5 Best Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord You Mustn’t Miss

best hair dryer with retractable cord

A hair dryer has become an essential element of our daily life. Even if we are on a tour we can’t help carrying it. But the fact is in a different place you will need a hairdryer with a long cord. But organizing the long cord is more than a hassle. In that case, the only solution for you is the best hair dryer with retractable cord. 

Hair dryer with a retractable cord lets you consume the advantages of a long cord without suffering the issue of organization. It functions as a retractable button to retract the wire with just a single press. 

Everything seems advantageous but it really is when you can choose the ideal authentic item. If you don’t have proper knowledge about the best hair dryer with retractable cord then this content must come in aid for you. Recently, we got interested in the best retractable hair dryer and tried a few items. Finally, we determined 5 products. This article is all about the best hair dryer with retractable cord. But before that let’s learn a little more about the product.

What is a hair dryer with a retractable cord?

A retractable cord is a modernized design that allows the user to pull the cord to a particular distance and retract it using any retract button. Generally, there is a switch or button included. You just have to press it to retract. 

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The Rundown

Best Hair Dryer for Fast Drying: Conair 1875 Watt Hairdryer

This Conair 1875 hair dryer makes hair drying really quick for you. It is a great relief for working women. Besides, keeping hair damage to a minimum, it also offers diversity in your hair makeovers.

Best hair dryer for fast drying: Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer

A perfect hair dryer for fast and accurate service within a short interval of time. Whether you are traveling or attending a party, a hair makeover by this dryer will definitely enhance your day.

Best for Portability and Travel: Andis 80020 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

For ladies who have to travel often, this hair dryer can be a blessing. It is quick, easily foldable and the end result is always shinier, softer, and faster. 

Best for Travel Ladies: Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer

If you love to travel but are worried about maintaining good health for your hair, this Conair 1875 can be the next budget companion for you. It is powerful and top-notch in service, while very flexible for transporting.

Best Value: SUNBEAM HD3010-005 Retractable Cord Folding Handheld Hair Dryer

It’s one of the best hair dryers with retractable cords filled with all advanced technology, fantastic features, and super beautiful results!

5 Best Hair Dryer With Retractable Cord

In this segment, we are going to reveal the products with their regular and unique features along with their advantages and drawbacks. So, let’s hop in with us.

1. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

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Who doesn’t want a hairdryer with almost zero hair damage? Conair 1875 Wall Cord Keeper Hair Dryer is the same as you are told in the description. 

The Conair 1875 ensures a very fitting hairstyle every time you stroke the brush. It is featured with modern technologies that allow you to dry faster and with minimal damage due to heat exposure. 

People with frizzy hair will love Conair 1875. Because it makes your hair more manageable and softens the stubborn curls. Being accompanied by a soft hair treatment, you will enjoy the freedom of versatile hairstyles. 

Besides, it can be easily managed. The retractable 5-inch cord allows you to disassemble the dryer and put it in a fitting bag quickly. 

Key Features 

  • Exclusive Styles: This best 1875 watt hair dryer comes with three different heating styles and two different speed settings. You can combine all these 5 settings in total to have some marvelous hairstyles. 
  • Locks Style: The cool shot button locks your style in place and ensures your style remains safe. There is a diffuser attachment also for extra wavy hairs and a concentrator to channel airflow in any specific direction.  

Serves Power and Speed: There is a strong high torque dc motor that offers a robust flow of air. It allows you to dry your hair even quicker. 

  • Best Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord: The retractable cord offers you quick maintenance and easy portability. 
  • Embedded with Modern Technology: The featured Tourmaline Ceramic technology creates infrared heat which reduces heat damage and offers a soft hair treatment. 
  • It is value for your money.
  • Comes with easy portability.
  • Weighs only 1 pound.
  • Drying power is super fast and harmless.
  • Offers versatile hairstyles.
  • Cord may get twisted sometimes.

2. Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer

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What’s more than a powerful performance? A look that suits your personality. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer is meant to suit your famine personality perfectly. 

Built of durable ceramic materials, it is available in pink, a color that goes with all the beautiful girls out there. Let the look don’t defy you. It has a powerful performance and durability. 

Unlike our first reviewed Conair 1875, it comes with a more easy cord removable feature ( we will get into that part). It is easy to use, transfer and offers an amazing drying speed. 

Key Features

  • Push Button Feature: Conair 1875 comes with the easiest cord removal process. Push a button and the 5-inch cord will be swiftly retracted. 
  • Iconic Technology: Conair 1875 watt hair dryers are featured with the tourmaline ceramic technology, which ensures evenly distributed heat for fast drying and more shines.  
  • Versatility in Style: This Conair 1875 is also featured with 3 heating set up and 2-speed options. Having different styles couldn’t be any easier. Cool Shot Button: The cool shot button ensures your style remains safe, with a diffuser keeping your wavy hairs at bay. The built-in concentrator also improves straightening style. 
  • Easy to Organize: It is very easy to maintain once you are done using and the less weight makes it very comfortable for travel.

3. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer

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Conair 1875 Watt hair dryers have always been a satisfaction. They have always focused on performance ever since the creation of the brand, this time they decided to make something flexible for our travel-minded ladies. Our next reviewed cord keeper travel hair dryer is one step ahead. 

Conair 1875 Watt hair dryer is an extremely easy portable travel hair dryer that guarantees a beautiful journey while taking care of your hair. It comes with a foldable handle, making it one of the easiest to fit in your bag. 

This best Conair hair dryer ensures a powerful and robust service while keeping things all tidy and clean. It is an economic and extreme solution for travel lovers out there. 

Key Features: 

  • Easy Cord Retract System: This modern Conair 1875 hair dryer makes sure you get the best flexibility of all. It is featured with a push-button policy which makes it extremely easy to retract the cord just by the click of a button.
  • Folding Handle: It is featured with a folding handle making it one of the most comfortable and flexible hair dryers for travel, compact storage, and packing. 
  • Advanced Technology: The Tourmaline Ceramic Technology in this dryer ensures a gentle hair drying procedure with less heat damage. 
  • Dual Voltage Options: This 1875 watt hair dryer comes with two voltage options making it a universal travel companion for the road. 
  • Different Style Option: Unlike other Conair 1875, it comes with 2 heat and speed settings. However, with all the convenient benefits around, I guess I can vouch for a few fewer setting options. 
  • Best for travel and long roads.
  • Instant cord retraction with the push removal button.
  • Easy to fold and quick to use.
  • Universal usage due to dual voltage options.
  • A good value for the money. 
  • Overheating issue. 

4. Andis 80020 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

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Go versatile with Andis 80020 1875 Watt Fold N Go Hair Dryer. It is embedded with the most effective ceramic technology making it one of the smartest options for hair enhancement. 

This iconic hair dryer is extremely comfortable in use. It can be easily folded and fit into your nearest drawer or handbags, making it an appropriate companion for long travels and journeys.

Being consistent in nature, you can get a beautiful and quick hair treatment very easily. Professionals are highly impressed with its effective hair drying proficiency. And for beginners, it would be an excellent choice to enter the realm of hair enhancement with standard power. 

Key Features

  • Ionic Technology: Andis 80020 is featured with the smartest Ionic Technology. The ions minimize the frizziness of the hair in the process of conditioning. 
  • Adjustable Settings: 3 different heat and airspeed settings offer you a set of stylish hair enhancements with minimum effort. 
  • Cool Shot Button: With Andis 80020, there is no possibility of losing your style in vain. The cool shot button holds and locks your style in place. 
  • Retractable Cord: Don’t get too carried away with other long corded hair dryers. In Andis 80020, you will have an easily retractable cord. Also, the handle can be easily folded for smooth portability and storage. 
  • Nano Ceramic Technology: The Andis 80020 hairdryer is embedded with nano-ceramic technology allowing you to have effortless smooth and silkier hair in no time. 
  • Durable composition with polymer outer.
  • Takes a little time to prepare your hair.
  • Weighs only 1.2 pounds and is suitable for portability.
  • Can be easily folded to fit in your bag.
  • Lifeline shock protection. 
  • Without proper maintenance, you can face few durability issues.
  • Suitable for 125V AC power only. 

5. SUNBEAM HD3010-005 Retractable Cord Folding Handheld Hair Dryer

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This is a sophisticated and sleek-looking all-black SUNBEAM retractable cord hairdryer. You’ll be amazed to know that professionals, hairstylists use and recommend this one to make a beautiful hairstyle on both men and women.

Next, let’s talk about the technologies and amazing facilities of this fantastic product. First, I want to mention, this product is infused with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology and Ionic Technology which is a must for any best quality hairdryer. 

You’ll be impressed with the 1875 motor with perfect heat control and a cool shot button. Not to mention, the advanced retractable cord, just presses the button and the cord will automatically retract without any hassle.

With the 5.5 retractable cord, it’s very to use and store, even easy to travel with! I would love to inform you that, if you have frizzy and damaged hair, don’t worry about using it because it will ensure you result in smooth, shiny, and sleek hair.

The airflow is precise and you can adjust it as you want. It comes with a concentrator, so if you are a professional stylist then it will help you to keep in touch with the hair and maintain it frequently. 

Key Features

  • Cord: The product has a 5.5 ft retractable cord which can be automatically retracted into the product with just one press in a specific button. 
  • Folding Handle: You can fold the handle to store it in a compact place or travel with it in a small bag pack. 
  • Heat Settings: This fantastic hair dryer has 3 air/heat settings to suit your style and choice. You can choose the speed or setting you want for the perfect airflow. 
  • Advanced Technology: Manufacturers infused Ionic Technology & Tourmaline Ceramic Technology in it for faster and quick drying.
  • Voltage: With an 1875 watt motor, the product has worldwide voltage, so users can use it anywhere. 
  • Very easy to clean with the removable back part.
  • Thanks to the powerful motor, it produces strong airflow.
  • Makes hair shiny and silky smooth.
  • Sometimes you need to help to retract the cord fully.

