10 Best Hot Tools Hair Dryer Review in 2022 – Figure Out the Suitable Item

Hot Tools Hair Dryer Review

In the world of hair dryers, Hot Tools is one of the most popular brands with a huge production. And most of my friends have also chosen Hot Tools. So, I  have the experience of operating a few Hot Tools.

Different Hot Tools hair dryers are designed for different purposes. So, you can simply choose one just by knowing it is the best brand. No worries, I made a mistake once, and to help to prevent you from the same mistake I have come with the 10 best hot tools hair dryer review. Today, I am going to explain the hot tools blow dryer reviews with proper features and detail.

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The Rundown

Best for Office Girls: HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer.

If you are always in a hurry then choose this one as it works with an 1875 watt powerful airflow. It works very fast to prepare the hair.

Best for All Types of Hair: HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Lite N Quiet Turbo Styling Hair Dryer

The dryer has 6 different heating modes as well as 2 speeds which must be suitable for all types of hair. 

Best for Dry Hair: HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer

Dry and puffy hair makes the whole look disheveled. So, with Ionic technology, this dryer heats faster and dries your hair faster with a silky smooth finishing. 

Best Affordable: HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Tourmaline+Ionic Lightweight & Quiet Hair Dryer

Almost all the Hot Tools products are expensive, but this one is affordable with the best features. All necessary facilities are in this dryer.

Best Salon Finishing Look: HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer

For a salon finishing look, you need to nail your experience. This dryer with powerful airflow helps to give you a salon look finish within a few minutes. 

Best for Frizzy Hair: HOT TOOLS Pro Signature One-Step Volumizer & Hair Dryer

Frizzy hair makes the whole look distasteful. So, this dryer helps to smoothen hair as well as volume hair by the airflow reaching the roots. 

Best for Blow Drying: HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer

Blow drying makes your hair more volume and bouncy. For that precise and specific look, this one is ideal.

Best All-Rounder: HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer

Ultimately, this one is the best all-rounder out of all. The facilities, the easy usage, the extra accessories, and the stunning result! All are mind-blowing.

Best Investment-Worthy: HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold One-Step Hair Dryer

It’s expensive, but it is worth the investment for a long time as the powerful motor can handle it for a longer period. 

Best Travel-Friendly: HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Lightweight Ionic Travel Dryer

It’s lightweight, has a long cord, dries hair faster, and has a compact design. So, it’s designed for traveling anywhere.

Top 10 Best Hot Tools Hair Dryer Reviews in 2022

Now It’s time to enter the main part – Hot Tools dryer reviews –

1. HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

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Let’s start the review part with this exceptional high-technology hairdryer. This one is one of the most selling hair dryers of Hot Tool having some great technologies such as 6 hair flow options, direct iconic technology, an easy cleaning system, and others.

Another thing to love about the hair dryer is the additional cold shot button. To hold your style for a very long time helps a lot. Now I am going to discuss a few more important features of this hair dryer.

Key Features

  • Powerful airflow: The hair dryer runs on 1875 watt strong airflow which helps to make your hair ready in no time.
  • 6 heating options: To get salon-styled hair there are 6 different options available. It also works great for making different styles. 
  • Direct Iconic technology: No way to get frizzy hair as the dryer features the direct iconic technology. It reduces frizz and brings back shiny hair.
  • Ceramic technology: The technology works in a different way by emitting far-infrared heat that seals the cuticle and ensures over-styling protection.
  • Comfortable grip: The next thing is the self-touch comfort grip. Having the grip operating the dryer is simpler.

Why should you pick it? 

The powerful 1875 watt airflow of the dryer makes it perfect for busy people. It won’t take a huge time to prepare your hair.

2. HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Lite N Quiet Turbo Styling Hair Dryer

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Second on the list, another best hot tools hair dryer to provide you all day long salon blowout. Integrated with an easy soft one-touch handle and a powerful motor the dryer is very easy to operate.

People love the lightweight design of the dryer. Moreover, few extra features such as a long cord, concentrator, etc. will be more beneficial for the users to have. Now I am going to show you the other features of this one of the best dryers for the money.

Key Features

  • 2 speed and 6 heat options: To ensure smooth and sleek tresses, and voluminous blowout there are 6 heating options and 2-speed options available.
  • Cool shot feature: Losing your hairstyles in no time? No worries. Use the cool shot feature after finishing the blowout to hold a long-lasting style of your hair.
  • Convenient grip: The next thing I love is the one-touch soft grip. The handle keeps your hand stable and relaxed while operating the machine. Besides, it is highly comfortable to hold.
  • Powerful airflow: You’ll love the powerful 1875 watt airflow that helps to complete the operation very quickly.
  • Professional long cord: The dryer is integrated with an 8 ft cord for ease of movement while blowing.

