Top 10 Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pour [Detailed Review]

Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pour

A hairdryer is often used for styling or drying your hair, but it’s also used to dry acrylic plaint. Amusing, isn’t it? Acrylic pouring is a technique used by artists to create masterpiece artworks. This kind of artwork gained popularity nowadays.

The process is different colors of acrylic paint is poured on the canvas from a cup. Then let the paint flow in a different direction and then a hairdryer is used to splatter the paint on the surface without minimum waste of paint.

If you’re already interested, then buckle up because our today’s journey is to dig into “Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pouring”. All the products listed here are reviewed by the tasters and customers, so you can rely on our reviews. As we still have a lot to share with you all, so keep reading until the end!

Review of Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pour

In this part, we’ll be talking about the review of the best hair dryer for dutch power. So, keep reading

1. Hot Tools Professional 1875W Lightweight Iconic Dryer

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As we’re talking about hair styling or dutch pouring, we can’t help but keep Hot Tools Professional Dryer in the first place. The dryer has high technology that can help to dry the pouring faster. Plus, the weight is super light, and using it is very simple.

The travel size also helps to store it in a small place. Going to any art competition overseas? Take this little buddy with you because it has the universal dual voltage, so you can plug it anywhere. Not to mention again, the powerful motor offers super speedy airflow, that helps the pouring get the best result.

Key Features

  • Heat Settings: This amazing hair tool has 2 air/heat settings to suit your preference. For drying the pouring, you can choose the perfect speed of airflow within these two settings.
  • Advanced Technology: Direct Ion Technology with a cool shot feature is infused in this hairdryer. It helps to dry frizzy hair into a silky smooth voluminous look. Plus, the technology makes the drying process faster.
  • Design: The travel-friendly design is suitable for storing it in any small compartment or traveling anywhere with it. Plus, it’s super lightweight, so it won’t tire you to hold it for a long time.
  • Cord: This 1875watt dryer has a 6ft long cord which helps to get free-range movements.

Why Should You Pick It

You can use the hairdryer not only for drying your pouring faster but also as it comes with a diffuser, concentrator with a hinged end cap to elongate the motor life, so you can use it for drying your hair too.

Specialty: Best Lightweight Dryer

2. BRIGENUS 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

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Dry your dutch pouring faster and without creating any air bubbles. Not only this hair dryer can make your hair look silky smooth but also gives your painting a fantastic finishing.

The strong motor and heat technology create perfect airspeed and temperature that help to flow the paint freely and dry faster. Plus, the cool shot feature helps to keep the painting stick in place, so it gets splendid finishing.

Key Features

  • Heat Setting: The dryer has 2-speed settings with 3 heat setting options. It flows in both hot & cool temperatures when you just click the button.
  • Advanced Technology: The mind-blowing ION technology helps to release negative Ions that help to dry the hair or paint faster and achieve the desired finishing look.
  • Voltage: The high-quality 1875watt voltage AC motor dries the pouring with no time and lasts super long.
  • Overheating Protection: Sometimes overheating your dryer burns the internal tools of the dryer which is dangerous. So, this dryer has technology that turns off the dryer once it reaches 248F. When it cools down, it can be turned on again.

Why Should You Pick It?

Simply you should pick it for the excellent features of this dryer. It has all safety features with all high-quality technology. So, not picking this dryer, is simply silly.

Specialty: Best Hairdryer Overall

3. Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

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If there is an all-rounder in our list, then it is this missy. This hair dryer is a small, compact design with travel-friendly features, has a dual voltage feature, comes with a carrying bag, has an ergonomic folding handle.

This matte black amazing-looking missy can be your painting partner as it dries faster than another dryer with the dual voltage feature. Faster, smoother finishing without any damage. Fantastic, right?

Key Features

  • Design: This little missy has a compact design with a foldable handle. So, when not in use just store it in any small compartment. Plus, make it your partner when going in overseas.
  • Heat Setting: It has 2 heat and speed settings to customize the power you want to dry your pouring.
  • Advanced Technology: The advanced ION & ceramic tourmaline technology helps to distribute the heat evenly on the canvas surface.
  • Voltage: The dual voltage feature makes it convenient to dry out the painting wherever you want in this world.