Buying Guide for the Best Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord

Best Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord infographics

Purchasing a hairdryer is pretty difficult because it’s an electronic product and you must check some must-check qualities in the product. Here we are going to describe those must-check features-

1. Watts

How effective and powerful your dryer is, plus how much faster your dryer can dry your hair depends on the wattage of a hairdryer. The higher the watt, the faster and powerful blow the dryer produces. The basic hair dryer comes in 1000-1800 watts and the highest watts is 3600. The highest one for frizzy and curly hair.

2. Size & Weight

Before buying the dryer, check if it can be handled in a single hand properly and can be balanced well. If it’s too large to grip in hand or heavier, then you will get fatigued in your hand from holding it. Plus, you also need to store it properly in a place, so find a compact and foldable one, so you can carry it in a bag or store it.

3. Cord

Find one long corded hair dryer even if it’s retraced. Length within 4-5.5 ft is perfect and you can easily and smoothly retract them with just a one-press button. Retractable cord hair dryers are a blessing!

4. Setting of Heat Control

It’s one of the most important must-checks on this list. According to the watt power, the dryer may produce a lot of heat that can burn and shrink your hair with extreme heat. So, keep it customizable for every type of hair and everyone, there must be 3-4 heat temperature settings. From high to low, choose which one is better for you.

5. Technology

Some technologies in the dryers help the users to get shiny, sleek, and moisturized hair and keep it long-lasting for all hair types. Ionic technology and tourmaline ceramic technology is the most popular and famous technology to use in most hair dryers to keep hair healthy and shiny after drying & styling.

6. Cool Shot Button

The cool shot button is a must after drying your hair. It cools down your hair with scalp plus keeps your hair in place, voluminous for a long day. It works like setting powder after makeup, it sets the hair after styling for the rest of the day.

7. Attachments

In any best retractable cord hair dryer, you’ll find some necessary attachments like a nozzle concentrator, diffuser, and comb. It helps to reach airflow in the deep root of the hair and gives a voluminous look. Maximum time, best hair dryer comes with these components, if yours doesn’t have these, you can buy them separately.

Why Should You Pick a Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord?

There are several reasons you should choose a retractable cord dryer instead of a short or long cord dryer. Here we are showing some of them.

1. No More Cord Damage

Random long card dryers are more likely to get damaged due to the tough organization of wire. Due to unexpected wear and tear the life span of the wire gets short. Plus there are more possibilities to get starched by sharp tips. Sometimes, it causes electrical leakage and the cord can be a dangerous element for humans. 

When it is a retractable hair dryer it is safer and trusted compared to other types of dryers. Here the wire won’t come much in contact with nearby elements and remain secure.

2. Easy Organization

Another great reason to pick a retractable hair dryer is easy to easily organize the feature. The retractable button helps to organize the wire without any hassle that makes it compact and travel-friendly. After retraction, the dryer becomes more small-sized compared to regular hair dryers.

3. No More Tangling

After almost every use while storing, the cord gets tangled, and probably this is the most annoying task to unwrap the knots manually, killing your valuable time. No more you have to face this ridiculous problem when it is a hair dryer with a retractable cord. 

Here the cord organization is no hassle as a single button can organize it. So, get a retractable dryer to say bye-bye to cord tangling.  

FAQ on the Best Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord

Q: What is the best retractable cord hair dryer?

Ans: To get the best retractable hair dryer you have to check some facts including watt control, speed, heat level, retract button, size, weight, and others. We have already considered the facts and finally, we have suggested 5 best hair dryer with retractable cord. Now, Just check the products.

Q: What is the best Conair hair dryer?

Ans: We have already mentioned 5 products and including them, a product comes from Conair – Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer. The dryer is just one lb and integrated with a powerful high-torque DC motor. 

Q: Are retractable hair dryer more durable?

Ans: Yes, they are, because there are fewer chances to occur cord damage and wire leakage. Plus, storing them is no big hassle. As a result, the dryer remains safer and organized.

Further Reading

Final Verdict

So far you are now familiar with the best hair dryer with retractable cord. Undoubtedly, you should always keep one of them in your home because you don’t when the next tour is. There are 5 suggestions and we guess you must like a few of them at least.

Now it’s time for you to judge the items and figure out which one meets most of your needs. However, for a single suggestion we would suggest the “Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer” Don’t forget to check out the buyer’s guide and FAQs. That’s all for now but before ending this content, here is another suggestion for you if you are a Hot Tool Hair Dryer fan.