Why should you pick it?

The 6 different heating styles and 2 different speeds are the best thing about the dryer. It is highly beneficial to maintain different styles in different ways.

3. HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer

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Drying or styling your frizzy and crazily fluffy hair at home is a war. For those who have this problem Hot Tools this best blow dryer for blowout is a perfect choice. This one-step blowout styling hair dryer is designed to create a smooth and silky finishing. 

The oval size design with a slight curve and the charcoal-infused bristles help to dry your hair without tangling or tugging hair annoyingly. For the accessible oval shape, the bristles can reach close to hair roots and create heavy bounce. It dries hair quickly within 10 minutes as well as styling. 

Key Features

  • Heat: The dryer gets reasonably hot, not excessive or not less, it won’t burn your skin or hair. But when it gets hotter, then be careful where you put your hands. On the 24k gold surface, heat is distributed very evenly.
  • Bristles: It has edge-cutting board 2 bristles that guide the hair smoothly and give silky smooth finishing. The airflow between the bristles offers heavy volume and bounces. 
  • Switch: The dryer has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings for versatile usage. You just have to rotate the temperature control settings for your desired heat. 
  • Technology: ION technology is infused to maintain the neutral charge on the hair and leave it as silky smooth ever. It helps the frizzy and puffy hair to look smooth and voluminous. The 24k gold surface works to spread the heat evenly on the surface. 
  • Size: This dryer has a very ergonomic design with a comfortable lightweight handle. The 8ft. A professional retractable cord helps to allow you free-range movement. And you can hang it in the bathroom or beside the dressing table by the loop at the bottom of it.

Why should you pick it?

It has all kinds of facilities to choose from. It will give you silky smooth textured and volumed hair with its soft bristles and 24k gold surface. In all hot tools hair dryer reviews this one makes the perfect bounces. 

4. HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer

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Hot Tools is the signature brand of hair dryer which will be iconic as always. This ceramic rainbow with 1875 wattage boasts a powerful and quick hair drying session. Plus, the powerful airflow results in the best volumed and bouncy hair with a silky smooth finish.

The ceramic hair dryer is very lightweight and the best blow dryer for a blowout. It not only dries your hair with hot airflow, but also it has a cold shot button for cooling down. It claims to dry hair quickly and leaves the volumed hair behind.

Key Features

  • Heat: China-originated dryer is made with a powerful yet lightweight motor and 1875 Wattage powerful airflow. It dries hair very fast with the powerful blow.
  • Accessories: The hair dryer comes with diffusers and afro-comb which helps to detangle hair. The soft bristles work well and reach all the hair roots.
  • Technology: The texture of the dryer is soft and comfortable. It doesn’t get overheated that you can’t touch. The powerful motor with 1875watt works together to dry hair as quickly as possible. 
  • Size: The 8″ professional cord allows for a free movement range. Besides, the dryer is lightweight to hold and the compact design is suitable for any small place.
  • Speed: It has 6 different heat and speed setting options to style and dry your hair. Style your hair, curl or wave!

Why should you pick it?

Though the product is a bit expensive, the facilities with fantastic features are tempting. The 6 different power settings to heat temperature are versatile to use. The compact size and long cord help to move it freely. 

5. HOT TOOLS Pro Signature One-Step Volumizer & Hair Dryer

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This gorgeous and sleek-looking chick from HOT TOOLS never fails to amuse the stylish and users. This dryer is filled with all the fantastic features. Just like HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Dryer, this one is ergonomic oval-shaped with specially designed bristles.

It will blow dry your hair within 7-10 minutes and give you silky smooth finishing with flat iron touch. This China-originated product offers you the salon finish at home with a half time than the other dryers. It’s one of the best-rated professional hair dryers.

Key Features

  • Shape: This Hot Tool has a unique H7 Oval design which is an ergonomic handle. It helps to straighten and volume your hair without any hassle. 
  • Bristles: The bristles are magic in this dryer. The boartech bristles with the soft and smooth flow help to reach the roots and detangle hair.
  • Heat: On the Refresh3 activated charcoal barrel of the dryer the hairdryer surface spread the heat properly all over the barrel. Plus, it has an interchangeable barrel to use how you need it.
  • Switch: Multiple heat temperature settings for wash-day hair or 2nd-day hairstyling. It has 1 temperature setting with 2-speed settings. One release button for easy usage.
  • Technology: The dryer is infused with ION technology to cover frizzy hair into smooth sleek hair. 