Why Should You Pick It?

With the 5ft cord, you can move freely in any range. The powerful 1875Watt motor with dual voltage helps to dry the pouring and flow it evenly on the surface. Plus, it’s perfect for worldwide travel.

Specialty: Best Travel-friendly Dryer

4. InStyler Mini Travel Dryer

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Well, the name and size are mini but trust us, the features of this mini hairdryer are nothing but perfect and filled with excellent features. It’s a great tool for dutch pouring painting for its small size, lightweight and convenient use.

This stylish-looking ceramic hairdryer has aerospace engineer technology which offers super powerful airflow that helps to dry the paint faster and flow it on the surface properly without damaging the canvas.

Key Features

  • Advanced Technology: The unique aerospace engineer make the small-sized dryer so powerful yet lightweight. The turbine fan has thinner blades with which concentrated & precise airflow is released to dry the paint.
  • Design: The dryer looks super stylish, lightweight, and small in size. The removable concentrator in it can control the airflow as your painting require.
  • Voltage: Dual voltage technology help it to use globally. Plus, the long cord helps to move it freely.
  • Result: Just hold the dryer above 6 inches from the painting canvas and move it in a circular motion, so all surfaces and corners can be evenly dried.

Why Should You Pick It?

If you have to travel overseas a lot, this one can be your great buddy because of its convenient size and use. However, it also prevents damaging the canvas with heat.

Specialty: Convenient to Use.

5. MHD Mini Hair Dryer

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Here comes another mini but mighty product with matte black color and a soft curvey look. This is a 1000Watt hair dryer, simple to use, faster in drying, and easily portable. This mini hairdryer is a perfect toolkit for dutch pouring or any painting.

Before starting painting, just start the dryer and blow it on the canvas to remove dust and dirt away. Infused with Ceramic Ionic technology, this dryer is a handy tool to dust away pesky dirt or dry away from the pouring.

Key Features

  • Heat Setting: It has multiple heat and speed settings(High-Off-Low). Use any of the settings that your painting requires.
  • Advanced Technology: The dryer has an RV DC motor with Ionic Ceramic technology that helps to produce heat evenly and dry the painting faster. With the cool shot feature, you can stick the painting in the exact place.
  • Voltage: 1000Watt voltage, it’s less than the previous products, but it has more power than you expect.
  • Design: Small in size, lightweight, 1.8m salon cord with US standard safe plug. Very simple yet full with all necessities. 

Why Should You Pick It?

It comes with all excellent features plus a concentrator and diffuser. The double safety net prevents anything gets stuck in the dryer. A perfect & handy tool for daily usage.

Specialty: Best Canvas-Cleaner Dryer

6. REDSHORE Cordless Portable Hair Dryer

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Tired of the dryers’ tangled wire or just getting pulled back by wire while working? Then, this gorgeous beauty is the solution. This cordless hair dryer is operated with a battery that is fast charged and helps you to get back into work very quickly.

It’s a 300Watt powerful toolkit used for both drying hair and painting. It creates strong airflow that blows away the dutch pouring. It has a battery indicator with two heat settings.

Key Features

  • Advanced Technology: By using precision technology, the 5000mah huge capacity battery with snap-on conductive. With a 300Watt powerful motor, it releases tons of negative ions, that dries the painting faster.
  • No Cord: This dryer is cordless and has a DC charging base at the bottom. It also comes with a charging power cable.
  • Switch: One button sliding switch which alternates between the two heat settings(hot&cool).
  • Design: Made with a combination of materials, that makes it soft in touch, lightweight to hold. The cordless technology helps to take it anywhere or even traveling.

Why Should You Pick It?

It dries hair or paints faster like other dryers on our list. Plus, it has noise cancellation technology, that helps to keep your ear in peace.

