy. 

    • 100% organic.
    • Light in nature.
    • Natural-looking.
    • Flexible and strong.
    • Excellent customer service. 
    • Can be time-consuming.

    10. Opove Poly Nail Gel Extension

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    Do you have a versatile taste in nail colors? And you want to collect a variety of coloring options in one package? If yes, Opole Poly Nail Gel Extension is the right one for you. 

    Opove poly nail gel extension comes in six different colors of nail extension gel. They are really realistic and natural-looking. 

    While using this gel kit, you will not feel any sensation of irritation or burn. This is totally safe to use.  With adequate nail preparation, this gel would last more than one month. You can also use some nail dehydrator/ primer which will ensure longer durability. 

    This gel extension kit by Opole is one of the toughest of its kind. It won’t easily break or let go without the outer strong force applied.  Be it for formal looks, regular life, or any seasonal place, this gel extension is a wise choice for any lady. 

    • Easy to use.
    • Suitable for any occasion, even daily life.
    • Easy to use.
    • Extremely durable.
    • No harmful effect.
    • Easy DIY. 
    • Sticky.

    11. UR SUGAR Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

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    One of the most selling nail extension gel kits is the UR Sugar Poly Nail Extension Gel kit. This gel kit has been sold over 500,000 pcs all over the world, and still, it’s one of the trending ones. 

    It is a polyacrylic gel that is manufactured with natural resin. It comes in a really low smell and nonlethal ingredients. The curing time for the gel to dry is 60-90 minutes for LED nail dryer lamps and 2-3 minutes for UV nail dryer lamps. The curing period may seem a little extra. However, great effects will come after that. 

    This extension gel kit is very neat and clean to use. And it is a professional choice for many manicurists and nail technicians. It holds for a long time and offers a gorgeous-looking enhancement. 

    • Fit for Professionals.
    • Made of natural resin.
    • Natural look.
    • Nonlethal.
    • Comes with a minimum smell. 
    • You must follow proper instructions for the best usage.

    12. Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

    Check Price On Amazon

    For beginners who are thinking of nail enhancements, Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit can be a beautiful choice for you. This nail kit comes in a package with all the necessary things you need.  

    This nail kit contains 9 nonlethal ingredients with a minimum smell. They keep your nails extremely healthy and harmless. It feels really light on nails that you won’t even feel. 

    It is stronger than builder gel and even for beginners, this gel can be used quite easily. It can take up to three minutes to have incredible extensions on your nails. And, this gel can last up to one month or more with proper care. 

    From parlor to DIY home get-over, this poly nail extension gel kit is an ideal choice for fashion and glamour.  

    • Ideal for beginners.
    • Cheap; within range for anyone.
    • Good DIY nail enhancement.
    • Light and strong.
    • Harmless for skin and nails. 
    • Less smooth. 

    13. Modelones Poly Nails Gel Set

    Check Price On Amazon

    Ever thought of the ocean waving on your fingers? Here it is. Modelones Poly Nails Gel Set offers you a complete collection of blue. And blue is the warmest of all.  

    This set offers 12 incredible colors. You can use it with any manicure pack, and also as a complement for other packs. It is completely environment-friendly and lovely to use. 

    This gel set is very easy to use and comes with a low smell. If you use this properly, it can last more than 2 to 3 weeks. It is totally free from toxic substances and harmless to use. 

    From saloon to daily life, you can use this gel for the extreme expression of blue. Nail lovers and professional manicurists all love this eccentric variety of blue set gel. 

    • Mix and match blue nail arts.
    • Easy to use and long-lasting.
    • Premium quality extension.
    • Appropriate for regular life, a date or any occasion.
    • Quality customer service. 
    • A bit sticky if used without instructions. 

    Buying Guide on Polygel Nail Kit Reviews

    Before you purchase any particular polygel nail kit after reading these polygel nail kit reviews you should consider some facts again. Here we’re going to add a few facts which might help to make the best decision.


    First, consider your safety. There are many polygel nail kits made of toxic ingredients that can be highly dangerous for your skin and nail. Something can extremely damage the sensitive organ of the human body by getting into contact. 

    So, before getting one must check out the ingredients it is made of. Make sure there aren’t any toxic chemicals.

    Color option

    Nobody would like to get a polygel nail kit with only 1-2 different colors. At the different festivals, you must love to show you with different looks. So, get one product that contains multi-color gel. Also, check out carefully whether the colors are attractive and vibrant or not.

    Long-lasting performance

    You must not love to use polygel on the nail regularly by costing a certain time. So, you should look for a product that will last for a long time.

    Most of the gel nail kits we reviewed last from week to month or even more. So, if you are a busy person then go for the one which lasts over a month. I would suggest the Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit Pink Gel Nail Kit Nail.

    However, one thing to keep in mind, use it properly on the nail following the instructions given in the manual. Otherwise, no gel will last long on your nail.

    Removal Process

    Removing the gel is time-consuming and always not so easy. But it can be easy if there is already any solution included with the package. So, we prefer choosing a gel kit that comes with any removal solution. Using a solution you can remove the gel like a breeze. 

    Curing time

    The most annoying part of manicuring a nail is waiting to dry it up. It’s called the curing time and curing time depends on the device you get with the product. Usually, it’s either UV lamps or LED lamps. If you are always in a hurry then choose one item that comes with LED lamps. We have noticed LED lamps cure a little faster than UV lamps. However, we won’t discourage you to avoid UV lamps because they are effective.

    How to Apply Poly Gel Nails?

    While reading the best polygel nail kit reviews you may have understood why it is important to apply it perfectly. So, another part is here along with polygel nails reviews

    1. Use a pH solution and prep your nail.
    2. Now, prepare the nail and place its tip at the top of your nail.
    3. Then use the acid-free nail primer.
    4. Take the brush and dip it into the solution. 
    5. Smooth out poly gel all over your nail and try your best to give the desired shape.
    6. Time for curing. Use the UV lamp or LED lamp.
    7. Buff and file the nail to get the desired shape.
    8. Finally, apply to rub alcohol to clean it and then use a gel top coat and again cure the nail under the lamp.

    FAQ on polygel nail kit reviews

    People have a lot of questions about gelish polygel reviews, home gel nail kit reviews, best at home gel nail kit reviews, pink and white gel nails reviews, and others. It’s time to share some frequently asked questions on polygel nail kit reviews.

    Q: How to remove polygel from your nail?

    Ans: There are several ways to remove it but all of them require patience and care. First, if there is any removal solution then use it. In other ways, you can use acetone, drill, or nail file to buff the gel.

    Q: Is the polygel nail kit safe for your nail?

    Ans: Yes, surely it is safe and even considered as better acrylics. However, if your nail kit contains any harmful chemical then it may not be safe for your nail. So, better carefully read out the ingredients.

    Q: Which is better – Poly Gel or Acrylic?

    Ans: Obviously polygel. They are safer and lighter than acrylic. Plus, their longevity is higher.

    Q: Can I use regular nail polish on polygel?

    Ans: Yes, it is possible and doesn’t cause any trouble. However, one negative you may face is the durability of the color. For getting a long-lasting hold better not use nail polish.

    Further Reading

    Final Verdict

    We are far away from the start and now it’s time to reveal the best hard gel for nail extensions of all products. In this review, I have reviewed 13 best polygel nail kit and among them, I would prefer “Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit” 

    However, in particular, there is no certain best item. So read out every product and understand which one is best for your nail.

    Once again, if you ever feel any allergic reaction or other skin problem after using any product, stop using it and better ask a doctor about it. Hope this polygel nail kit reviews will be helpful for you.