Why should you pick it?

It has a detachable head design to make it perfect for traveling. The cool tip at the barrel helps to keep your hand safe while drying, not slipping away. Moreover, the 6″ swivel cord allows plenty of movement! 

6. HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Lightweight Ionic Travel Dryer

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Having a trip outside for a long time where you must bring on your favorite dryer? Then, HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Lightweight Ionic Travel Dryer is at your service. Unlike HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer, this one has a universal dual voltage system that makes it outstanding. 

With all the exquisite features, it comes with all the necessary equipment that is necessary. The double voltage system with its foldable handle makes it ideal for traveling and versatility. 

Key Features

  • Heat: With a powerful and quiet motor this dryer has 1875 Watt that ensures powerful airflow to dry hair fast and give proper bounce.
  • Switch: It has 2 button speed and heat temperature settings for versatile hair drying methods. 
  • Technology: With direct ION technology, this one helps to smoothen frizzy and fluffy hair into volumed and silky hair with long-lasting results. Plus, the dual voltage system 125/250 voltage.
  • Size: The compact size and lightweight of this dryer makes it very suitable for traveling anywhere or keeping it stored in a small space. The 6ft cord allows moving freely.
  • Accessories: Comes with finger diffuser and concentrator. It has a hinged end cap.

Why should you pick it?

The dryer has a power indicator light. Besides that, the speed settings with the dual voltage systems are outstanding features. 

7. HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer

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For 25 years Hot Tools has been leading the hair styling tool collection. This high-quality product from HOT TOOLS is also no exception to amuse you by its remarkably advanced technology. 

These hot tools ionic turbo salon dryer reviews claim to give you shiny and silky hair within a few minutes and last more than longer. The direct Ionic technology is another plus point of this hair dryer for fast drying and quick styling.

Key Features

  • Heat: 1875Watt helps to create a powerful airflow that dries hair fast without overheating or burning hair. 
  • Technology: Made with Direct Ionic technology to reduce the frizz and leave silky and healthy-looking hair. 
  • Accessories: Comes with a hand diffuser and a styling pick comb that helps to detangle and volume wavy and curly hair.
  • Switch: It has 6 different heat and speed settings to allow you to style your hair as you want
  • Cold Shot: The cold shot shoot the cold blast that helps to keep hair in place for a longer period. 

Why should you pick it?

It’s made with a powerful yet quiet motor, so no vibration or annoying sound while styling hair now. Plus, it helps to keep volumized hair for a long time.

8. HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Tourmaline+Ionic Lightweight & Quiet Hair Dryer

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Just like HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer, this is also filled with outstanding features. First, I would love to mention that this one is the best dryer for the money. It’s super affordable and efficient to use. 

The sufficient and perfect airflow dries the hair fast. Besides, there are multiple temperatures and speed settings to style whatever you want without touching your iron or curler.

Key Features 

  • Technology: With direct ION technology this lightweight dryer makes sure to make your dry and frizzy hair silky and smooth like butter! 
  • Heat: At 1875Watt the powerful airflow reaches all the hair roots to dry it fast without damaging much. Plus, it doesn’t overheat or burn your hair.
  • Switch: 6 heat and speed settings to control your styling as you want. You can straight, wave, curl or make your hair volumized with it!
  • Size: As I mentioned before, it’s super lightweight plus it has an ergonomic compact design to not stress your hand or arms while styling.
  • Accessories: Comes with hand diffuser, straighten pik comb, and concentrator to style as you want.

Why should you pick it?

This hair dryer makes no sound while drying or styling your hair, which is great. The accessories help to reach the heat at the deep of the hair root and dry faster.

9. HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer

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Another great addition from the HOT TOOLS family. This one has 1875 watts composed of powerful airflow. The airflow comes very fast and dries your hair faster leaving your salon finishing. Just use it at home to get a salon finishing look.

It’s lightweight and makes less noise though it has a very powerful AC motor. It has Ionic technology which makes the heat working efficiently and in a proper way. For the innovative motor, it dries hair 40% faster than other dryers. For those who have dry hair, it’s the best hot tools dryer for dry hair.