Specialty: Best Quietest Hair Dryer

7. Sam Villa Lightweight & Quite Professional Hair Dryer

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If you’re looking for a hairdryer that has intense airflow and a powerful motor, then you should look into this product. This iconic hairdryer is ideal for dutch pouring because it blows hair faster which is similar to acrylic paint drying.

The hairdryer has all sophisticated features like multiple heat & speed settings, black matte classic look, lightweight, doesn’t make noise, small in size, plus gives extremely powerful airflow to dry faster.

Key Features

  • Heat Setting: It has 3 heat settings with 2-speed settings options. You can choose your preferable heat for your painting for the intended result.
  • Advanced Technology: Infused with a unique Evolution-Turbo Compressed motor, this dryer releases intense powerful airflow that cuts down your blow-drying in half.
  • Motor: The motor is 1750Watt yet it produces more airflow and speed like 1875+Watt motors dryers.
  • Design: It has 2 rotating wide nozzles that can spread the airflow into vast directions in the canvas for faster drying. You can also use a narrower nozzle for a small place airflow.

Why Should You Pick It?

It makes a noise like whispers, dries painting faster with a less powerful motor, is lightweight, has rotatable nozzles and high-level technology. So, why avoid this one?

Specialty: Fastest Dutch Pour Drying Dryer.

8. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

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This renowned branded hairdryer has some excellent features that make it one of the finest hair dryers for dutch pouring. This dryer blows moisture from the liquid surface faster than most hair dryers.

This dryer attracts moisture from the air and transforms it into 1,000 more tiny moistures while drying hair, so the hair doesn’t get frizzy and damaged. However, advanced technology, three nozzle attachments, and cord settings also make this hair dryer stand out.

Key Features

  • Heat Setting: The hairdryer has 2-speed settings with 3 heat settings. The temperatures are Hot, Warm & Cool whereas the fan speeds are High & Low. You can customize the options as your painting requires.
  • Three Attachments: Those 3 attachments are Quick-Dry Nozzel, Concentrator Nozzel & A full-size Diffuser. The quick-dry nozzle focuses on soft & strong airflow on the whole for even & faster drying, whereas the concentrator nozzle is for a focused area drying.
  • Cool Shot Button: With the individual cool shot button you can lock your painting into the place and prevent it from leaking.
  • Design: It’s small, convenient to use, handy and has a 360° rotating 9ft long power cord with a hanging loop for easy storing.

Why Should You Pick It?

The question should be, why shouldn’t you pick this? This hair dryer has all exquisite features with a long-lasting motor that can dry both hair or dutch pour, so why it’s not on your list already?

Specialty: Best Brand Dutch Pour Hair Dryer

9. HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Ionic Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer

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Another product from the Hot Tools brand is ideal for dutch pouring. The hairdryer is filled with some excellent features that are suitable for both hair and acrylic paint drying characteristics.

The powerful 1875watts motor produces powerful airflow with even heat that spreads throughout the whole canvas and makes the drying process rapid. The multiple heat setting options are also a bonus for drying acrylic or resin.

Key Features

  • Advanced Technology: The hairdryer has unique Ionic Technology to reduce hair damage and fast drying. Plus, Ceramic technology helps to seal the painting to the canvas.
  • Heat Setting: It has six different heat and speed settings that help effectively to dry the canvas faster and gives excellent result just as you want. Press the cold shot button for cold air blasting after drying up the paint, it’ll seal the paint finally with the canvas surface.
  • Design: The dryer is soft-touch gripped and lightweight, so your shoulder & hand won’t be burdened. Bonus attachments like concentrators can flow the air into any focus area of the canvas.
  • Motor: The 1875watt motor produces powerful airflow and the removable lint filter helps to prolong the motor life.

Why Should You Pick It?

The hairdryer is filled with all the finest features a dryer should have for acrylic paint drying. Plus, it comes with some extra components and is simple to use.

Specialty: Best for Outstanding Performance

10. Conair INFINITIPRO 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

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Last but not the least member of our list is this great Conair INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer. This is a great toolkit for both hair drying and acrylic pouring. So, painters and hairstylists, both will be attracted to this dryer.

