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Esther SmelserHello, this is Esther Smelser the owner of Beauty Secret Tips partnered with Angela Lansbury, Kate Lilly, and Luna Lovegood. We started this blog 1 year ago as we always shared the dream of serving people with the best beauty tips. 

We targeted to share every fashion and beauty factor and the newly arrived fashion facts. We’re also working on finding the best beautiful products including hair care, massaging, nail care, skincare, Eye fashion, and others.

We aim to inspire and excite you when you’re getting ready every morning by suggesting beautiful items with handy fashion tips. Once you visit our site it will be your daily destination for real life and real style.

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We’re working hard to discover the best beautiful tips and products. One of our members is a certified dermatologist and one of them is skin special medico. We have a professional writer who double-checks for any error in the writing and serves every blog in the best possible ways. 

So, surely, you will get all the authentic information from us. Besides, we also have the contact us form and our comment section is always open. For any query about any blog or others, you are always welcome to ask you. 

Our Mission 

Our first mission is to deliver beautiful fashion and beauty info to our visitors and another mission is to become the Topest Fashion Blog in the USA so that people can find our blog always at #1.

So always stay with us, follow our blog, shine every day.

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