Key Features

  • Switch: It has 2-speed settings with 3 heat settings to allow you to style your hair in a versatile way daily.
  • Technology: With a professional Ionic AC motor the Ionic technology helps to make the dry frizzy hair into sleek smooth volumed hair within a few minutes. 
  • Heat: With the technology, the heat comes faster and efficiently dries and styles hair. In addition, it stays 3x longer than other dryers.
  • Cold Shot: Cold shot button helps to keep the style longer than ever. It’s like a bonus.
  • Accessories: Comes with a diffuser and concentrator which helps to improve the hair look just like a salon.

Why should you pick it?

Even cleaning the hairdryer is easier with the end cap of it. The quiet styling session by not stressing your arm is all you’ll want. 

10. HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold One-Step Hair Dryer

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This gorgeous product from HOT TOOLS itself looks elegant and is a wanted product by the most popular stylist and salon. The ultimate last product on my list is one of the best items you can say.

Make your hair look stunning by yourself in a home with this fantastic item. The advanced technology infused in this item results in the most satisfying view you will get. 

Key Features

  • Bristles: The Boar tech 2 bristles with natural max activated charcoal and silk glide smoothly slides into your hair and detangle from the root.
  • Heat: The black gold surface of the barrel is made by the experts to spread the heat evenly all over the place and with the soft bristles it reaches into the root. 
  • Switch: It has rotating temperature control with three-speed settings to style in different ways. 
  • Shape: The unique oval shape creates lift to the root and curls at the end to ensure a gorgeous result. 
  • Size: It’s lightweight and very compact. The 8ft swivel cord helps to free movement.

Why should you pick it?

Without the annoying buzzing sound, just rotating the temperature control and soft bristles, get the salon finishing look at home!

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Buying Guide for The Hot Tools Hair Dryer Review

You have already completed reading the best hot tools hair dryer review.

Now I am going to explain a guide to help you in choosing the best hot pool hair dryer. 

Consider the Hair Type

Our hair types are different in nature. Some of us inherit thin and silky hair by birth whereas others have curly thick hair genetically. A misconception we have adapted to ourselves for generations is, every hair dryer is suitable for every kind of hair. And that is completely wrong. 

Like many other hair dryer brands, hot pool builds hairdryers based on customers’ hair nature as well. For thin hair, go for ceramic hot pool hairdryers. And for curly hairs, you should pick up diffuser-type hot pool hairdryers. 

Power Consumption

Another thing you should keep in mind before purchasing a hot pool hairdryer is the consumption of power. People who have short and thin hair will need hair dryers that consume less power (below 1800 Watt). And in the case of others who have long curly or frizzy hair, they need powerful hair dryers that are destined to use more power (above 1800 Watt). 

Different Heating options

Also, hair dryers that offer multiple options for adjusting heat should be considered the better ones for you. Keeping the heat settings to a minimum or average level allows you to prevent your hair from having any damage. Usually, hot pool hair dryers come with three different options for setting a proper temperature for your hair: low, medium, and high. It is wise not to use the high heat set up frequently. 

Weight and Size

We should also keep the weight and size of the hot pool hair dryers in mind. Usually, most of the modern-day hair dryers of hot pools are ergonomic in design; meaning manufacturers keep the comfort of customers in mind while they use them. In fact, there are many medium-sized hot pools available in the market. You can easily move with them keeping them inside your purse and use them any time you want. 

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FAQ on Hot Tools Hair Dryer Review

After the guide on hot tools hair dryer review, now I would like to show some FAQs on the best hot tools blow dryers. Let’s get them.

Q: What is the best hot tools dryer for dry hair?

Ans: I would like to recommend the “HOT TOOLS Professional 2100 Ionic AC Motor Hair Dryer.” For dry and puffy hair the dryer works great.

Q: Are hot tools a good hair dryer?

Ans: Surely Hot Tools are one of the most renowned brands with some great production. They have over 15 highly popular hair dryers and here I have already reviewed 10 of the best Hot Tools hair dryers.

Q: How do I pick a hair dryer for thin hair?

Ans: Choose a hair dryer of medium wattage and never overheat your hair. You can go for “HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold One-Step Hair Dryer.”

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Final Verdict

The main purpose of this article is to reveal the Hot tools hair dryer review and we have revealed the top 10 hair dryers. Now, you have to list out the features of the dryers and find the suitable one for you.

However, still we have got some requests to reveal one of the best products. We keep the HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer at the first place

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