The AC motor with ceramic technology produces the highest and most intense airflow that makes the drying process quick. Plus, the drying is done without doing any major damages to the canvas or the painting.

Key Features

  • Advanced Technology: It had IONIC Technology that helps to dry the paint 50% faster by uniforming the heat without any damage.
  • Motor: The AC motor produces rapid airflow that leaves the canvas dry in no time. There is removable lint that should be cleaned if you want prolonged motor life.
  • Heat Setting: Two airflows with three heat speed settings, so you can customize and regulate the heat as you want for your desired finishing.
  • Attachments: Two concentrators comes in the package that helps to flow the air into particular directions with the targeted area.

Why Should You Pick It?

The dryer gives the advantage of drying the painting safely and fastly without damaging any single thing. Look at the flawless finishing after drying the canvas faster than ever!

Specialty: The Greatest Hair Dryer for Dutch Pouring

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Buying Guide of the Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pouring

Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pouring

Simply, you may feel lost in the vast collection of hair dryers for dutch pouring. So, here we are with some specific features that will help you to figure out the best hair dryer for dutch pouring-

  1. Wattage

Simply the higher the wattage, the faster the liquid will dry. The wattage starts from 1000 and goes up to 3600. Normally people use 1000-1800 wattage for dutch pouring because it’s the ideal.

  1. Heat Control Settings

You must check the heat control settings before choosing one. Choose one with multiple heat & speed settings options. Because sometimes overheating can damage the hair or the painting canvas. So, to operate & regulate the heat randomly, you must need a dryer with customizable & multiple temperature settings.

  1. Concentrator

Concentrator drives the airflow into the targeted and focused area for quicker drying and less damage. Most of the hairdryer comes with a concentrator, if your’s doesn’t have one, you should buy one separately.

  1. Cool Shot

Cool shot button blasts cold air to settle down the freshly dried hair or paint and seal it. It seals the painting to the canvas and prevents additional heat damage.

  1. Size & Weight

Choose something lightweight with a compact design. So even if you handle the dryer in a single hand, it doesn’t feel burdened for your shoulder or hand. You can choose a foldable or compact one if you travel a lot or have tight space. A dryer with a retractable cord will also come in help

FAQs on the Best Hair Dryer for Dutch Pouring

Q: Which is the best hair dryer for dutch pouring?

Ans: Here is the list for the best hair dryer for dutch pouring-

  1. HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Ionic Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer
  2. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer
  3. REDSHORE Cordless Portable Hair Dryer
  4. BRIGENUS 1875 Watt Hair Dryer
  5. Conair 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer

Q: Can you use a hairdryer for acrylic pouring?

Ans: A hairdryer is a popular method for acrylic pouring now. It helps to flow the paint flawlessly. Hold the dryer 6″ above the paint and then in circular motion move it. Start from low volume and then you can gradually increase the volume.

Q: Is it OKAY to dry acrylic paint with a hairdryer?

Ans: It’s okay. Acrylic paint dries faster than other liquid paints, but the faster method is using a hairdryer. A hairdryer flawlessly dries out the acrylic paint without damaging the canvas or paint.

Q: Will heat dry paint faster?

Ans: Yes. Oil-based paint gets hard and sticks to the canvas when the oxidization process starts. The heat helps the oxidization process faster and by that oil, paints get hardened. That’s when the oil painters finish their painting, then increase the room temperature or use heat to dry out the paint.

Q: Can I use a hairdryer for resin art?

Ans: People use a hairdryer to get rid of the air bubbles in the art. Some people use straw or needles to poke the bubbles, but that’s a lengthy process. So, using a hairdryerer is faster, as it dries the resin plus removes the air bubbles too.

Wrapping Up

Now, time to sum up the whole article. All the products we have reviewed above are excellent and results in effective flawless painting. You can choose any of these and use them for both drying your hair or drying your paintings.

So, it’s like killing two birds in one stone! I hope, this article helped you with your necessities. Thank you for reading the reviews o the best hair dryer for dutch pouring. Happy shopping!